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happy (playful) weekend.


wanted to share this little snippet from our arizona trip, where a little bed jumping action prompted me to let loose and be silly. i forget sometimes (way too many sometimes) to put down my to do list and enjoy the moment. so grateful to these kids for the constant reminders.

with that said, happy weekend friends! hope it’s full of playfulness… the laundry can wait!

//outtake pics by connie b photography//


blue or pink?

happy monday friends!

i so appreciated reading everyones input and thoughts about finding out baby’s gender or not  and after going back and forth without a strong feeling either way, johan and i had the ultrasound tech stick the results in an envelope for us so we could do a big reveal on our trip to phoenix with the kids. so without further adieu….


//the envelope, please.//


//the suspense is killing big sis.//


//not sure griffin knew what was going on exactly, but was totally into it.//


//i see pink!//


//tilly’s face says it all… girlfriends excited and relieved to say the least, but i think it just confirmed what she already kew. she’s been talking about a baby sister from the beginning and despite my rebuttal that God has a wonderful plan for our family and we don’t get to decide her response was quite simply, “yeah, then why would he give us another boy? it’s a girl.” she may have known something we didn’t.//



//it was a fun moment that required celebratory fudgcicles of course.//


//can’t believe he’ll be the oldest of 5…(sigh)//


//or that he’ll no longer be the youngest. (double sigh)//

so my final verdict – i still prefer waiting to find out vs. spilling the beans early, but this moment with the kids in the grass and sunshine instead of recovering in a hospital bed was rather priceless.

feeling extra lucky to have these pictures to document our growing tribe – hopefully no. 5 will one day look back and know how much we loved her – even before we met.

a big fat thank you to my new friend connie who came out to our resort (that was actually just a hotel with ridiculous amenities) to capture this moment and a few others from our day that i’ll post later!

thanks for letting me share the big news with you…



#shenanigans (free poster download)

i designed this simple poster to hang over our “check-out” basket of ever increasing (and slightly ridiculous)  gaming and tech devices and thought i would share in case you have the perfect spot for it. just click on the links below to download! each poster is 24×32 inches and fits perfectly in the large frame from ikea.


here’s to lots of silly shenanigans! enjoy!

xo . rae



i’ve hinted at it a couple times in previous posts but am beyond thrilled to make an official announcement…

we’re expecting a new bundle of cuteness this summer!

today marks week 20, and as they tend to do once you have other children to take care of, it’s flown by.


i’m not usually the “love to be pregnant” kind, but it’s been a pretty fantastic 20 weeks. my mind and emotions race every time i think about adding a 5th child to our family but more than anything i’ve been feeling incredibly humbled.

looking forward to having this space to share and document the journey this time around and hope you don’t get all babied-out with updates or projects!

before i sign off i would love your thoughts… we go in for our ultrasound this week (i keep putting it off!) – yoder and i would prefer to keep the gender a secret, but tilly, espen and ozzie are dying to find out if they are having a brother or sister.

should we take one for the team and find out what we’re having or keep it a surprise!?

happy friday!

xo . rae

(image by stacy jacobsen)


#SeattleKids: molly moon’s (our fave ice cream shop)

Molly-Moon-Seattle-Kids-2i’m excited to share the second post (here is the first) of a new series that is nameless at the moment (tiny tourist, kids about town…?) but i’m kinda digging the simplicity of “Seattle Kids”. let me know if you have any ideas!

i love seeing where and how people do life, as well as promote community and local businesses so i thought i’d introduce you to molly moon’s–our favorite place to grab ice cream when we are in the city. everything about this shop is organic, homemade and ridiculously delicious. hope you enjoy!

you might also like: molly moon’s on instagram & this fun “how to make ice cream pie” video.

xo . rae

(short film by August Island Pictures)


kids about town: leavenworth, WA

one of my goals for 2014 is to be more intentional about planning activities and outings with the kids or as a family. i tend to be more laid back and go with the flow when it comes to our schedule, but the older the kids get, the fuller our calendar gets and the harder it is to spontaneously throw things together.


to kick off this new endeavor i planned a weekend at my parent’s cabin in leavenworth (just a couple hours away) with the middles, my friend stacy and her three adorable boys.

(if you are unfamiliar with the area, leavenworth is a festive bavarian village nestled in the mountains. you can find lots of info here.)

when we pulled up last weekend, christmas was still alive and well with lots of lights and garlands  hanging – it was a sweet, sweet sight. we had a great time bumming around the cabin, getting outdoors (i’ll share pics from our hike later this week) and being out and about. there wasn’t any snow on the ground which is unusual and kind of a bummer (boo), but there was still pleanty of things to keep us busy.


