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A couple weeks ago I picked the middles up from school, headed to the batting cages and took some lifestyle pics of this totally adorable “hey batter, batter” ballpark blanket by Northernly. It would make a cute addition to a couch or bed and makes sitting on bleachers or cheering from the grass that much more fun and cozy and I’m excited to say that we are GIVING one AWAY!

mom + mini baseball-452mom + mini baseball-470mom + mini baseball-172mom + mini baseball-134mom + mini baseball-360

//After a little bit of fun with the blanket (and scarfing down cracker jacks) the kids spent time in the batting cages and grabbed snacks from concessions. It was a fun outing for us that I highly recommend for a kid date!//

mom + mini baseball-305mom + mini baseball-213mom + mini baseball-247mom + mini baseball-288

I can’t talk enough about how much we LOVE the blankets and pillows from Northernly. We have them all over our home. The beautiful patterns and textures make every space feel a little more happy and put together.

Enter to win a “HEY BATTER” throw by leaving a comment below letting me know how you would use your blanketContest closes Tuesday, May 3rd at 10pm PST. I’ll announce the winner here and then a direct email will be sent to the winner from Northernly by the end of the week.

If you just can’t wait or could use the perfect spring or summer throw pillow (like the green gingham above), snag them HERE.

Good luck + happy weekend!

XO . Rae



may day project-1978

This month we’re keeping our arrow project simple with a pretty act of kindness — May Day notes, with a dose of truth at the bottom and room to tape a bloom!

This might come as a shocker, but May Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with the kids. Mostly because there is no pressure to do anything and people are almost always surprised and happy for whatever we’ve thrown together. (Download and details below!)

may day project-1981 may day project-1984



  1. Download freebie, print on card stock and cute along dashed lines.
  2. Gather some fresh blooms from your yard, a neighbor’s, friend’s, the store, etc.
  3. Trim stems and tape to cards.
  4. Place on front doors, cars, mailbox, etc. or give to teachers, friends, neighbors, etc. as a random act of kindness.

may day project-1987

I often get caught up in feeling like the little things aren’t enough. Sharing a smile, encouraging word or single flower can’t possibly make a difference in someones heart or day but that would be a lie. Even Mother Teressa, who did BIG things and lived a BIG life, believed in the power of small things.

So this month we’ll be putting this principle into practice and learn to believe that God can do a lot with our little. Something that comes much more naturally to my kids!

XO, Rae

P.S. – Another May Day project we did when Poppy was in my belly and Tilly had the sweetest bob!



play kitchen DIY-2224

Over the weekend we pulled Tilly’s old play kitchen out of retirement in the attic and gave it a fresh new look for Poppy. As I should have anticipated, Tilly was not fond of handing her (all-of-a-sudden) beloved kitchen down to her baby sis let alone remodeling it. Poor girl had lots to say including, “You’re judging my kitchen’s look. How rude!”

Change is not a friend of hers and the colorful + (turn your head so she doesn’t see you giggle) funny comments continued while we took things apart, sanded and painted but when she came home from school on Monday to a reno’ed kitchen she was smitten. I was relieved that no therapy would be needed.

play-kitchen-DIY-beforeplay kitchen DIY-2126

I think we purchased the kitchen from Target but IKEA has a similar option (this one) that would be extra cute with a little paint. Love the microwave!

 Here’s how we did it:

  1. Take it most of the way apart and remove knobs, sink, faucet, etc.
  2. Spray paint all of the accessories gold (or other color).
  3. Remove the stove top and sand the countertop. Then paint, spray paint or cover with contact paper.
  4. Sand everything (no matter how tempting — don’t skip the sanding!) that is getting painted and tape off what is not. Let dry.
  5. Paint or spray anything that needs another coat and let dry.
  6. For the pot and utensil rod, open up “S” hooks from the hardware store and spray paint.
  7. Put everything back together and start playing!!!

play kitchen DIY-2134 play kitchen DIY-2140 play kitchen DIY-2143

We took a trip to IKEA yesterday (outtakes on snap chat at raeannkelly) to stock up on a few new kitchen accessories and then made room in the bottom drawer under the stairs to store the overflow and make cleanup easy.

play kitchen DIY-2172 play kitchen DIY-2173play kitchen DIY-2207play kitchen DIY-2269 play kitchen DIY-2238 play kitchen DIY-2251

As much as I love a kid-friendly and inspired home, bigger toys that can’t be put away or shoved in a basket aren’t my favorite. Atleast not in our downstairs. But this kitchen is now less of an eyesore and more of a cute accessory that keeps the kids occupied for chunks of time.

play kitchen DIY-2255play kitchen DIY-2122

I’ve never met a play kitchen my kids didn’t like but I think Johan and I like this one equally. It looks a lot like my dream kitchen — navy, white and gold! #kitchengoals

Do you know of any other hand-me-down toys that are fun to makeover!?

