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tilly-bday-5766 My little Tilly Jane is almost SEVEN! As with every child, every birthday, I can’t believe it. Not sure this feeling of disbelief that they are growing up so fast will ever end!?

Last week we started party planning and since she enjoys all things crafty and design-y she’s taken over creative control. So far she’s chosen unicorns and rainbows as the theme and picked a cute invite to match, just one small problem-o. The one she wants requires a picture. Normally this is not an issue – no shortage of photos around here! – but this time I couldn’t for the life of me find one that worked well with the design and colors. Instead of having her pick something different we ended up putting together a mini iPhone photo shoot.

In case you ever find yourself in a similar dilemma, here’s how we went about getting a simple but styled portrait on my iPhone for her invites:


  1. We picked the invites first! This helped narrow down colors, outfit, props and background.
  2. Found a “controlled” background with good light – not too bright, not too dark. Could be as easy as hanging up a white poster board on a well lit wall in the house or as fun as a colorful mural in the city. We found something in-between – a brick building close to home.
  3. I took a ton of pics, prompted her to try different things but also let her be herself. I find a little bit of movement goes a long way to make photos look more natural.
  4. Edited before we uploaded. Invite sites often have an editing option but my favorite photo editing app (VSCOcam) on my phone looked way better!

Here’s how it turned out:


Pretty cute I think considering it only took a few minutes and a phone! Looking forward to finishing up all the party planning and celebrating my girl!

What do you usually do for Birthday party invites? Do you ever have trouble finding a photo that will work?

XO, Rae