Wait, what? Two fashion posts in a row!?

Yes, that’s right. Totally unintentional but the combination of not having my planned monday post ready, the cool-weather weekend we just experienced and the oodles of back to school catalogues that just showed up in my mailbox has me considering fall layers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ready for summer to end. Not even close. Back to school sounds like a swear word at the moment but in a few weeks it will be unavoidable so I thought I would ease myself into it with a transition post and share a few summer wardrobe pieces that I will most likely be sporting this fall.



FLARE DENIM – pictured

  1. free people mid-rise
  2. madewell flea market flares
  3. anthropologie high-rise flare

These puppies came back in style quickly considering it seems like yesterday I had a few pairs in my goodwill pile. Anyone else? Regardless, they are back and I’m pretty excited about it. Mostly for their 70’s charm but also because (hello!) legs for days!

Side note: Loving the mid or high-rise fit with a hem the grazes the ground (like pic 1 or 2 above).



  1. asos in black matte
  2. nordstrom in suede

Probably not the most practical item for fall since I’m not sure I’ll be brave enough to wear with socks, but this summer I’ve had to be purposeful about not wearing them everyday so my other shoes didn’t get jealous, so I’m not sure I’ll be able quit them just because the weather changes a bit. At the least I’m guessing they’ll be on repeat through mid-October :)


JUMPSUITS – pictured

  1. twill jumpsuit at nordstrom
  2. denim romper from anthropologie
  3. madewell zip overalls

I can hardly wait to get my overalls out of seasonal retirement and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of the jumpsuits this summer so they will definitely be in my closet this fall.



  1. itsums – I can’t say enough about this online app/social space where you can set a budget and then start “pinning” items to your project board and let the app keep track of all the products while add things up for you… all in one place. Seriously a God-send and worth trying.
  2. @ellabrooksblog on Instagram – she is much more California cool than mio, but I find her feed so sweet, inspiring and share worthy.
  3. Emilie Maslow and her pinterest boards – a fellow pacific northwest girl and friend who has the most amazing eye for cool real life style as well as the catalogue kind.
  4. Kendi Everyday blog – Probably the only fashion blogger I follow consistently. She wears a lot of heels and outfits that aren’t as practical for my life but she keeps it fresh, tries new things and is fun and not stuffy.

So there you have it. Summer pieces that have fall staying power and my secret weapons for doing anything stylish and on budget.

What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?

XO, Rae

(Photo magic by Stacy Jacobsen)




6 weeks or so of playing capsule wardrobe and I’m still sorting out what I think about it. You see, I’m not much of a cereal shopper and my closet has never been an overflowing one. So I’m not sure I’m experiencing the same life changing perks that I read about on other blogs. However, I am the kinda girl that takes for-evvv-er to decide on an outfit and that has definitely changed and get’s me thinking about next season.

Here is a peek at another (random) week of outfits:


// 1. anniversary date redo, romper, shoes 1|2 // 2. everyday stuff in all white, top, shorts, sandals // 3. mostly work day in all denim, top, jeans, shoes // 4. work, park, errands in hat, shirt, shorts, birks // 5. catching up on… life and hike with the kids, top, shorts, birks // 6. baseball tourney in ozzie’s team hat, top, shorts, birks // 7. after a long night of teething, got everyone to church solo, helped in nursery and then chilled the rest of the day… in my sweats! kimono, jeans, sandals //

I think making the time to plan a seasonal wardrobe with pieces that mix and match has been the best part of this process and while I haven’t decided if I’ll be putting together an official fall capsule I will most certainly be putting together an unofficial one with those principles in mind.

Have any wardrobe tricks or hangups? Let’s dish!


XO, Rae

PS – Next week I’m excited to share some of my favorite capsule resources and pieces I’ll still be wearing this fall!




ice-cream-cone-wrappersDuring the summer months everyday is national ice cream day but yesterday it was official and since ice cream makes everything better (even mondays) I thought I would share these cute ice cream cone wrappers.

Scroll down to download friend!


click to download, ICE CREAM CONE WRAPPERS, PDF

To use, open the file, print on white paper (text weight or card stock), cut along dashed line, wrap around sugar cone and secure with tape.

Looking forward to using these next time we have company.


As seen here, picking an ice cream flavor is a major struggle for this fam and I almost always end up buying more than one at a time. Lately caramel waffle cone get’s my vote. How about you guys… Do you have a favorite flavor?

XO, Rae



Summer is almost halfway through and I have the pile of beach towels, messy kitchen, dirty feet, bickering kids and loads of pictures to prove it! As crazy as summertime is with all the kids home nothing beats the sunshine, chill vibes, yummy fruit and extra playtime with my peeps.

Here are a few things (and mishaps) we’ve been up to since school got out, according to Instagram and my iPhone.


//Summer birthday party planning.//We said adios to the threenager stage (fingers crossed) when Griffin turned 4 earlier this week!//We finished up the girl’s room. Pictures coming soon.//Watermelon + cookie cutters = cheap entertainment//Perty blooms from a friends yard = friends with benefits//New work projects. YAY!//


//KIDCATION to LEAVENWORTH, WA with stacy and her boys.//Kidcations have become one of my favorite traditions (see others 1/2) and was the perfect getaway to celebrate the end of school year.//We swam at the community pool, ate lots of pizza and hot dogs, started a kickball pick-up game and generally speaking let the kids be kids while us moms hungout and watched.//


//Espen and Tilly both passed beginning swimming which is a huge fete since neither of them are very natural in the water. Proud mama moment!//


//We’ve been to the farmer’s market a couple times this summer. Our last visit was more about the kids eating shaved ice (the sidewalk ate most of it!) and running around at the playground and less about picking out fresh food. Our market gets so busy it stresses me out trying to maneuver through the crowd and stands while keeping everyone together so this was a nice solution. Next time I’ll go with a smaller crew… or maybe as a date with my boo!? (rhyming is cool)//


//4th OF JULY was magical. The end.//


//BLUEBERRY PICKING was also a highlight of the summer. We ate as much as we picked and the kids enjoyed the entire process!//


//Every year without fail something begins to happen around mid-summer. We all get a little sick of each other so the bickering begins. My solution is to do one of two things, send everyone to a quite space to read or build legos or get out of the house and DO something. Here are a few things that have worked for us. Not that they are very original or creative.//Bike rides.//Bracelet making.//Nearby trails close to water and lots of shade.//Tennis courts.//

Basically our summer (so far) in a nutshell minus a few outings not pictured. We have one other stay-cation planned that’s coming up and 4 birthdays to celebrate but other than that  this is pretty much what the rest of our summer will look like.

What’s been your favorite activity this summer!?

XO, Rae





As I mentioned on Instagram yesterday, I’ve been playing with acrylic paint to make patterns for a new project I’m working on (with my friend Jen!). As a designer that has never considered myself an artist this project is a little out of my comfort zone. So naturally I took to Pinterest for inspiration and thought I would share some of my favorite finds.






PAINTED ART on pinterest


BRITT BASS on britt bass blog

abstract-art-5DESKTOP DOWNLOAD on design love fest

It’s all so pretty that I could die of intimidation! ha! But it feels good to be challenged and I’m excited for the process.

How about you? Tried to (or want to) do something out of your comfort zone lately?

XO, Rae


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