XO, Rae




There isn’t usaully a need to switch from cold to warm weather wardrobes around here in the pacific northwest until June-ish, but the sun has been out and showing off (with temps in the 80’s!) lately. Warm weather combined with the lack of clothes that still  fit my kids from last summer has me doing some online shopping. Which I love. Maybe a little too much!?

Here are some of my favorite finds for the girls. Everything linked is for older girls, but most have smaller versions for the babes and toddlers too.


ACCESSORIES / 1. hat / 2. hair clips / 3. purse / 4. sunnies

DRESSES + ROMPERS / 1. blue stripe dress / 2. banana shirt dress / 3. floral dress / 4. twirly play dress in charcoal / 5. red stripe skater dress / 6. wide leg overalls

OUTERWEAR / 1. poncho / 2. jean jacket (Tilly + Poppy have this jacket and it’s so soft!) / 3. yellow frilled sweatshirt cardi

SHORTS / 1. striped short / 2. cutoff jean shorts / 3. olive shorts

TOPS / 1. flower tank / 2. olive split back tee / 3. natural wonder tee / 4. tres cute sweatshirt / 5. patches tee / 6. floral print tank

SHOES / 1. slip-on sneaker / 2. converse / 3. brown sandal


Still need to hunt for some basic tanks, play shorts and of course flip-flops and beach gear, but it was fun to play around with different outfits. Tilly has all of a sudden decided that she doesn’t like skirts (with the exception of this one) or rompers but is thankfully still ok with dresses. Can’t beat the one-and-done outfits!

Are your kids picky about what they wear?

Happy (spring/summer) shopping!

XO, Rae




Earth Day is Friday and my kids have been sharing all kinds of new-to-them info about different ways to take care of this sweet and beautiful earth that takes such good care of us. So far they’ve picked up most of these tips from school so I thought it was time to do a little schooling at home… not that I taught them anything new, but we did do some up-cycling and planting!

Here’s how we made our UP-CYCLED TIN CAN HERB GARDEN:

upcycled tin can herb garden-9921

You’ll Need

  • .5-inch and/or .75-inch alphabet stickers (we used .5-inch for the water can and .75-inch for all the other tins)
  • Empty tin cans (the cilantro is in a larger ‘crushed tomato’ can
  • Drill & bit or nail and hammer
  • Acrylic paint & brushes
  • Painter’s tape
  • Rocks from the yard
  • Soil
  • Plants or seeds

To Make the Cans – Clean and dry empty cans. Use a drill and bit or nail and hammer to make 3 or 4 holes in the bottom for water to drain. Place alphabet stickers as desired on can. Use painters tape for a dipped paint look, on the opposite end of the can from stickers. Paint until can is covered, drying in between coats if needed.

upcycled tin can herb garden-9905

To Plant Herbs – Place 3 or so rocks in the bottom of can. Add soil and the plant, filling with more soil as needed.

upcycled tin can herb garden-9939 upcycled tin can herb garden-9943 upcycled tin can herb garden-9941 upcycled tin can herb garden-9976

Then water…. and try a taste of each herb.

upcycled tin can herb garden-9978

upcycled tin can herb garden-9998

Or make your big sis do it.

Clip sprigs anytime they are needed for a fancy drink, garnish or dish!

upcycled tin can herb garden-9989

It’s sweet to see their passion for the earth and environment. Until they give me a hard time about using too much water or remind me that the microwave is much more efficient than the oven. Lols.

Do your kids ever so the same?

We’ve come so far from the days of ‘Give a hoot, don’t pollute’! It was such a fresh, new concept when I was young (or at least that’s how I remember it?).

XO, Rae


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