We still have 2 weeks left of school, but our summer bucket list is filling up fast! At the top of the kids’ list is planning sleepovers with friends. For the most part we only do overnights with family or friends that are like family (most of which live in the same neighborhood) but a couple of the kids are wanting to branch out a little and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Actually I know exactly how I feel about it, LOL… and my answer would always be ‘NO’! But I also remember how much fun sleepovers were when I was a kid so then I feel a little guilty. So I’m curious, what are your rules for sleepovers? Or what rules did you have growing up?

(sibling slumber parties forever!)

Ozzie didn’t start having sleepovers with friends who’s parents we weren’t close to until his Freshman year of high school and by then we knew his friends so well and had been around their parents enough at youth events to feel comfortable with it.

My mom, on the other hand, had a “strength in numbers” take on it, so group sleepovers for birthday parties and stuff were ok and I think that worked out really well.

Anyways, would love to know your thoughts on the subject!

XO, Rae


  1. Jenn June 11, 2018 at #

    Never commented before, but wanted to weigh in on this. You can never be too careful when it comes to your children and their safety. I would say go with your gut, hurt feelings are better than a child that is somehow scarred forever. I want to trust people, but that Mama Bear in me has heard too many sad tales of sleepovers and even family gatherings where an innocent child was forever changed.

  2. Tootie Tollett June 12, 2018 at #

    I’m absolutely relieved to hear that Ozzie didn’t have sleepovers until freshman year! I had sleepovers at age 6 with my preschool ballet BFF (whom is still one of my BFFs), but times are so different now. My kids are still all too young for me to know what school is like, but I know that I’ll be really guarded. I think sleepovers with both moms and all the kids are better.

  3. Krystal June 12, 2018 at #

    You can always arrange a play date together along with the parents first to get to know each other ( either at a park or your place, etc ). Do this as many times as needed until you feel comfortable.

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