I’m back from a long weekend with one of my best friends from college. She and her family are getting ready to renovate, stage and get their rental home on the market while building their dream home on the same lot that they’re living now. Needless to say, they have a lot going on so I flew down to help pick out flooring, shop for furniture and share my designer advice on things, because — holy moly — so many decisions! If you’ve ever renovated or built a home, then you know what I’m talking about. Anyways, it was so great catching up, hanging out in L.A. (yay sun!) and doing all the home stuff. Feeling a little refreshed but mostly inspired and just happy to be home with my peoplessss.

The Monday before I left, Johan and I piled the kids in the car on a rainy day and headed to a Seattle Mariner’s baseball game… (Ozzie’s game had been cancelled and apparently we don’t see enough ballgames, lol). I was a little skeptical of the decision and the kids were pretty hard to wake up the next morning BUT it was so fun and so worth it. Monday nights at the stadium are usually quiet and also happen to be family nights. Guessing most teams have the same or similar promotion going but it’s definitely worth looking into. Bonus that a lot of the food was 1/2 price, including dip n’ dots! As if it’s not hard enough saying no to sweet treats at the ballpark!

The night got a little harry towards the end (if you saw this Instagram post, you know why, lol) but, our seats ended up being in a non-windy pocket of the stadium so we stayed relatively warm and dry. A few pics of our night.

I’m not gonna lie, this kinda monkey business freaks me out when we’re up so high even though she’s nowhere near the edge. Speaking of edge, how is it that more people don’t fall over the railings at arenas and stadiums? The walls are so low for being up so high!

Tilly and her silly faces!

Poppy was super clingy that night, but eventually came out of her shell and then wouldn’t sit still for the rest of the game. Always careful what I wish for with this crew!

We planned on leaving the stadium at 8:30 but it was such a good game and the kids were being good so we ended up staying until 9:30 and wrapped up our night with some playtime at the kids playground area. Johan and Espen also snuck off to throw a few pitches at one of those bullpens that tells you how fast you pitch. So cute. Wish I got some pics!

Have you guys been to a baseball game yet this season? Funny how we ended up going to a ball game on a night the boys didn’t have games.

XO, Rae

PS —┬áThankful for a little break from the daily grind, but OMG — so happy to be home!!!

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