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Today we’re combining a snack-time staple (popcorn!) with a summer-time favorite (s’mores!) to make the ultimate crowd-pleasing treat. Bonus that it’s easier to make and less messy than its fire roasted counterpart. Can’t wait to make it for our next family movie night or get together. The ingredients and how-to are below if you want to do the same!

Having the right tools makes all the difference! Love this giant enamel bowl and air popper (for under $20!) we purchased right before summer break. Being able to make big batches of homemade popcorn this time of year especially, might be the best mom-hack I know.


You’ll Need:

  • air popcorn popper
  • big mixing bowl and/or baking pan
  • popcorn kernels, 6 cups popped
  • favorite chocolate chips
  • mini marshmallows
  • graham crackers, broken into chunks (or teddy grahams would be fun!)
  • butter + salt to taste
  • lunch bags for serving (optional)

Here’s How:

  1. Spread popcorn into a large rimmed baking dish. Toss with melted butter and salt to taste.
  2. Add graham crackers and marshmallows and toss again.
  3. Melt chocolate chips in the microwave, stirring every 20-30 seconds until fully melted. Using a fork, drizzle chocolate over the popcorn.
  4. Let sit long enough for chocolate to harden. Serve from baking dish or scoop into individual lunch bags (I trimmed our lunch bags to make it easier to snack) or bowls. Popcorn mix can also be stored and enjoyed later!

YUM! If it wasn’t 7am in the morning right now, I would go make some :)

Always a little chaotic in the kitchen when the kids are involved. Although, even if they aren’t helping, they always end up hanging out with me in the kitchen, playing with slime, chatting my ear off, snacking on anything they can get their hands on, throwing paper airplanes or driving around remote control objects. Either way, I wouldn’t change it. Even though there are definitely days when it gets to be a little much and I send them outside or turn on go noodle or maybe even yell a little, lol (I’m not a yeller).

Would you guys be interested in tips for cooking with kids???

Hope you’re able to make this yummy snack-treat for your next family movie night!! Maybe tonight?

What’s your go-to movie night snack?

xo, Rae

P.S. – If you’re worried about chocolate fingers on your couch, set up a fun little indoor picnic area



Hello babes!!! How is your summer going?

Johan and I enjoyed 24 hours over the weekend without kids while also being at home (so we could hangout but also catch up on things!) and it was a nice break after such a crazy start to summer… finally feel like I’ve caught my breath a little! All that to say, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t feel guilty about asking for help, trading kid duty with friends or actually paying (gasp!) a babysitter for a couple hours while you run errands, meet a friend for coffee or catch up on other things.

Hoping this meal plan helps a little too :) And actually, there’s lots of food related post in store this week since cooking, baking and playing in the kitchen is one of my favorite summer boredom busters!

MONDAY | Black bean veggie burgers + fries + watermelon

TUESDAY | Beer battered fish tacos

WEDNESDAY | California roll sushi bowls

THURSDAY | Homemade parmesan chicken strips + my favorite salad

FRIDAY + SATURDAY | We’ll be gone for a baseball tournament in Portland so will most likely be filling up on continental breakfast, subway and chipotle, hence the full week of dinners — if you have any Portland food recommendations tho, please share!

SUNDAY | This yummy summer linguini and broccolini (or try this spaghetti recipe)

BREAKKIE |smoothie or grapefruit and bacon/sausage or hardboiled eggs, waffles or parfaits

LUNCH + SNACK | Greek chicken stuffed pitas (yay rotisserie chicken!), costco flautas + homemade guac, PB+J’s with string cheese + cucumbers, melon + mint fruit salad

xo, Rae



We’ve finished fixing up and listing our rental, the graduation chaos has ended (for the most part) and everyone seems to be picking up summer right where we left it… what can I say, we’re naturals. LOL. More importantly though, I’m excited to be picking up the blog right where I left off too! So much fun stuff ahead but first lets start with one of the more practical posts — a meal plan!

M | Going to try this Thai coconut ramen with chicken. Looks so yummy and easy to adapt for kids that aren’t into cabbage or mushrooms.

T | Easy beef, bean + cheese burritos for taco Tuesday!

W | PIZZA! It’s become an unofficial tradition to eat pizza on just about every holiday eve (or eve, eve :) and the 4th of July is no exception. We’ll be hunting down a pizza truck in our area (hopefully) but if you’d rather stay in try making Pioneer Woman’s yummy french bread pizza.

TH | HAPPY 4th OF JULY! Gimme all the salads, fruit and grilled meat!

