Hiiii friends! It’s mah birfffday today, so thought it would be fun to play a little game of 2 truths and a lie for each season of my life so far. Of course, I broke the rules (oops!) and listed more than two truths, but would love to know if you can spot the lies! 


K I D   Y E A R S :

  1. I grew up going to CUBS games and love seeing them in the World Series.
  2. I learned to walk at 9 months and could swim a lap at 4 years.
  3. My name is my mom’s college roommates name backwards.
  4. I never had a non-costume Birthday party (even as a teen).
  5. I did a dance to ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ for a 2nd grade talent show and ‘Jump’ in 5th grade.
  6. I was a ‘Natural Helper’ in elementary school.
  7. I loved my name growing up (and still do!).
  8. I always wanted to form a real life Babysitters Club like the books… it’s no wonder I have 5 kids!
  9. My childhood nicknames included, Spook, Boo, RaeBoo, and Little Me To (always wanting to tag along… FOMO!).

T E E N   Y E A R S :

  1. I got a ‘tramp stamp’ when I turned 18.
  2. I loved to teepee houses.
  3. I tried out to be a cheerleader in high school and didn’t make it but still remember part of the dance to ‘Rappers Delight’ (and might have practiced last night) we had to learn.
  4. After High School I moved to Brentwood, CA and attended Santa Monica City College for a year while playing soccer and waiting tables.
  5. I gave out samples in Costco to earn money.
  6. I played Division I soccer.
  7. I was Homecoming queen.

” A D U L T ”   Y E A R S :

  1. I didn’t travel outside the USA before my honeymoon.
  2. Our wedding venue only cost us $100 and so did my dress.
  3. With the exception of morning sickness, I luuuved being pregnant.
  4. I turned 21 the day Ozzie and I were released from the hospital, after he was born. 
  5. My husband kissed my cousin at a college party once — before we started dating of course!!!
  6. Johan and I got engaged after 5 months of dating. My dad did not approve.


Oh, my. So fun thinking back — had to text a few peeps to fact check before posting which made it even better. Let me know in the comments what you think the lies are… hopefully I didn’t make it too easy!

Hope you have a bootiful Halloween with family and friends!!!

XO, RaeBoo

(images by Stacy Jacobsen)


  1. papa October 31, 2016 at #

    OK Boo……so some of these i am not positive about :-(
    That makes we wonder about all the work i did away from home and the cost of my focus on the business vs family.
    I printed the page and hope we find time later today to talk!
    Love you so much and Happy Birthday sweetie.
    I love you

    • rae October 31, 2016 at #

      Love you dad! Some of this stuff was hard for me to remember! We’ll chat later today :) xo

  2. Lindy October 31, 2016 at #

    Happy birthday, Rae!!

  3. Theresa November 1, 2016 at #

    This was a fun post! Cute idea and it’s nice to see things you like and did. Hope you had a Fab-O birffday!

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