Potty training isn’t the only milestone happening in our home this week. While our 2 year old is learning to tinkle on the toilet, our 16 year old will be getting his license. Eeek! Quite the contrast right?! Over the last month as the topic has come up I’ve been asked by several friends how I’m feeling about it.



Happy dancing?

That too!

But honestly more than the butterflies and happy dances, all I can think about when I look at my 16 year old is how faithful God is. So many of the things I asked Him to do in and for Ozzie since he was a baby (I shared our story HERE several years ago) I see in him now. As he steps into a new freedom and further away from my protection though, it would be so easy for me to get consumed with worry instead of trusting God and continuing to pray big things for his future.

While I’ll most definitely be praying for his protection every time the butterflies start fluttering in my stomach, God’s been reminding me lately that there is so much more I can do with my time, thoughts and energy. Just thought I would pass that reminder onto you…

So, pray for the sweet small things — what preschool to send your kids to, for friends to play with at recess, that their cold would pass, for more playing time on the soccer team, etc. God cares about those things.

But pray big, beautiful dreams over them too. That they would know how wonderfully made and fully loved they are. That they would know God’s voice, grace, promises, purposes and presence. That they would recognize and use their talents because of the confidence they have in the one who made them.

And then no matter how small or big the ask, trust that God will give you the ideas, direction and wisdom to do your part because prayer is anything but passive.

I’m far from perfect at this parenting thing… Sure there are moments that go smoothly but we also take frequent rides on the hot mess express. Either way, I’ve found that there is nothing like prayer to keep my mind easy and heart light so I can enjoy rolling with my little homies and be the mom they deserve.

Of course coffee, girlfriends and a cute outfit help too.

Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!

XO, Rae

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  1. Tara Depew January 25, 2017 at #

    Great message and great reminder. Thank you. xo

  2. Karen January 25, 2017 at #

    This post reduced me to tears. I have an 18 year old son named Ian who is so very dear to me. He is developmentally delayed but has come so far from his humble beginnings. He wants to start driving. I am scared to death! He took driver’s ed at school last year. His teacher, a very sweet man, kindly took me aside and said Ian did okay but he’s not a very confident driver. Ian’s growth was stunted from a birth defect and he was way behind in growth. It wasn’t until this year that he was tall enough to see over the steering wheel. But he had a growth spurt this summer and is now 5’6 and wants to drive. At 18 he doesn’t have to do the whole driver’s permit and practice for 6 months but I’m thinking maybe he should only drive, at first, with me in the car until he gains some confidence. Regardless, your post really touched my heart and your encouraging words made me get teary eyed but also have the confidence to know that God’s got Ian’s back. I need to step back and let him grow. :)

  3. April V January 25, 2017 at #

    My 15 (almost 16 year old!) is still begging to get her beginners permit! I don’t know how to say what I’m feeling… but I’m just… NOT READY. I know that I can’t keep her little forever & pretty soon I’m going to have to trust that everything will be okay & let her GROW. God’s peace will be the only thing that let’s me do that..

    …& I said all of that, to say… thank you for this post & for the reminder that sometimes we have to say, “Jesus, take the wheel”. ☺

  4. Keri January 25, 2017 at #

    Oh baaah! I love this friend! So beautiful and timely. Thank you xox

  5. papa January 26, 2017 at #

    Rae, Rae, Rae, Rae, Rae, Rae, Rae, Rae……….
    This made me cry from my thankfulness. That God would bless me/us with such an amazing daughter.
    Thank you for your heart and your ability to share it.
    I love you so much.

  6. Theresa January 26, 2017 at #

    Aww this is my feel good for the day. Thank you for your heartfelt words and for reminding me to be patient with my children, our family and seeing life from that “1,000 foot view” of what is important. This is a good reminder of what and how to ask God for help and to give thanks for all we’ve been given.

  7. Meg January 27, 2017 at #


    I’m past my due date with my fourth and final child and there are a few hiccups that we’re battling right now. I keep falling back to day-by-day mentality and turning my worry into prayer. This was so good for me to read today! Thank you!!!

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