One of my goals for 2019 is to be more thoughtful about how I spend money and while I’ve made a few changes lately (baby steps!), I don’t see myself quitting on amazon prime anytime soon. Here are our favorite Amazon purchases of 2018…

  1. favorite moisturizer to put on my face… add 30 drops of frankincense to the bottle to help even skin color and heal blemishes.
  2. this cell phone armband for running + workouts
  3. a couple more workout essentials — medecine ball + jump rope
  4. the kids echo dot — because listening to them ask alexa to play “baby shark” or “tell me a story” is the best!
  5. these headphones are lifesavers (bluetooth, long lasting battery, safe for little + big ears, durable and design friendly) but are also the same price through their web site.
  6. kitchen organizing bins for the fridge and pantry (love!)
  7. pint sized blender bottles are so handy for the kids’ school, games + practices!
  8. monkey string is the perfect activity for kids on the go or traveling. (did you see this post?)
  9. love this tray so much I plan on buying more.
  10. in need of a refill of these… so many pretty colors!
  11. the raffle tickets we use for earning things… more on that in this post.
  12. our party, play date and movie night must-haves: these cups (because lids!) and food trays
  13. speaking of parties, these star balloons and giant diy confetti balloons are evergreen and get used for every special day or random reason to celebrate!
  14. the cutest birthday candles in rainbow or white
  15. love these jammies for sleeping or layering under snow gear. more options here.

Did you guys know you can check the number of orders you’ve made on Amazon by year? We’ve gone up about 10 orders per year since 2013 when we made 2 purchases (lol)… what about you guys!?

xo, Rae


  1. Melissa Haigh February 26, 2019 at #


    I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but the links are not working for me. I always look forward to your recommendations!!

    • rae February 26, 2019 at #

      it was totally on our end… something to do with a plug-in, but they’re all fixed now. thanks for being so sweet! xoxo

  2. Alison February 26, 2019 at #

    The links are not working for me either – will definitely check back because I agree, I love your thoughtful recommendations!

    • rae February 26, 2019 at #

      thanks alison and sorry they weren’t working… all fixed now! xoxo

  3. Melissa February 27, 2019 at #

    Love them! All of them. About to purchase some of the items and added the others to my list on Amazon for future reference.

  4. Meg February 28, 2019 at #

    Oooh, good list!

    We finally put an Amazon line item on our budget. $100/month for a family of 6.

    My friend was trying hardcore to save money and her family gave up on Prime. She said it really cut down on her spending! I’m feeling challenged about this!

    Thanks for sharing

    • rae February 28, 2019 at #

      yeah, it’s tricky! adding it to the budget is a great idea! xoxo

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