#SeattleKids: molly moon’s (our fave ice cream shop)

Molly-Moon-Seattle-Kids-2i’m excited to share the second post (here is the first) of a new series that is nameless at the moment (tiny tourist, kids about town…?) but i’m kinda digging the simplicity of “Seattle Kids”. let me know if you have any ideas!

i love seeing where and how people do life, as well as promote community and local businesses so i thought i’d introduce you to molly moon’s–our favorite place to grab ice cream when we are in the city. everything about this shop is organic, homemade and ridiculously delicious.┬áhope you enjoy!

you might also like: molly moon’s on instagram & this fun “how to make ice cream pie” video.

xo . rae

(short film by August Island Pictures)

2 Responses to #SeattleKids: molly moon’s (our fave ice cream shop)

  1. Sarah B. March 24, 2015 at #

    Super cute Rae! Jealous I’m not in the PNW…keep up the cuteness…hugs!


    • rae March 30, 2015 at #

      thanks sarah! xo

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