I’ve been to Leavenworth more times than I can count and most of the time I’m excited to eat, visit and do all the things at our usual spots but every once in awhile something new pops up that I can’t wait to try with Johan and the kids. This time it happened to be a Reindeer Farm and it was a huge hit. I’ll let the crazy amount of pictures and quick video below do all of the talking… we loved every minute!

I was taking pics of the kids in Santa’s sleigh when he snuck up behind me! Most of the kids thought it was hilarious. Poppy about lost her mind.

Once Santa was out of sight, someone offered to snap a family photo of us on the sleigh (love it when people do that!) and while you never quite know if it’ll turn out, I think this time we might just have a Christmas card photo!

The kids literally haven’t stopped talking about our new reindeer friends. Through all of our conversations, we all agreed that the reindeer in the movie The Santa Clause are the most accurate depiction of the very quirky and mischievous animals. Bet you can guess what’s showing next on our family movie night!?

Love when outings lead to conversations. Makes all the chaos worth it!

xo, Rae

PS – for all my local friends that might be planning a stay in Leavenworth, I’m going to share some of our favorite places to eat tomorrow. Is there anything else you’d like me to share.

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  1. Nancy November 28, 2018 at #

    That looks like such great fun and cute video! And what beautiful scenery, it’ll make the most amazing holiday cards! Wish we had one of these farms near my home :)

    • rae November 29, 2018 at #

      Thanks so much Nancy! xoxo, rae

  2. Erin Marie November 29, 2018 at #

    Adorable! Every one of you! Reindeer antlers are no joke! Can you please share the deets of your jeans? I think I might need them.

  3. Becca Crandall November 29, 2018 at #

    We are visiting in a couple weeks. I have lived here my whole life and haven’t actually been for a full weekend. please list all your must visit places with your eats too!

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