Hello… spring training.

later this month, yoder and i are surprising the kids with a trip to sunny arizona for some baseball games, concession food and all the pool time we can handle. for the past couple weeks i’ve been secretly sorting through last year’s summer gear and stocking up on all the things we’ll need to bring with us, including some ballpark must haves.

here are some of the baseball ready goodies i’ve found:



01/nostalgic baseball tees, peek kids (BOYS/GIRLS). 02/floppy sun hat, sonnet james. 03/canvas tote, gap. 04/sunscreen, the honest co (we’ll need some of this too). 05/notebooks, minted. 06/beach blanket, kate spade saturday. 07/a staple in my baseball bag, entertaining and easy to share, sidewalk chalk.

4 Responses to Hello… spring training.

  1. Trisha March 13, 2014 at #

    Rae- – Love the spring training t-shirts! Just ordered one for my daughter- – she spends a lot if time at her brother’s baseball games and we loved the “there’s no crying in baseball tee”

    Thank you!

    • rae March 13, 2014 at #

      totally agree, trisha! perf for the sisters at big brother’s games! xo

  2. angie March 13, 2014 at #

    LOVE that beach blanket! I recently found your blog and LOVE it! I’m excited to follow along :)

  3. Connie March 14, 2014 at #

    Ooh you will love your visit to AZ! I haven’t been following for long so I don’t know if you come here often… but If you need a photographer to capture something while you’re here let me know (;

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