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happy tuesday love! how’s it going?

i’m excited to share my latest crush, sonnet james. a company that puts function first, but design and style a close second – all in the name of making it easier for moms to be more playful with their kids while also feeling cute (amen!). if you haven’t heard of them then you are in for a real treat!

i purchased a couple of their dresses  (1 & 2) to wear durning my pregnancy (and hopefully well after) and sport each of them at least once a week. i’ve worn them for everything from date night to playdates and all the kids’ activities. oh, and i must mention how well they wash so there is no need to stress when little ones use you as a napkin!

also, how do you resist a company that uses statements like,

“young at heart, present in the moment, and more playful will the ones you love.”

in their marketing… sign me up ASAP!

well, i’ve gushed enough. time to take a peek for yourself…

xo . rae

4 Responses to crushing on: sonnet james

  1. Ann June 7, 2014 at #

    Rae. Got to your blog from Emily. I love the sonnet james dresses. Went to order one Thursday, got distracted by 4 year old and now went back to order. Looks like her website expired. As her friend I thought you might want to let her know


    • rae June 8, 2014 at #

      thanks for the heads up ann! Xx

  2. Whitney June 8, 2014 at #

    So comfy, right?!

    • rae June 8, 2014 at #

      the best, whitney. <3

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