I feel funny writing this post because I’m usually the one asking for makeup advice but I recently learned a few tricks from my girl Stacy that are so good yet easy enough for the makeup challenged (that’s me) and I just couldn’t keep them to myself. No skills, smokey or cat eyes required, just the basics applied purposefully so you won’t be wondering all day if you did it right.

fresh-face-makeup-toot-2Side note, don’t you just love hairbands as accessories? And the hair flipping! I read somewhere once that movement in front of the camera is a good thing so I guess it’s my movement of choice, HA!

Now back to the tutorial.

You’ll Need:

  • your usual base (tinted moisturizer, foundation, etc.), eyeliner, mascara and lash curler
  • bronzer
  • blush in a bright pink
  • highlighter or concealer 2 shades lighter than your skin
  • translucent powder or setting spray
  • angled eyebrow pencil
  • makeup sponge and blush brush
  • matte lip color and pencil in a natural shade

Here’s how:

  1. Start with your usual base (I had a tinted moisturizer on) and cover up any blemishes or dark circles.
  2. Add bronzer to your hairline, jawline and under your cheekbones and blend with a brush.
  3. Apply a highlighter or concealer a couple shades lighter than your skin tone to the top of your cheekbones, inside corner of eyes and bridge of nose. Blend with a sponge or your fingers.
  4. Brush on a little blush in a bright color to the apples of your cheeks. Blend again if needed and then set with a translucent powder or spray.
  5. Using an angled eyebrow pencil, fill in your brows. Mine have been sadly neglected this summer so ignore their shapelessness! Add eyeliner to your lash line and underneath top lashes if your feeling brave (I don’t line my bottom lashes), curl lashes and apply mascara.
  6. Finish up with a matte lip and liner in a natural or nude shade and voila!

I hope that seems as simple as promised!? Sorry for the lack of links to exact products but I usually just let the makeup girls at MAC or Sephora know what I’m looking for and go with what they suggest as long as the price is reasonable.

Have a happy Monday and let me know if I left something out or if you have any questions.

XO, Rae

(photos by Stacy Jacobsen)



It’s Friday. How did that happen? The 4 day hiatus I took was not planned but I think the result of the summer wall I’ve hit and bad planning/packing while we took a quick trip to Leavenworth earlier this week. Regardless I missed posting and am haaaaaapy to be back to share this fun kid friendly craft!


I really love seeing all the styles and accessories that trend during the preschool and elementary years. One of the things that Tilly got into last year was collecting trinkets to hang from her backpack. It was cute and she had a lot of fun with it so I thought some bright and colorful handmade charms would be the perfect touch for her bag this year. She made a bunch to share with friends as well and Griffin got into it too.


(Little man can hardly wait to sport is backpack bling on the first day of preschool! Bag from the big boy section at Target)

It took us an hour or so to prep and paint everything, with a few things needing a second coat later in the day and then 30+ minutes to pick the combos and string everything. Griffin (4 y.o.) needed lots of hands-on help but Tilly (6 y.o.) did most steps on her own.

Supply list and how to, below!


You’ll Need:

  1. Acrylic paint (love the hand made modern sold at Target)
  2. Plastic animals (grabbed a bag of jungle animals and dinosaurs at the craft store)
  3. String or twine (colored hemp pictured – also used twine)
  4. 3/4 inch. wood beads (from craft store)
  5. Key rings (from the jewelry making section at the craft store)
  6. Eye screws (also from the jewelry section at the craft store)
  7. Tiny finishing nail and hammer or drill-bit and drill

Here’s How To:

  1. Using your nail and hammer or drill, make a hole in an animal. Screw in an eye screw. Repeat on the rest of the animals.
  2. Paint beads and plastic animals as you wish. Set aside to dry. We strung the beads onto wood skewers as we went to dry.
  3. Make tassels if you wish.
  4. Touch up paint.
  5. Cut string to about 12 inches long. Once paint is dry, thread through the screw eyes on the animals. Add beads and tassels as you wish and finish with a key ring. Tie a knot at the end of the string and trim excess.
  6. Add to the zippers on your backpacks or gift to friends (and aunties!)!