F | We have salmon in the freezer that’s been calling my name and this soy honey salmon recipe looks good!

SA | I’ll be at college orientation with Oz at WSU (ahhhhh! I think I just died) so will be enjoying all my favorite college grub (here I come Daily Grind!)… make something nostalgic! Or better yet, go out! (HINT: calzones, pasta, burgers, tuna melts and canned chili were always in our rotation, lol)

SU | Your favorite stuffed pepper recipe or better yet, grab them from costco!

BREAKKIE | Omelets, dutch babies + banana split parfaits. Shared the DIY on stories yesterday and saved to the “eat” highlight. Griffin has been requesting made to order omelets which is always fun especially if Johan is home because he’s so good at making them! A little tip: grab and prep enough toppings and fillers for a couple mornings then make a big scramble, egg bake or hash on the third morning with whatever is left!

LUNCH + SNACK | These two always seem to mesh together during the summer since we’re either out and about or the kids are coming and going with friends so I’ll be stocking up on frozen fruit (in popsicle form too), popcorn, peanut butter pretzels, salami, turkey, cheese, yogurt, crackers, loads of fruits and veggies and anything else I can throw out onto a charcuterie tray!

How do you guys structure mealtimes during the summer? The last couple years we’ve made breakfast around 10am (with early risers grabbing a snack before then if they’re hungry — this usually allows me to work for a couple hours first thing too), lunch slash snack around 1 or 2pm and happy hour slash dinner around 5 or 6pm depending on what we have going on. Somedays it works great this way and others I feel like I’m in the kitchen all the live long day (LOL).

I guess that’s just how summer goes… some days are fun and easy and others end up feeling like SO! MUCH! WORK! Just going to expect it and embrace it!

xo, Rae



Ready for a fun (and easy) breakfast recipe to try!? It only takes 5 minutes (5!!!) and a few measuring cups to throw together. But what I love most about this yummy dish (other than the sprinkles) is that it keeps oatmeal in the breakfast rotation all summer since it can be served cold.

Just a quick disclaimer before we jump ahead to the recipe. Only my kids that already eat oatmeal, enjoyed this yummy dish. Secretly I was hoping it would convert my non-oatmeal eating kids… I mean, not even sprinkles and yogurt did the trick. Of course it doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for your kids but just thought I’d share that little tidbit.

(not sure how these pics turned out so orangey-pink but we’re rolling with it, ha!?)


You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup old fashioned oats (like quaker)
  • 1/4 cup vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 to 1-1/2 tablespoons of stevia or 2 to 6 single serve packets (depending on how sweet your protein powder is — we used 1-tablespoon/4-packets)
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond or vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp butter extract (or sub with vanilla extract)
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk (or other favorite milk)
  • 1/2 cup plain yogurt, any kind (or mashed banana)
  • sprinkles for topping (optional)

Here’s How:

1a. In a small bowl, mix all of the ingredients together. Cover and refrigerate overnight or atleast 2 hours so oats soften.

1b. OR divide mixture into smaller bowls or mason jars, cover and refrigerate.

2. Top with sprinkles, serve and enjoy. Warm in microwave if preferred :)

See what I mean about the 5 minutes part!? Literally just throwing it together.

Pretty sure I’ll always want to remember the way he slicked his hair with his special combover style, along with those chicken legs and the tongue action that happens when he’s in full concentration mode.

Thankful for my kids who are (almost) always up for taste testing and quick pics!

Have you guys tried overnight oats before? I’m a huge fan and once you find the right liquid to dry ingredient ratio, the combinations are endless… my favorite recipes involve chocolate of course :)

xo, Rae



(a little watermelon juice making throwback action with the pictures!)

Between kids sports, the rental renovation (updates are saved on my stories!), Ozzie’s graduation, Johan picking up extra shifts each week, my work and all the daily chores that come with running a family, life is nuts right now, like consistently waking up at 2am with a (mild) anxiety attack nuts (beyond thankful for my oils!). So sitting down to write a meal plan and having to look at our week ahead (instead of just the next thing) was not at the top of my priority list. In fact, it was really overwhelming, but I decided to do it anyway and you know what? Midway through I started to feel more empowered and in charge knowing that once I have a plan and the kitchen stocked, it’ll be so much easier to tweak things and ask for help. Even more importantly, providing healthy food for my people as well as eating it myself has away of grounding our day and putting the chaos into perspective. Good food is good for the soul, yes!?!

