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I stumbled upon Tilly’s sweatshirt while browsing Zara and wondered how I could possibly pass up such a cozy sweatshirt with the sweetest reminder. Especially since loving people with our words and actions has been a topic of conversation a lot with her lately – she can be soooo spunky! Doing all things with love seems simple enough, doesn’t it? But when I saw her running around in her new sweatshirt it occurred to me how huge that calling is. To LOVE ALL the time. Even when we don’t feel like it or the recipient of those “things” doesn’t really deserve it or it requires some sacrifice and humility.

“Do all things with love.”

Gosh I have some work to do in this area and a lot more patience to extend to Tilly while she does the same.

All that from a pint sized sweatshirt, LOL. Can’t help but laugh at myself!

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RAK mom + mini style january-6865

TILLYsweatshirt from Zara, dress from Peek (similar), leggings from Old Navy, boots from Boden

MEsweater from Topshop, turtleneck from J. Crew, overalls from Madewell (on sale!), boots from gap (similar)

Are there any “things” you could do with a little more love?

For me it is defiantly bedtime! Once 8 o’clock rolls around happy mom clocks out and someone much less patient and loving checks in. It’s actually one of my goals for the year — to start enjoying bedtimes instead of dreading it everyday. Feel free to share bedtime tips below if you have any!

XO, Rae

PS – Pictures by my very awesome husband. One of the goals we made together for 2016 is to learn to take better and more pictures of our family… Wish us luck!


  1. emily January 5, 2016 at #

    Love this!
    And nicely done on the photos :)

    • rae January 6, 2016 at #

      Thanks Em! XOXO

  2. Gail January 6, 2016 at #

    You both look lovely. Love your outfit also. I am so into denim right now. Enjoy the bedtime, these are the times they will remember.. My boys tell me things I did at bedtime with them all the time.. Cant remember the things I wanted them to remember but they did come up with quite a few of my bedtime routines. Just think, it is the last bit of love they get before they sleep. Sleep well MOM.

    • rae January 6, 2016 at #

      Thanks so much for the encouragement Gail! I know a better routine would help all of us too :) XOXO

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