light switch cover freebie with the land of nod.

earlier this month we shared a super easy light switch cover DIY (complete with printable paper) over on the land of nod’s blog. head HERE for the downloads, instructions and a glimpse into my design philosophy… among other things, i’m a sucker for pops of color and pattern especially when they are unexpected.


the papers would also make cute envelope liners, garland or note cards if light switches aren’t your thing :)

while your over there be sure to checkout all the cute pillows and blankets Nod has right now. so fun and springy, i want it all! here’s the dreamy equestrian pillow and faux fur blankie (on sale!) pictured above and a few more of my favorites 1 // 2 // 3 // 4.

xo . rae


LIFE LATELY (in february).

as much as winter seems to be crawwwwling along, i can hardly believe february is almost over. life with kids is often like that don’t you think? here’s a little glimpse into what we’ve been up to lately.


F O O D  is the new 4-letter word around our house, for a couple different reasons. 1. we’ve been eating lots more of the whole kind and as you can see from tilly’s meal plan on the chalkboard, there is some protesting. more on my approach (don’t worry, it’s totally laid-back) and some resources soon. 2. pop-tart has graduated to baby food which has been fun and entertaining for the entire family. the kids love how messy she gets.


W O R K  feels more like pleasure these days as i ‘ve been busy with lots of fun projects! i’ve also compiled a list of my services HERE and would love and appreciate if you take a look and forward to any friends you think might be interested in working with me :).

left to right, invites and extras for an indie rock 5th birthday party for stacy’s son, jack. part of a branding project i recently finished. can’t wait to share the full project reveal and introduce you to the client!  just a couple more diys before our entryway refresh is complete (ya!). the interior yellow door has been a big hit… you can see in process details over on emily’s blog here and here. and last but not least is a peek at some birthday swag for tilly’s friend… the jump ropes have been a big hit because the kids can paint their own wood handles so i will share a diy next week. it makes for a very fun spring-ish project!

life-lately-feb-3what do you do when your early birds are spending the night at their grandparent’s house and you find yourself hanging out in bed on a sunday morning all by yourself? go on a pinning spree of course! at least that’s what i did. check out all my new finds here. there are some really cute one.

hope your week is off to a good start friends!

xo . rae


shared rooms + little conversations.

overhearing a conversation between two children is quite possibly one of the sweetest (and often funniest) things in life. when those children also happen to be siblings it’s downright heart melting. it’s also one of the reasons i love for my kids to share rooms. of course there are benefits (and less arguments) when kids are in their own rooms too, which is why we seem to constantly be playing a game of musical beds. in fact, i think we’ve exhausted just about every match-up. first ozzie and espen shared. then tilly and espen (seen here 1/2). when we moved last summer it was ozzie, espen and griffin in one room but now (after an ambitious weekend) poppy and tilly are in a room, griffin and espen are in a room and ozzie is all by his lonesome (insert teenage fist pumps here).

i’m super excited to watch them in their new spaces. i’m also excited to decorate them and think i’ll start with the girls’ room. here’s some inspiration i’m la, la, loving right now.


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(SOURCES – one / two / three / four — to see more (including boy rooms!) head to my “little spaces” pinterest board)

lay baby lay is my new favorite place to find kid decor inspiration and my friend emily’s blog is always full of fantastic ideas.

how about you… do you have a favorite home dec site you like to visit or thoughts on shared spaces?

xo . rae


spring flings, fun new fabrics and freebies for your tech.

it’s been a ridiculous cold and flu season around here this winter. my family has spent the past couple weeks passing around a naaaasty stomach bug which has since been followed up by ugly coughs, a double ear infection and pink eye. yep. i’ve never done so much laundry.

to get myself out of the funk that is this flu and cold season (boo!), i’ve been working on some happy, fresh and colorful fabric designs (yay!) because spring cannot come fast enough. so far i’ve put together some simple patterns as well as more whimsical ones (think swans, llamas and bunnies). i plan on making baby leggings and headbands out of them as well as pillows and such for the kids’ rooms so most are more kid inspired than adult. however,  i picked a few i thought would make cute cellphone wallpapers to share with you- LINKS BELOW. i also threw in a couple poster designs i’ve been working on…

spring-fling-for-iPhone-5,-iPhone-5s,-iPod-touch-5th-gen---1136-x-640DOWNLOAD WALLPAPERS:

say yes (a revelation from here) // stripe // tribal-ish // bows // big dots // mantra

while i finish designing the rest of the fabrics, i have a favor to ask you…

SPILL IT :) … share any fabric design requests or sewing or no-sew tutorials you’d like to see (picnic blanket, napkins, a pouf…?) in the comments below. i love hearing your ideas!

i’ll let you know when the new fabrics are available in my spoonflower shop. in the meantime, here’s a few of my existing favorites (1 // 2 // 3).

talk soon.

xo . rae


a heart day craft + printable with the effortless chic


i’m over at the effortless chic today with these cute mini heart day (or any day really!) felt banners and printable cards. there are lots more pics and some quick and easy instructions so come say hi and check it out!

see you over there…

xo . rae

(photos by Melissa Valladares)

P.S. – if you already have your valentine’s figured out they would make a fun after school craft with the kids.


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