I used to workout because I wanted to stay a certain size, see a certain number on the scale and flatten out as many lumps and dimples as possible. As I’ve gotten older and had more kids, it simply got to be too much to keep up with and honestly my “WHY” made it difficult to justify making time for it (hello pregnancy and nursing and busy kids and a full schedule and no sleep and things that are actually important!).

Now I workout because I want to be around for and be able to play with my kids for a long time. I want to set a good example for them like my parents did. I want the endorphins (they make me happy) and energy that comes from moving my body. I want to honor God by taking care of what he’s given me. And I want to feel good in my skin not because of how I look but because I’m strong and capable.

Changing my “WHY” has honestly made all the difference.

What helps you prioritize workouts? Has your “why” changed over the years? I would love to hear more from you in the comments!

XO, Rae

PS – Another thing that’s helped me prioritize fitness is having a running list of workouts that I can do in a pinch or when I need a change of pace. I’ll be sharing my favorites over on Instagram Stories later today and will be sure to archive under the “workouts” highlight too. If we aren’t already hanging out over on the gram, click HERE!!!


  1. Dad February 6, 2019 at #

    You are AMAZING!
    love you Boo

    • rae February 7, 2019 at #

      you have to think that, lolz! love you too!


  2. Katie February 6, 2019 at #

    Definitely since having kids and being a busy mom, the energy and endorphins and overall positive feelings from working out has taken priority over being a certain size. And occasionally indulging my very heavy 8 year old who asks me to carry her to bed upstairs even though she’s capable of walking herself but just wants to be held by mama. That’s what those guns are for, right?

    • rae February 7, 2019 at #

      yes! i will carry my kids until they can carry me, lol! love it! xo

  3. Victoria Hopper February 6, 2019 at #

    So well stated! The “Why” is the best!

  4. Holly Penido February 7, 2019 at #

    This totally speaks my language. Thank you for so perfectly speaking what I have been unable to say for myself. Love your spirit and the way you lead your family. Thanks girl!

    • rae February 7, 2019 at #

      thanks holly! here for ya! xoxo

  5. Summer Knobloch February 7, 2019 at #

    I feel like I could have written this exact post on “WHY”. I exercise because of how good it makes me feel (not just during, but always!) and because I want to honor God with my body – and because I want to be strong and flexible. My “why” has definitely changed from when I was in my 20, and I’m so glad it did :)

    • rae February 7, 2019 at #

      summer, yes + amen! so glad. xo

  6. Claire February 8, 2019 at #

    Could you post when you exercise and what you do here on the blog? With young kids and working full time, my excuse list is long, but I agree with your “Why” explanations!

    • rae February 10, 2019 at #

      Hi Claire, I’ll try to get a full post up with more details but at the moment I follow the sweat app (it’ll pop up in the search) and workout 3-4 times a week (3 circuits from the app and 1x a week I go for a run when Johan is home – the time varies based on the week). It’s really only a 30 minute commitment since I can do it all at home (no driving to and from the gym!), but it’s still hard to make happen. My best advice is to be patient with yourself but not give up… also, get creative! Oh, and one thing that I do during kids’ soccer and baseball season is plan my workouts during the their practices and games while their team warms-up. Best use of time! This blog post might help too with other mama’s tips included:

      hope my long response (lol) encourages and helps a little!

      xoxo, rae

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