They turned out just as cute, if not cutter in real life as they look in pictures and would be equally adorable as a pint-sized necklace or bracelet if you have supplies leftover.

If you have any other back to school needs, here’s a few other posts on the subject:

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Happy weekend!

XO, Rae

(images by Stacy Jacobsen)



itsums-3Hey guys, dropping you a little note on a Saturday to remind you to sign up for the $75 Target gift card sponsored by Itsums! All the details and links can be found in THIS POST. Giveaway ends tomorrow morning.

Plus I made a fall wardrobe wish-list board for myself because moms need back to school clothes too! It’s still in need of editing (a thousand dollars worth!). Click here to check it out.

Hope the weekend is being good to ya!

XO, Rae




A couple weeks ago we celebrated Poppy’s first Bday. I have to be honest and say big 1st Birthday parties are not my thing. I mean, all the people, cake, and excitement is a lot for a little one and you just never know how they will respond. So we typically keep things small with just Grandparents or another family. But this year Poppy turned one while we were on our annual camping trip with friends and it seemed like the perfect excuse to plan a special party for her with some of her favorite people.

Plus, we’ve survived the first year of having 5 kids which deserves a party. And a vacation but I’ll take what I can get at this point!


Who needs decorations with a destination party (ha!) and view of the Puget Sound so we kept them simple and on-par for any party I throw… balloons! I leveraged the oodles of hungry kids hanging out to help blow and hang balloons. Nothing fancy, but festive enough.

Regardless of decorations (or lack there of) cute plates, napkins, straws and a dressed up highchair are a must! We used these (really, really) cute plates, napkins, cake plate (to hold waffles) and garland from Land of Nod and neon straws and cups with lids from amazon. Wish there was a reusable version of those plates. I would buy them in a heartbeat!


Breakie is my favorite meal to share with friends and family and the easiest to cook for in my opinion. We set up a waffle bar with sprinkles, whip cream, strawberries and chocolate chips and stacked a few sections with toppings for Poppy’s “cake”. She loved it.

We also made this yummy egg bake, bacon and fruit plates.


You know she likes the food when you see tootsies on her tray.


Every party needs a game (or two) and goodie bags. We killed two birds with one stone with a piñata later that evening. It was a fun way to end the celebration.

Thank you to all of our friends who celebrated Poppy’s first year with us! And to our friend Dee for documenting the day (and entire trip!) in photos. So blessed by you all.

Happy weekend guys!

XO, Rae





Itsums has quickly become my favorite online resources for planning parties, home dec projects and wardrobes. I used it with the girl’s room makeover and my summer capsule and finished on budget and just this week started boards for the kids’ back to school clothes. Usually around this time I start filling up my online shopping carts and then end over spending, getting too much for one of the kids (usually Tilly) or purchasing items that don’t necessarily work well together. Needless to say I’m excited to be more organized and on budget this year!

In the spirit of back to school and staying on budget, I’ve partnered with itsums to giveaway (1) $75 gift card to one lucky winner (finger’s crossed it’s you! :)

Enter to win by using  T H I S   L I N K  to start your own itsums account. Contest closes Sunday, August 16th at 8am PST. I’ll announce the winner here and then a direct email will be sent to the winner from my friends at itsums.


If your in the mood for some BTS shopping inspiration, take a peek at the kids’ (approved) boards. At the moment they are all over budget so I’ll be doing some editing or holding out for some sales before purchasing!

Griffin’s Board // Tilly’s Board // Espen’s Board

Since the weather stays nice through the middle of October I typically purchase a few things for back to school and then add layers later in the year.

What’s your strategy for back to school shopping?

good luck and happy hump day!



PS – I know you will love itsums but want to mention that they are in the beta stage and gladly welcome any feedback you might have after using.


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