(lots and lots of window shopping)


(we stopped at munchen haus outdoor grill where they have the most delicious selection of bratwursts and condiments.)


(naturally the kids all ordered turkey dogs topped with ketchup… ha!)


(toy stores and lots of shenanigans.)




(stopped in to the hat shop for some cheap entertainment trying on hats.)


(besties like i never imagined. i could burst watching them together.)


(finally the homemade taffy shop. you can’t go to leavenworth without visiting this store and buying a bag of taffy to bring home. it’s against the rules.)


motherhood seems to be a constant evolution doesn’t it? nothing stays the same too long, which i guess is a blessing sometimes (adios diapers!) and challenging other times. so glad we planned this weekend and am looking forward to more little adventures this year.

happy monday, friends!

xo . rae

(ps – stacy, thanks for capturing our weekend with your beautiful pics!)



happy weekend + some love day inspiration


valentine’s day is less than a month away so i thought i would share some inspiration, starting with this  vday playlist on spotify that will get you singing, dancing and feeling the luv.


then there is this guy. (i mean.)  heart melter every time.


(and look at this little love fest. it’s amazing we got them all in one pic!)

earlier this week we got together with friends to help stacy shoot a promo for her v-day minis. it was crazy (like cray, cray) but fun and i’m sure entertaining for onlookers. somehow stacy managed to snap some of the sweetest pictures of the kids among the chaos… she’s good like that.

if you are in the seattle/tacoma area, you can schedule a mini with stacy for february 1st. she fills up fast so don’t delay!


i also have a few simple heart day projects (pictured) to share later next week.

prepping for v-day is such a welcome distraction from the cold winter months, don’t you think? if you have any ideas to share or projects, designs or printables you would like to see in a post, let me know!

xo . rae


why i blog

well friends, christmas break was pretty amazing (and i hope yours was too!)… we celebrated, visited with friends and family and spent an entire week tucked away and unplugged at our family cabin in the mountains. i feel refreshed and rested and ready to jump into 2014, starting with this blog.

over the holiday i had several people ask how the new site is going, what my mission is and what i have planned in the future. um, yeah – i didn’t really know how to answer them. i mean, i guess i know the short list, at the top of it being to have fun (i am a girl after all), share and make cool stuff and document our family.


//ozzie age 10//

but then i started thinking and writing my answer down and it became much more longwinded than i had originally thought. for whatever reason i feel compelled to share it – maybe so you know what to expect when you come here or as a reminder to myself when i start to wander or loose my focus. regardless, sharing my reasons takes me a lot outside of my comfort zone, so before i change my mind, here is the long list of WHY I BLOG…


TO SHARE IDEAS, RECIPES, TUTORIALS & DESIGNS – (such as the antlers above) it’s in my nature to share what i have. clothes, food, money, whatever you need, if i have it, it’s yours… and if there is one thing i’ve learned through giving it’s that there is always more where that came from.

the same thing applies to the creative things you’ll find on this blog. what’s mine is yours and that makes me happy.


& ALSO TO SHARE LIFE – motherhood is a pretty amazing gig, but let’s just say, it’s not for the faint of heart (see exhibit a below). i hope that when you “stop by” you feel encouraged, loved and inspired.


//exibit a – dinnertime at our house… look familiar?! however, working on a post with ideas for keeping the munchkins busy while you cook.//


TO REMEMBER – we’ve all been told a million times that this season in our life will fly by. somedays that’s hard to believe. then i stumble across a picture from 3 years ago (above) and it feels like yesterday and i know how true those words are and i don’t want to miss a thing… so i’ll be using this blog as a place to document our family.

TO HANGOUT WITH YOU – it never ceases to amaze me how small the internet has made the world and i love when it leads to unexpected chats and friendships.


TO BE A WORKING MOM THAT SOMETIMES GET’S TO WORK WITH MY KIDS & HAS A FAIRLY FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE – (phew, that was a mouthful) as a graphic designer i spend a lot of my work hours in front of the computer with a sketch pad by my side. while i certainly draw inspiration from my children for some of my designs (and LOVE what i do!), blogging has brought opportunities to do more hands on projects, outings, videos and photo shoots with or for my kids. admittedly, sometimes i’m more excited about it than they are but they always get a kick out of seeing the final product and (bonus) i can do it from home!

