I’m a chronic over thinker you guys but it’s usually the simplest quotes, thoughts and scriptures that make the biggest impact in my day to day life.  Like this one by everyones favorite pretty girl:

“Happy girls are the prettiest.” –Audrey Hepburn

Well said, Audrey. Don’t you agree!?

The topic of “pretty” comes up more and more as Tilly get’s older and as a mom of girls that swoons over clothes and painted nails I try to be really intentional about teaching them (and my boys too!!!) what real beauty is — from the inside out.

The quote above reminded me the other day that I can also be an example of what pretty looks like. Happy. Not because the house is tidy or our day is going smoothly or I lost the baby weight or my closet is full of cute clothes  – all of these things rarely if at all happen btw – but because I’m living for something more and loving being their mama.

Not sure how often I will or do succeed but hopefully enough for God to do the rest! :)


Now for some outfit details!

POPPY: sweater, shorts, moccs


MOM: skirt, sweater (similar), striped tee (similar), shoes (similar 1/2)

I think I wear some version of this outfit most days lately… Loving striped shirts for layering under oversized sweaters. An unexpected pop of stripe adds some interest without being crazy.


How do you deal with or feel about the topic of “pretty”? Let’s chat in the comments!

Happy Monday :)

XO, Rae

(Photos by Stacy Jacobsen)

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