costumes-109We’ve been counting down to Halloween (and a couple October Birthdays) around here and according to our calculations there are only 22 days left!

Actually, 22 days seems like a long time which is probably why I’m always scrambling to put together costumes last minute. That and I can’t decide or I’m hoping a kid or two will change their mind (spiderman again!?). This year however everyone has a costume picked out and it’s either hanging in a closet or ordered and on it’s way. In the process of costume deciding I put together this fun Pinterest board and then couldn’t stop pinning!


If you are still in need of some inspiration and missed the link above, CLICK HERE to check it out and follow. The bubble bath kills me… there’s so much cuteness out there, huh!? What costumes have you been dreaming up?

Johan and Griffin are going to be skeletons, Poppy and I are going to be swans, Espen is going to be a Seahawks football player, Tilly a cheerleader and Ozzie has decided to be too cool to dress up :)


Last weekend a few of the kids and I rallied our closets, dug through the dress-up drawer, spent a few dollars at Target and threw together costumes (of sorts) for pictures at the patch. It was an entertaining way to spend our post soccer Saturday since the rest of the family had other things going on and I can’t get enough pictures of my little brood. Happy these guys obliged and had fun in the process!

costumes-107 costumes-106   costumes-119 costumes-116

Don’t forget to let me know what costumes you have planned! It’s one of those questions I’ve been asking everyone I bump into and I love hearing all the responses.

Happy weekend friends!

XO, Rae




I’m a chronic over thinker you guys but it’s usually the simplest quotes, thoughts and scriptures that make the biggest impact in my day to day life.  Like this one by everyones favorite pretty girl:

“Happy girls are the prettiest.” –Audrey Hepburn

Well said, Audrey. Don’t you agree!?

The topic of “pretty” comes up more and more as Tilly get’s older and as a mom of girls that swoons over clothes and painted nails I try to be really intentional about teaching them (and my boys too!!!) what real beauty is — from the inside out.

The quote above reminded me the other day that I can also be an example of what pretty looks like. Happy. Not because the house is tidy or our day is going smoothly or I lost the baby weight or my closet is full of cute clothes  – all of these things rarely if at all happen btw – but because I’m living for something more and loving being their mama.

Not sure how often I will or do succeed but hopefully enough for God to do the rest! :)


Now for some outfit details!

POPPY: sweater, shorts, moccs


MOM: skirt, sweater (similar), striped tee (similar), shoes (similar 1/2)

I think I wear some version of this outfit most days lately… Loving striped shirts for layering under oversized sweaters. An unexpected pop of stripe adds some interest without being crazy.


How do you deal with or feel about the topic of “pretty”? Let’s chat in the comments!

Happy Monday :)

XO, Rae

(Photos by Stacy Jacobsen)




Another Wednesday, another giveaway ($150 to Pottery Barn Kids) and this one is extra special because it involves a design challenge and some new blogger friends!

You guys all know how much I love and how easy they make it to stay organized and on budget for just about anything so I couldn’t turndown this fun challenge. A group of us were asked to create a design board for a child’s room (any age). We had to include everything from furniture and bedding to a reading nook for under $2,500. I chose the boys (Espen – 9 and Griffin – 4) shared room and had way too much fun picking things out. Even better, I included a few things that are already in their room and managed to come in well under budget! Fingers crossed I’ll be able to put my summing to good use and redecorate their digs in real life, soon.

Here’s a peek at my inspiration and board:


1 / 2 / 3


I went for a modern lodge-y vibe… Click here to see all the things!


Now for all the giveaway details! Enter to win (1) $150 gift card to Pottery Barn Kids by using  T H I S   L I N K  to start your own itsums account. Contest closes Wednesday, October 14th. I’ll announce the winner here and then a direct email will be sent to the winner from my friends at itsums.

If you haven’t used itsums before, heres 5 reasons you’ll love it — 1. It keeps track of all your expenses and allows you to enter a price and category for each. 2. You can add any image from product, to inspiration, to DIY tutorials to your project board. 3. Everything is linked for you! 4. You can mark things off as purchased as you go or “hide” things that you are on the fence about. 5. It’s perfect for remodels, redecorating, parties, Christmas and gift giving, and so on!

For more design inspiration, follow the links bellow to see what the other design challengers came up with:


Making it in the Mountains / Oh My Dear / Fresh Crush / Design Post Interiors / Bre Purposed / Simple Stylings / Claire Brody Designs / Kiwi in the Clouds

Let me know if you have any questions… All the luck friends!

XO, Rae

P.S. – If your stopping by today for the design challenge, welcome! Hope you’ll get cozy and take a look around. Here’s a few fall posts you might enjoy: Boo banner / Halloween freebies / Holiday syrup recipes /  Halloween party + printables




tilly-bday-5766 My little Tilly Jane is almost SEVEN! As with every child, every birthday, I can’t believe it. Not sure this feeling of disbelief that they are growing up so fast will ever end!?

Last week we started party planning and since she enjoys all things crafty and design-y she’s taken over creative control. So far she’s chosen unicorns and rainbows as the theme and picked a cute invite to match, just one small problem-o. The one she wants requires a picture. Normally this is not an issue – no shortage of photos around here! – but this time I couldn’t for the life of me find one that worked well with the design and colors. Instead of having her pick something different we ended up putting together a mini iPhone photo shoot.

In case you ever find yourself in a similar dilemma, here’s how we went about getting a simple but styled portrait on my iPhone for her invites:


  1. We picked the invites first! This helped narrow down colors, outfit, props and background.
  2. Found a “controlled” background with good light – not too bright, not too dark. Could be as easy as hanging up a white poster board on a well lit wall in the house or as fun as a colorful mural in the city. We found something in-between – a brick building close to home.
  3. I took a ton of pics, prompted her to try different things but also let her be herself. I find a little bit of movement goes a long way to make photos look more natural.
  4. Edited before we uploaded. Invite sites often have an editing option but my favorite photo editing app (VSCOcam) on my phone looked way better!

Here’s how it turned out:


Pretty cute I think considering it only took a few minutes and a phone! Looking forward to finishing up all the party planning and celebrating my girl!

What do you usually do for Birthday party invites? Do you ever have trouble finding a photo that will work?

XO, Rae




Schools back in session which means I have oodles of time on my hands! Just kidding. But I do have a little more than the summer months allow and love working with new people (like you!) and since it’s HumpDay I figured it’s a good day for a giveaway. (And rhyming.) So I’ve partnered with myself to giveaway (2 to 3) Hours of Design Time creating anything your little heart desires — graphics for your business, Birthday invites for your little one, a custom art print for your kitchen, Christmas cards, textile design for a throw pillow you’ve been dreaming of, etc. You can also check out my “work with me” page for other ideas.

Enter to win by leaving a comment below. Contest closes Saturday, September 26th at 10pm PST. I’ll announce the winner here and then a direct email will be sent to the winner on Monday.

The winner is: Elise McGuire

If you have a friend with graphic design needs please forward them this post!

Local friends, don’t forget to checkout the giveaway with Stacy Jacobsen Photography. Happy winning!

XO, Rae


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