Wine on the other hand, hasn’t been good for mine with everything going on (seems to trigger more anxiety), so that’s a bummer (no wine while I cook, ha!) but on the bright side, watermelon has made it’s way into our kitchen in abundance and that makes everything better. Tilly and I will be on stories today sharing how we like to turn it into juice if you want to head over and check that out later… but for now, here’s the meal plan!

MONDAY |not cooking today but will def be eating and probably taking the kids out for ice cream :) happy memorial day everyone!

TUESDAY | costco carne asada (packaging looks like this) tacos or burrito bowls

WEDNESDAY | greek chicken gyro bowls (meal prep!)

THURSDAY | summer fresh corn and zucchini chowder

FIRDAY | leftover carne asada, quesadillas and a more south of the border version of this this salad (maybe add avos and cilantro lime dressing and drop the pesto and salami?)

SATURDAY | spicy chicken, sweet potatoes and broccoli (also a meal prep option!)

SUNDAY | bbq steak bowls per my husband request

BREAKKIE |scrambled eggs + bagels + cream cheese, green smoothie, cereal (because I think my kids’ tastebuds are regressing at the moment… too much snacking!)

LUNCH | chicken salad sandwiches, watermelon, spring rolls (because Johan offered to make a batch), bagel sandwiches, potato chips, cocktail cucumbers, and a bunch of prepped salads to have on hand!

SNACK | chips and dip (hummus, spinach artichoke, avocado, dill, smoked salmon, bean, etc.), fruit, snack bars, protein shake, s’mores for dessert

After grabbing salads at MOD pizza yesterday for lunch following a baseball game, Johan and I decided we should prep lunch salads (with alllll the fixings) for the week using these reusable containers. If there are any meal prep-ers out there please spill all your secrets in the comments below!

One more of Griff just for good measure. Can you even believe that little round face and chubby body of his!?

xo, Rae



Hey loves! Excited for this weeks meal plan but also wishing there was away to make the grocery list making and shopping more easy. (Tell me I’m not alone!?) These days there are so many great places to shop (some for specialty reasons, others for practical ones) so I’m sure cutting back would help. Click-list at Kroger/Fred Meyer is a lifesaver too. And Johan doesn’t mind stopping by the store either (which the Cozi app makes so easy!) so maybe I should just embrace whatever errand running is left, lol. Would love to know how you guys keep the kitchen stocked and meals prepped in the comments!

Meal plan below.

MONDAY | broccoli chicken fritters

TUESDAY |easy huevos rancheros (meatless tuesday :)

WEDNESDAY | take out for a busy evening!

THURSDAY | bbq chicken salad + pizza (we’ll use this recipe but use some of the chiken on homemade pizza as an option)

FRIDAY | something store-bought — cutie platter, costco stuffed peppers, boxed mac + cheese, meatball subs, french dip sandwiches, smoothies + PB+J’s :)

SATURDAY | sesame noodle salad (add rotisserie chicken and pack up for a picnic)

SUNDAY | salmon skewers with pesto dip + pasta + happy hour!

BREAKKIE | toaster waffles + smoothies, crepes + whip + berries, energy bites + fruit

LUNCH | starbucks copycat PB+J boxes, cheese + meat cracker stackers, energy bites + yogurt + fruit — Only packing lunches 2 days a week for the rest of the school year… asking Johan and the kids to fill-in if they want packed lunches on the other days!

SNACK | hummus + ranch + veggies, popcorn + chocolate milk, fruit and snack bars

TREAT | feeling like eating all things lemon so maybe we’ll make lemon bars or lemon cheesecake

If you know of any good lemon bar recipes, link it in the comments!!!

Also, don’t forget to share your tips (or woes) for grocery shopping!

xo, Rae



One of the perks of allllll the Spring rain this month has been all the time we’ve had to whip things up in the kitchen, including these Brazilian egg + cheese mini breads. They’re delicious, gluten free, full of healthy fats and protein, slightly crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and perfect for anytime of day. Pair with sausage, salami, or sandwich meat and fruit during the morning or afternoon as a meal or snack, and with soup or chili in the evening for dinner.

Scroll down for the recipe… it won’t disappoint! And just as a heads up, these take about an hour and a half to mix up and bake.


