DIY did i do this?

ever see something at the store and think, i could totes (save money &) DIY that?

diy-floating-bookshelf-2then did you head to the man store to buy supplies and realize (a little too late) that, um your not really saving much?  ttthhhhheeennnnn, did you start putting things together, hanging, leveling, drilling, etc. and want to punch yourself for not just buying the store version?


that’s what happened with the floating bookshelves we just put up in espen and tilly’s room.

i first saw the clever bookshelf (HERE) at urban outfitters for $14 each and decided that i wanted atleast 4 and maybe 6 for the middles’ room.  BUT for whatever (#imcheap) reason didn’t want to spend the $60-90ish that would take.

(you can also find them at the land of nod, here)

that’s how i wound up at the store buying 8 brackets for $5 each, saving me a total of $16.


which is all fine and dandy, except that because we hung two brackets for each shelf, there was a lot of extra measuring and leveling and wall anchoring going on and it was at least twice as much work as the urban outfitters version would have been.

oh, and i still need to find big books at good will to glue to the brackets so you can’t see them….  something that isn’t necessary with the non-diy version.


and (one last thing) the brackets are taller than the shelves at the store so you need to keep more books stacked up to hide them from view. (if that makes sense?)


i am thankful however, that they still look pretty cute.


here is a glimpse of the wall before the book stacking began.


and what i swept out from under the kids’ cabinets.  their room gets a little out of control sometimes.

(as was griffey’s diaper at the time of this picture, LOL)

diy-floating-bookshelf-3so, there you have it…  a DIY gone DI-Y did i do this?!  it’s not the first, i’m sure it won’t be the last and definitely could have been worse!

howbout you?  ever had a similar experience?  or just assume when you see other people’s projects that they always turn out perf?  we’d love to hear your thoughts below!

oh and if you need an extra laugh today, here is a link to some funny pinterest fails…  should do the trick!

hope you have a beautiful friday, friend!!!!!

<3 . rae

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4 Responses to DIY did i do this?

  1. Lauren May 30, 2014 at #

    I LOVE your kids’ room! And (#imcheap) too! I’m guilty of this all the time! And I end up overspending on materials because I tend to get a little overzealous… oops! Anyway, SO GLAD I found your blog. It’s one of my 4 daily reads!
    (also, what platform are you using? I love the look of it- I currently (kind of) blog on my photography website’s blog which is on squarespace.


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