October is flying by you guys! In an effort to take it all in and freeze time for just a little bit I got my camera out a few different times over the weekend to document a few of my favorite things around our house right now. Most of which have something to do with Halloween of course but all of them are little details I don’t ever want to forget…

… Like handmade holiday decorations on the kids’ doors. It’s become an unspoken tradition that changes with each season and makes our hallway feel fun and festive to walk down. It really is the little things isn’t it!?…

BOOKS | Kitten’s First Full Moon (on sale!), B is for Boo (hands down favorite Halloween book!), How to Make Friends with a Ghost (best illustrations!)

… The constant scattering of vampire fangs, candy wrappers, Halloween books and other festive knick-knacks…

Boo bags all packed and ready to deliver!…

… Less real clothes and more jammies! Between soccer and church our weekend mornings aren’t always as long and lazy as I would like but at the same time, no one is in a hurry to get up and outside these days so pj’s stay on a little longer and get put on a little earlier than the summer months!

Pumpkins, balloons and silly decorations!

Halloween gets kind of a bad wrap for being dark and creepy (and it certainly can be) but I think the whimsical design, loads of pumpkins and easy playfulness, more than make up for it!

What little details are you loving around your home right now?

xo, Rae


  1. Moira McGrath October 23, 2017 at #

    Can you tell me a little more about your “Boo” bags? What’s inside? who gets them? Is is a secret delivery?

  2. veerle October 23, 2017 at #

    love the skeleton – not too scary and so nice graphically! you don’t find a lot of beautiful halloween decorations over here … I am not so good at drawing, otherwise I would try to make something similar myself.
    lovely boo bags too – curious too!

  3. Teri October 24, 2017 at #

    My kiddos are pretty much grown & gone, but I still enjoy your mothering insights. As a parent, I never really liked Halloween, but your light-hearted ideas are helping me see this holiday differently!

  4. Ginger Brehl October 26, 2017 at #

    We’ve been booed three times this Halloween! We have our signs out, but each one has been different! The kids love it! They love the booing more than the receiving! Ive been loving all the Halloween artwork my kids do and watching “pooky show” as my two year calls them. And the dancing to Monster Mash in PJs before bed. I love October and feel like it’s just flying by!! Thanks for the fun post!

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