heart day freebies.

i’ve had heart day on the brain friends which means i’ve been busy whipping up classroom valentines and wanted to share them with you today! links to download are below. there are 10 different 2×3 inch notes that can also be hole punched and used as tags or printed on sticker paper and used to seal goodie bags.



head to the DESIGN SHOP on etsy if you would like me to personalize the back with your child’s name (lots of coordinating colors + fonts to choose from) or change the color or font used on a design. don’t forget to use code “BLOGLOVE20″ for 20% off your purchase!


DOWNLOAD (cute + colorful) VALENTINE PDF

again, don’t forget to visit the DESIGN SHOP on etsy if you would like me to change or personalize your valentines!


these two are my favorites and the googly eyed valentine is a classic around here so i had to make a smaller version. looking forward to seeing which ones the kids pick and what goodies they’ll want to package up with them.

side note, oriental trading is my favorite place to order inexpensive knick-knacky party favor type toys that kids go gaga for. they have so many things to choose from for almost nothing (plus shipping). if you are going the novelty toy instead of candy route, here’s some fun ideas!

  • plastic dinosaurs or animals
  • glow in the dark sticks
  • pencils (they have customizable ones)
  • bouncy balls
  • sticky hands
  • stickers or tattoos
  • punch balloons
  • parachute guys
  • mini water colors
  • whistles or mini flutes
  • poppers
  • plastic army, firefighter, or cowboy guys
  • clown noses would be cute and unexpected!

like most holidays, valentines day has a way of sneaking up on me so it feels so fantastic to have at least part of the kids’  valentines checked off my to do list. now i just need to figure out what other crafts, decorations and treats we want to make to celebrate. gosh there’s a lot that goes into each holiday?!

what sorts of things do you have planned?

xo . rae

(pictures by stacy jacobsen)


mom + mini (what we wore)

you know how you get an idea in your head and it seems simple enough, like there’s nothing to it but it never seems to come together like you imagined? well, welcome to this post! :) i’ve been wanting to do a “what i wore”, mom+ mini edition for awhile and even ordered giant balloons to make it fun, but never seemed to remember to take pictures consistently in the morning. luckily stacy came to the rescue and we did some quick outfit changes (pulling things from the dirty clothes, ha!) while she snapped pictures, but tilly lost interest after the third change so four days is all i have for ya. hopefully it’s enough to share some real life mom uniform inspiration.


before i begin i would like to say that i believe clothes in general are of little consequence. they serve a purpose and are fun and creative, but where, when and how much money is spent buying them isn’t important. i will say however that when i get out of my jammies and into a cute-ish outfit or workout clothes i feel more ready to carpe diem. you know? i can run to target (for the 3rd time), handle a 3 year olds public meltdown, host a spontaneous pizza dinner party, answer emails, etc. and then flirt with my husband at the end of the day. the funny thing is that i’m not sure if it’s the clothes or the fact that i spent a few extra minutes on myself that makes the difference, but i have a feeling it’s a combo of the two.

with that said, here is a peek into my week and outfits as a real, practical, un-fancy, work-from-home, mom of 5 and tilly’s personal style (which has recently mellowed out) and week of school, playdates and craft time.


SUNDAY – we went to church, watched football and played with friends in the neighborhood. i also started some valentine’s day designs that i’ll share soon (maybe tomorrow!).


MONDAY – school (P.E. day) for tilly, work for me and a rare (these days) trip to the gym. i’m a corssfitter (the non-intense kind) and very occasional runner.


WEDNESDAY – school for the kids, preschool carpool, work and laundry catch up for me and then we had friends over for dinner. somewhere in between there i eked out a short run. thank goodness for dry shampoo!


FRIDAY – always in love with friday! this particular friday was a pretty laid-back family movie night and takeout since saturday was going to be lots of sports and running around.

there you go! a few outfit ideas to seize the day in!

what have you been wearing lately?

 xo . rae

(pictures by stacy jacobsen)

PS – if you are interested in seeing the beginning of my front entry refresh, head to my friend emily’s site (sign up for her emails too because i know you’ll love her)!!! she is sharing some fun decor options and we want to know your thoughts!


a giveaway with stacy jacobsen and the gap.


fridays are good days for a giveaway, don’t you think!? the perfect way to kick-off a fun weekend. so, today i’m teaming up with my good friend (and mega babe) stacy jacobsen to giveaway one mini photo session and one $50 gap gift card to you and a friend (a $250 value, total).

enter to win on instagram by following @stacyjacobsen and @raeannkelly. then, on my instagram page look for the above image and tag a friend in the comments. contest closes Sunday, January 18th at 8am PST.
stacy’s mini sessions are also on special right now (BOGO 50% off) until sunday night. so if you want to skip straight to the goods, follow the link above to purchase and schedule. i have my eyes on the alki beach and summer nights minis… the nature minis look dreamy too… who am i kidding, they all look dreamy.

good luck and happy friday!

xo . rae

ps – i know this giveaway isn’t practical for those living outside of seattle, so i’ve been collecting fun items for a valentine’s themed giveaway next week. stay tuned!


LUNCH BITES, let go my bento.

soooo, i did the math yesterday and discovered that i’ve packed or contributed to packing approximately 192 lunches so far this school year. that’s about 3 lunches per week for 4 kids and i think this is their 16th week of school (right? just 20 to go!). which explains why lately i’ve been feeling a little burnt-out and blah about what goes into their lunch boxes.

imagine my excitement when i stumbled upon these pics (also hiding in a random folder on my computer) from october. (it’s funny the things that i get excited about as an adult and parent. i remember the first time i did a happy dance over receiving a kitchen appliance as a gift and how i almost cried when yoder and i purchased a real nice, working, non-hand me down vacuum that didn’t smell like it was going the catch on fire when turned on!… now back on topic…)

espen-+-tilly's-fav-school-lunchesso, if you happen to be in a school lunch rut like me, her’s a peek into what espen (8) and tilly (6) love to see in their lunchbox.

  • ESPEN (top lunch) – updated pb&j sandwich (peanut butter, sliced apple and honey), popcorn, homemade trail mix, applesauce pouch, baby carrots and hummus.
  • TILLY (bottom lunch) – chicken salad pinwheels, blackberries, baby bell peppers (these are the best!), chocolate milk, pretzels and chocolate almond butter.

hope that sparked some inspiration! this lunchbox wish list is super helpful too.

what do your kids like to find in their packed lunch or favorite snacks when your out and about? please share!

xo . rae

ps – the cute letter food picks are from here and food storage (we’ve had for 2+ years and love) from here.


take a (winter) hike.

Y I K E S !

i did not intentionally drop off the blogosphere for so long and although it was needed and much appreciated by the fam, it feels oh so good to be back!

while organizing some of my files over break i stumbled upon these pics of a hike we took with friends last winter. after being indoors so much lately (playing with new toys, getting together with friends, etc.) i’m starting to feel a bit cabin feverish. considering all the sibling bickering that’s going on in my home lately i think my kids are feeling it too!


(tilly and espen with two of stacy’s boys, gavin and jack – snow lake trail in leavenworth, WA 2014)

leavenworth-hike-128leavenworth-hike-121 leavenworth-hike-111

there is something so refreshing and energizing about watching kids adventure in nature. that and the guaranteed, asleep before their head hits the pillow, kind of bedtime makes it worth getting bundled up and braving the cold!

how do you beat cabin fever in the winter!?

xo . rae

(hope your 2015 if off to a fantastic start. i posted a belated christmas and new year note with our family christmas card if you are into that kinda thing :) xoxoox


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