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This past Friday, before my interview on KING5, Johan and I took the three younger kids (Tilly 7, Griffey 5, + Poppy 2) to Fox Hollow Farm in an effort to distract my brain from being nervous and it ended up being the best idea! (Thanks for all the support and kind words you guys! It was so much fun! Use the link above to watch the segment.)

One thing that was rattling around my head during our outing was whether or not I would enjoy living on a (mini) farm. Even though I consider myself more of a city or beach girl, hanging out with the kids on the farm, watching them chase animals and roam the property had me wondering if I would love it. Or if I just love the idea of it. Probably the latter, but OMG this place is just so dreamy. I didn’t want to leave.

Here are a few pics from our day.

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8005

Looking for chickens to catch! After many of attempts. . . .

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8009

. . . . .

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8095

. . . She found someone else who had caught one and asked for a turn holding it. Love her!

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-7995rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-7924

The landscaping was incredible without being fussy but I can’t imagine what it would take to design so much land let alone maintain it! Wish I could sit down with the owners (who live on the property) and ask them all the how, why, and who questions. We can barely get our tiny backyard looking put together!

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-7954

As if the animals, landscape, creek, pony rides,  and mini playhouses (not pictured) were not enough they had a fleet of power wheels waiting to ride around their giant driveway loop.

Also, kids in sunnies? Yas please!

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8014rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8039

They have the best dad that makes them laugh like it’s his job. Watching them together makes me feel like the luckiest girl!

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8048rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8075rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-7935

A tired Pop-Tart.

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8052rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8056

We didn’t want to leave but ended our visit with cold popsicles and lots of hand sanitizer. Still wondering if I could be a mini farm kinda girl.

So now I’m curious… If you could live anywhere would it be by the beach, in the city, on a farm, in the mountains or a combination of two?

XO, Rae


  1. papa August 29, 2016 at #

    How Cute!!!
    Where is this place?? I want to go!!!

    • rae August 29, 2016 at #

      It’s in Issaquah on Hobart Road :) I could meet you there with the littles while the bigs are in school!

  2. Kristen August 29, 2016 at #

    First of all, I loved watching your segment on organizing back to school. I don’t live in the PNW any more so I am so glad you posted the link! You are adorable!!

    Secondly you pics from this outing are so fun. That place looks amazing!

    And finally :) can I ask about your gold necklace/locket? It looks so pretty on you :)

  3. Shannon August 30, 2016 at #

    Oh I am a beach girl at heart but I love living on a tiny bit of land with some animals and a garden. I always say my ideal home would be in a big old farmhouse on a bluff overlooking the sea. But close enough to visit the big city. :)

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