You’ll Need:

  • 1 cup whole milk (or sub for other milk)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 4 cup tapioca flour
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 6 eggs, beaten
  • 1 cup white cheddar cheese (or similar), grated
  • 1/2 cup parmesan (or other hard cheese), grated

Here’s How:

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and prepare baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. In a medium sauce pan combine milk, water and oil and bring to a boil. Stir occasionally. Meanwhile, in a stand mixer, whisk flour and salt (or do by hand).
  3. Add liquid mixture to flour mixture and stir with a paddle attachment or spoon until well combined. Set aside to cool 5-10 minutes.
  4. Using the whisk attachment, add egg mixture in two separate batches and whisk for 5 minutes. You can also knead egg mixture into dough by hand for 5-10 minutes.
  5. Using a standard size cookie scoop or by hand (spray or coat lightly with oil), make dough balls (about 1-1/2 inch in size) and add to prepared baking sheet. Bake for 30-35 minutes (32 minutes worked perfect for us!). Balls should double in size and be golden on the outside. Let sit before eating so dough cooks a little more in the middle.
  6. Serve with a side of sausage or lunch meat or sliced avocado and fruit. Would taste so good dipped in marinara sauce too!

After the first batch was done baking, Poppy quickly went to work decorating them with our lunch picks which was all her idea and I think ended up looking so cute and festive! Might need to start paying her to be my assistant, lol. (lunch picks here, here + here… a good addition to Easter baskets!)

Same, Poppy, same…. snack time forever.

I’m usually a little intimidated by making bread but these are really so simple and worth the time spent scooping and baking. All of the kids (and Johan!) will eat them too which is always a bonus… no easy feat finding a snack that everyone agrees on!

xo, Rae



Currently trying to get out the door to a Mariner’s game with my crew on the last day of Spring Break but wanted to get this up for you guys first! Take a peek at what’s on our meal plan this week… So not ready for break to be over (why does it go so quick!?) buttttt, here’s to slowly getting back to a normal schedule and finishing up all the Easter prep!

M | chicken tortilla soup — easy to adjust for the crock pot too!

TU| BLTA sandwiches or this chopped salad version looks good too

W | takeout please!

TH | chicken tawook quinoa bowls calling my name

F | keeping friday night simple with raviolis and baked wild salmon

SA | pizza picnic since the sun is supposed to come out!

SU | easter dinner with the fam… not sure what’s on the menu yet

BREAKKIE | yogurt bowls with berries, bananas, granola or muesli, chia seeds, coconut flakes, mango, dark chocolate flakes (a few ideas!), bunny pancakes (for easter or any morning this week) + a bagel bar (checkout this spread!)

LUNCH | trying to double up with ingredients so bagels (for breakkie too), quesadillas (with the help of monday’s dinner) and cookie cutter sandwiches (using ingredients from tuesday’s dinner) it is!

SNACK | popcorn + protein shake, zbars + fruit, big batch chocolate chip cookies you can freeze!

Do you guys have any go to dishes for Easter Sunday brunch or dinner?! Please share!

xo, Rae



The kids are on spring break this week so with the exception of baking with my helpers, my goal is to be in the kitchen as little as possible while still making sure everyone has plenty of healthy food to eat. I’m also guessing we’ll be handing out lots of extra snacks so stocked the pantry and fridge yesterday and plan on making lots of charcuterie platters (meat, cheese, crackers, fruit, veggies, dips and nuts).

Here’s what’s on the menu!

M | Mediterranean Orzo Salad (dice up rotisserie chicken and toss in)

TU | Cutie Platter Picnic (scroll to the end of the video for details… hoping the weather cooperates!)

W | Teriyaki Chicken Noodle Bowls

TH | Sheet Pan Steak + Veggies

F | Dinner Out

SA | Breakkie for Dinner (this Potato Avocado “Toast” — sub hash browns with cauliflower — with poached eggs looks so good!)

SU | Dinner Out

BREAKKIE | firehouse hash (Johan doesn’t have an exact recipe, but this one is similar if you add sausage and cilantro and skip the kale), peanut butter banana blender muffins, toast and hardboiled eggs… or just a good old fashioned continental breakfast set up!

LUNCH | leftovers (are going to be good this week), I could eat cali rolls and warm edamame (sprinkled with kosher salt) for all meals, easy quesadillas

SNACK |cutie platter, guac chips, apples + almond butter

Speaking of keeping the kitchen stocked… how do you guys schedule (or not schedule) your shopping trips?

I try to stock up on Mondays, including ingredients for 2 or 3 dinners and then go again on Thursday, but we always seem to make extra trips — wondering if I should just embrace that it’s part of life with kids or try to plan a little better, lol?

xo, Rae



Today we’re starting a new series that puts a spin on the usual “SPRING CLEANING” topic. Instead of focusing on cleaning up living spaces I thought it would be a welcome change to talk about small ways to hit refresh on everyday habits starting with 4 simple ways to cut back on plastic use at home. Keep in mind that this is less about being perfect or making drastic changes that are too hard to sustain, and more about making small changes that will eventually gain momentum and make a big difference.

