Last Tuesday we celebrated a break from the constant drizzle and rain with a walk outside and trip to Starbucks for lunch and a treat. So when the weather app on my phone called for sunshine yesterday we did a happy dance and then headed out the door to play at Volunteer Park (a new-to-us park) and our favorite ice cream shop, Molly Moon’s. I heard on the news a couple days ago that the Seattle area has only gotten 5 days of sunshine since January 1st. As my husband pointed out (he’s all numbers all the time), that’s only 1 in every 15 days!!! No wonder I’ve threatened to move us all to Palm Springs several times over the last month, LOL. Craving that sunshine and thankful to get a little fix yesterday.

Here’s a few other things I’ve been thankful for this week:

  1. Mama got a brand new…. car! A Honda Pilot to be exact and I’m totally smitten with it. We’ve been without a car payment (and loving it) for so long it was hard to agree to another bill but now that I’m driving carpool with warm buns (heated seats) and bluetooth, there is no turning back!
  2. We made a quick visit to Volunteer Park on Capitol Hill yesterday and had a blast. So much to do. Will definitely be going back soon.
  3. Afterwards we walked on a rainbow crosswalk on our way to get ice cream and decided that all crosswalks should be rainbow colored. Yes?
  4. Last night we started a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition when the kids insisted on making a leprechaun trap. One of the things I appreciate most about St. Patrick’s Day is how low-key it is. Other than making sure everyone has something green to wear, there isn’t much planning involved so was a little resistant to their idea but in the end we all had fun and listening to their sweet conversations about leprechauns and how to catch one was the absolute best entertainment. Worth the mess and late bedtime.
  5. Monday is the first day of… S P R I N G ( ! ! ! )

If looks could kill, #amiright? Poor girl hasn’t been acting like herself this week — mostly grumpy and really clingy with moments of cheerfulness. Planning on feeding her smoothies and probiotics all weekend in hopes that whatever is bugging her clears up because a clingy kid is one thing but a moody clingy kid is another and #imsotired.

Griffin, on the other hand, has no shortage of energy or joy! Constantly running at 100 this boy.

Literally. Ha!

(Can you spot where Griffin cut a chunk of his hair? Luckily he’s in need of a haircut anyways :)

We’ve started making our Spring bucket list this week. At the top is flying kites, a weekend getaway close to home, and trying new homemade ice cream recipes. I also wanted to add — clean out ever closet, drawer and cupboard in our house — but the kids argued that only fun things can be added to our list, LOL.

What’s on your Spring to do list!? We could use a few more ideas.

xo, Rae

PS – If you missed Monday’s meal plan, I recommend giving it a try next week. It was a good one and pretty easy to keep up with!


  1. veerle March 17, 2017 at #

    hope poppy is better after the week-end … and there should be more rainbow crosswalks, definitely!

    • rae March 22, 2017 at #

      thanks so much veerle! she’s back to her old self :)

  2. Steph March 18, 2017 at #

    Where did you get your pants? They look cute and comfy!

    • rae March 22, 2017 at #

      hi steph! it’s a jumpsuit i found at aritzia a couple years ago but for sure a staple in my wardrobe and easy to dress up or down. xoxo

  3. Rachel March 20, 2017 at #

    We have an older pilot and love it… but since adding our 4th child it’s a bit tricky with the kids having to climb in the trunk to get to the third row. Are the newer ones easier to access that third row??
    Love your blog!!

    • rae March 22, 2017 at #

      thanks rachel!

      i’m not sure if it’s easier — we just put the side middle seat down and then they climb in. poppy is the only one left in a carseat and griffin has a booster seat that is easy to move around which probably makes a difference. the new pilot is such a huge upgrade from our very old mini that i think we all have rose colored glasses at the moment. ha!


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