camper care package + so many milestones


not sure if the pregnancy hormones are making me extra sentimental or if we’ve just hit a busy season with lots of changes, but lately the kids seem to be reaching all kinds of milestones. nothing major but still a sobering reminder of how quickly my babes are growing up.

one of those milestones is that espen will be heading to summer camp with our church for the first time without his older brother as a bunkmate or dad as a counselor. luckily we know many of the other campers and parent helpers so i know he’ll be in good hands — however i don’t want to send him off without putting together a little care package to greet him when he shows up!

camper-care-package-2nothing too fancy or over the top. i mostly wandered the isles of target and grabbed things i thought he might enjoy:

TARGET: striped bucket with lid, parachute guy, slime, baseball cards, playing cards, glow sticks & pop-its

S’MORES MIX: teddy grahams, marshmallows and chocolate chips

ZINK: found at crewcuts (and included mostly for my own nostalgic reasons!)

most of the other things i would think to include (water bottle, flash light, money for snack shack, notebook, etc.) are already on his packing list so there is a chance that he won’t even touch most of the items in his care package but hopefully he’ll feel loved when he opens it!

do you have any other ideas for the care package? are you sending anyone off to camp this summer? or thoughts on the subject?!

i’d love to hear in the comments…

xo . rae

(images by stacy jacobsen)

ps – hope you guys had a fantastic long weekend! going though all my iPhone pics from the 4th and am hoping to share tomorrow!

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2 Responses to camper care package + so many milestones

  1. Susan July 7, 2014 at #

    If not otherwise packed, Avon has foil wrapped packets of really good insect repellent. I always got bitten, chewed, and nibbled at camp.

    • rae July 7, 2014 at #

      oh susan, good idea! easier for him to use on his own. also sounds like something we need to have around the house this summer too. thanks for the tip!

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