Happy Monday! Although it still feels like the¬†weekend… probably since we spent 12 hours of ours in the car on a road¬†trip to WSU in Pullman, WA. A small college town where the husband and I went to school and Ozzie and Espen were born. We try to take the kids back once a year so we can annoy them with back-in-the-day stories, point out important landmarks (like where Oz had his first bike crash, etc.), feed them our favorite foods, and hope that they will fall in love and one day follow in our footsteps ;)

Here’s a peek at our weekend!


//Poppy’s cute Coug raglan top is from Hen&Co//

Day 1 — we got to Pullman around noon, unloaded the car at our friends house, grabbed some lunch and then headed to the stadium for pre-game festivities. The boys were in heaven throwing a ball around and knocking over dummies while the girls and I danced with and listened to the marching band. Half of us made it through half of the game which is a victory in my book and the Cougs won which is a victory in my husband’s book!


Day 2 — was spend playing at one of our favorite parks, feeding the ducks and then feeding our faces with burgers and fries from Cougar Country and fancy drinks from the Daily Grind (where Johan and I met for the first time!).

The best 24 hour trip we’ve ever taken despite the tired kids and abundance of meltdowns. Not sure we’ll be able to wait another year to go back! Do you have a favorite place to take you kid(s)!?

A huge thank you to our friends and family of four for hosting our crazy family of 7 for the weekend. You are brave and sweet and generous and we always love our time with you!

Now, I’m off to finish unpacking and catch up on laundry! What are you guys up to today!?

XO, Rae

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  1. steph nelsen October 5, 2015 at #

    go cougs!

    • rae October 5, 2015 at #

      a fellow coug!!!! xo

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