Some of you are wayyyyyy ahead of me with these environmentally friendly habits (don’t judge, ha!) and I would love for you to chime-in, in the comments with other ideas!

Here are the 4 easy, quick and do-able ways we’re cutting back on plastic use in our home:

This adorable beeswax wrap is organic, sustainable and a great alternative to plastic wrap and even plastic bags — use to cover food before putting in the fridge or wrap up a sandwich or other snacks when you’re on the go.

Buy reusable grocery bags that are easy to store and manage so you’ll actually use them! Or is it just me that gets annoyed with floppy bags that slide around in the back of my car so they end up getting stored in the pantry and are inevitably forgotten 75% of the time? Instead of constantly feeling guilty when I make it to the checkout line and realize I’ll be choosing between paper or plastic, I finally purchased these grocery totes that I love! They are so much sturdier, fit a lot (although not as much as they look on amazon) and will even stay open which makes it so easy to store in the trunk, use for other things and unload once we’re home.

If you’re shopping with kids in-tow then lugging around reusable produce bags is probably low on the priority list, but it does get easier as the kids get older and once you have one or more that’s around school age, it can be fun to put them in charge of carrying bags and also filling them with whatever’s on your shopping list! Love this set of produce bags, but there are lots to choose from or you can DIY!

Also, for anyone that buys bulk, how do you get everything through the checkout line and home without using plastic bags?

I love these straws for the colors (easier to keep track of who’s drink is who’s) and you can see inside them to make sure they’re cleaned well — unlike metal straws which I know are great but the unknown scares me a bit, lol. The smoothie size straws (pictured) are a little extra so if you have younger ones I’d suggest the skinnier version. Bonus, you can cut the silicone to fit whatever your go-to cup is! I also bought these glass straws for Johan and me… we fancy :)

Ahhhhh, these kids! I’d do anything to make this world a better place for them and always want to be a good example too.

I’ll share all the products on instagram stories later today if you want to see them IRL. We also DIY-ed a starbucks pink drink to highlight the reusable straws that I’ll share too!

Now, I’d love to know what else you would add to the list? What small-ish environmentally friendly change should we make next?

xo, Rae



As promised, I’m sharing my meal plan templates below in both Photoshop and jpgs… will also share on Instagram Stories (and then save to a “meal plan” highlight) if you prefer to take a screen shot and then use. Let me know if you have any other requests.

So excited about our meals this week. With baseball games starting and the sun being out (yay!) I tried to stick to meals that are simple and easy to adjust — so we can all say “YES!” to impromptu outings and get togethers. Also included a very yummy recipe for Magnolia’s banana pudding for all those that made it (or wish they could’ve made it) to the silos this past weekend. Check it all out below!

m | slow cooker moroccan chicken + couscous

tu |beef + avocado quesadillas (might sub ground beef for refried beans tho)

w | chicken tenders + fries (homemade or takeout) + chopped (or costco) salad — we’ll be at a baseball game in Tacoma so plan on bringing a salad and then stopping by our favorite local spot for a few orders!

th | crispy breakfast pita

f | DAD’S CHIOCE + HAPPY HOUR– johan’s pick was kabobs on the grill (lots of ideas HERE!)

sa | spicy mint beef + rice with warm edamame

su | easy turkey lettuce cups

breakkie | muffins are always a welcome change of pace early in the morning or as a snack. we enjoy this recipe! the copycat sausage breakfast sandwiches were a big hit (plus we bought the sausage patties from costco) so we’ll be making more this week. i should’ve written “eggs” since everyone likes theirs differently (not just hardboiled) but eaten in any form with a fruit smoothie strikes a perfect balance anytime of day but especially in the morning!

lunch | chicken salad (make a batch at the beginning of the week) pitas are fun, stuffed or as a dip. homemade lunchables are my favorite to pack and parfaits just seem like a good way to spice things up!

snack | this pudding recipe is so good… perfect for a playdate treat! trying to do more prep work at the beginning of the week to make things run more smoothly with our schedules filling up, including veggies to snack on. these apple monsters are a fun snack too!


If you don’t have a Dropbox account, it’s super easy, doesn’t cost anything and won’t clog up your email with junk either.

Let me know if you have any trouble and don’t forget to share with your friends!

xo, Rae