TO CHALLENGE MYSELF – i am a people pleaser (middle child, yo) with a decent list of insecurities and if i’m being 100% honest, blogging scares me to death. it’s impossible to genuinely put yourself out there and be worried about making everyone happy. there will always be friends, family, acquaintances or strangers who don’t agree with what i share, or don’t like my style or how i explained a DIY or that we are having a 5th child or (i know i’m crazy) you name it. i mean, have you seen my grammar!? ha! but that’s ok. it’s time for me to get over it and just do my thing. :)

i also want to be a better writer and in the words of parents everywhere (my own included), practice makes perfect.

so there you have it – my longwinded explanation of why i blog.

what about you… do you have a blog? ever thought about starting one? interested in good resources or have good ones to share!? tell me all about it (with links) in the comments!

xo . rae


merry christmas & a little surprise


wishing you and yours lots of christmas cheer and oodles of fun in 2014.


and guess what? we’ll be adding a new little peanut to the mix this summer (july/august)!!!!

i’m only 8 weeks along, which is a little early to spill the beans but a 5th pregnancy has come with no will power to keep morning sickness and exhaustion a secret, particularly through christmas and new years.


but it has made me feel hugely sentimental regarding all things family, so here’s a montage of our christmas pics at the tree farm with stacy jacobsen


don’t let these sweet pictures fool you. it was pure chaos getting everyone out of the house fully dressed and somewhat on time.

and their might have been a fiasco involving dog poop and the blanket we were sitting on, but that was easily forgotten once we broke out the wet wipes, hot cocoa and snacks …


not to mention our mad marshmallow tossing skills.


{i mean, 2 mallows?…  like a boss.}



and these 4. i can hardly get enough of them all together. particularly on a morning like this one when they were too preoccupied with christmasy activities to bicker with each other.


so i’ll eat it up while the festivities last – and hope you have lots of chances to do the same over break!


{and one last pic with my boo in buffalo check… dreamy. even with the mo-vember scruff.}

see you january 1st, 2014!

xo . rae


happy weekend & the tree farm.


last weekend we kicked off christmas with a visit to the tree farm for pictures, hot cocoa, lots of shenanigans and to pick out our tree. but the festivities came to a screeching halt when we (but mostly my husband) got home and started laying new floors in our downstairs….(good job honey).

now that our home is mostly put back together, i can hardly wait to catch up on decking the halls and maybe watch a christmas movie or two.

what do you have going on this weekend!?

xo . rae


easy ways to cozy up the kids’ room for christmas

now that thanksgiving has had it’s moment in the spotlight (hope yours was lovely!) i’m so excited that it is officially christmas season and i can wish you  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

minor disclaimer before i really start this post – i’m not a home dec person. sure, i can style a wall or nook, but an entire room sends me into a tail spin of indecisiveness. so most of the rooms in our home are halfway finished with hand-me-down furniture that is either waiting to be refinished or  replaced…. if i could only make up my mind!


(NOTE: giveaway details for the tree decal pictured above are at the bottom of this post)

however, what i have gotten savvy at over the years is moving items around the house and finding small ways to spruce things up. so i thought i would share a few ways we added some winter wonderland to espen and  tilly’s room.

my hope is that these small updates inspire creative playtime, cozy reading sessions and sweet (sugar plum’s dancing) kind of sleep… so far it’s done the trick!

here’s what we did:


COZY LAYERS – to their beds and the floor.

sources: faux fur blanket, plaid blanket, buffalo check pillow case, faux sheepskin, flannel sheets


PAPER SNOWFLAKES – over espen’s bunk.


so simple and yet festive.


not to mention hours of entertainment for busy hands… i’m hoping to add lots more to the ones pictured.


A FEW KNICKKNACKS – like this snowglobe…


… this moose antler craft we made for, here


…smelly pinecones and these photo props i stumbled upon while cleaning out my craft supplies last week (found here).


since the kids love taking silly pictures and video on espen’s ipod, they seemed like a perfect addition.


LIGHTS, lots of lights – an easy way to add a little whimsy.


some old pictures hung from the lights for a personal touch.


and of  course more lights above tilly’s lower bunk. the soft light is so inviting… especially for a sleepy daddy.


A LITTLE TREE – makes any room instantly feel christmassy.

(GIVEAWAY details) the one pictured is a wall decal i designed for spoonflower and guess what!? they are giving one away HERE. you can also read about my design process on their blog HERE.


now all that’s left is to make a good christmas playlist!

speaking of, do you or your kids have any favorite holiday tunes at the moment? 

the relient k christmas album is always a fave around here…

now, off to do a little christmas shopping!

talk soon . xo . rae

(images by stacy jacobsen)