merry, merry christmas and happy new year!


from our family to yours… we hope you had a very merry, fun, relaxing, and altogether lovely christmas! it’s a little late to be sharing our family christmas card, but i was also late mailing them out so just know it’s not you, it’s me (hehe). and my very sad address book that looks like a pile of envelopes, flagged emails and lost text messages… luckily i have an entire year to get my act together! ha!


as for 2014, thanks for hanging out with me here and being a part of the last 365 days. it’s was a big year with lots of ups and downs but especially growth – in our family and personally for me. looking forward to reaping the harvest in 2015!

cheers to a brand-spankin’-new year, friends! hope it’s everything you are hoping for and more.

xoxo, rae


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  1. Christine January 7, 2015 at #

    how are there no comments on this post yet???? love this card and the pics. Thanks for sharing! keep it up!

    • rae January 7, 2015 at #

      your so sweet christine! i actually posted it this morning but it was scheduled for the 24th. :) xo

  2. londonolivestudio January 7, 2015 at #

    The best card of the year! Love it and love how santa is trying to get into the picture.
    HA. Happy new year!

  3. dad January 8, 2015 at #

    I love you soooo much. The best part is Jesus! I am so blessed by you.
    Thank you for letting me be your dad.

    • rae January 8, 2015 at #

      thanks for being my biggest fan, dad. i wouldn’t want it to be anyone else! xo

      • dad January 8, 2015 at #

        Eternity is going to be so much more fun with you there Rae.
        I love you,
        rae’s dad


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