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Our No. 2, Espen, is 10… 10! Which is halfway to 20. Surely I must be dreaming. Yes?

No. It really happened over the weekend and I’ve been teary-eyed ever since. It doesn’t help that summer is flying by as well (ugh!). Time is not a friend of mine but I can’t let this milestone bday pass by without a HBD note.

Here are just a few of the millions of things we LOVE about YOU Espey —>

espen-bday-post-3Your glass is always half-full. You get excited about the big and the little things. You have the best comic relief and silly faces. You are everyone’s favorite and everyone’s friend. Your heart is full of adventure and possibilities. Your work ethic and problem solving skills are better than most adults. You are up for trying just about anything and quick to adjust. And the list goes on.

Your family is head over heels for you and I hope you never question how amazing and loved and appreciated you are!

Now stop growing please.

Love you so!!!

XO, Mom




Being your mama is such a treat Griffin William. You give off the best vibe and make everything more fun. Most of your time and energy is spent trying to keep up with all the big kids in your life but I have a hunch you’ll be the one leading the way when you’re older.

You love your friends, family, and people in general, legos and saying prayers at bedtime and hate eating anything that grows in the ground, getting your face wet and mascots (those darn guys!). You say the most random, hysterical and relatable things sometimes. Like this morning when you said, “I can’t believe I’m 5!” and took the words right out of my mouth.


Happy 5th Birthday to my bestest sidekick. You have a heart of gold and the smile to match and are loved more than words!!!

XO, Mooooom

PS – A cute pic from his party this morning if you are curious!?