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You’ll love these DIY chalkboard name clips for everyday use or for entertaining.  Made loads of them this summer to keep from running out of glasses while everyone is home, drinking lots, & having trouble keeping track of who’s glass is who’s.  Check out the video tutorial below…

click here to download the printable paper for the bag clips!

DIY chalkboard clips armommy

Let me know if you have any Q’s & don’t forget to pin for safe keeping.

We’ll be back tomorrow to share a farmer’s market inspired recipe you may want to give a whirl before summer is over.  It’s simple and refreshing, and the main ingredient is likely on sale.  ( h o l l a ! )

One question before I sign off…  how is the end of summer treating you?

Honest truth?  I’m exhausted & our upstairs is in  s h a m b l e s (as in, the thought of putting it back together makes my eyes water, kind of shambles) , but we are having TONS of fun so I wouldn’t trade it.

if you agree, here is a tweetable.

Talk soon.

xo . rae

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