easy makeup brush cleaner diy

i don’t have many makeup or beauty tricks but this one is too good to keep to myself! about a year ago i replaced a few of my most used makeup brushes and then totally freaked the sales girl out when i informed her that i had never used a brush cleaner. diy-makeup-brush-cleaner even though i didn’t purchase the $40 bottle of cleaner the brand carried, her passion about it got me thinking that it’s probably a good idea.¬†so i came up with this simple homemade concoction and have been using it ever since. my brushes are still in great condition too so i think it’s safe to share :)

INGREDIENTS: water, hydrogen peroxide, baby soap or shampoo

DIRECTIONS: in a glass, mix together equal parts water and peroxide with a couple squirts of baby shampoo. swish brushes around in mixture and then let soak for 10 minutes or so. rinse brushes until water runs clear. sweep your brushes back and forth against an old hand towel to soak up excess water. finally, lay them out to dry completely. this takes a good 24 hours so i suggest starting the process in the morning – it feels so good to use fresh brushes the next day!

hope this comes in handy (pin for safe keeping) and that you have a fantastic tuesday!

we have some valentine shenanigans planned for later today and will try to share on instagram if you want to join us!

xo . rae

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  1. Chantel Klassen January 17, 2014 at #

    Yeah, totally with you in the “never used a brush cleaner” boat. I’ll definitely have to try this out (so glad it doesn’t have the $40 price tag!), thanks so much for sharing!

    • rae January 17, 2014 at #

      chantel, so glad i’m not alone! you’ll have to let me know what you think… xo

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