baby update: 6 months

things are moving along and i’ll be 6 months (yikes!) on thursday and officially in my 3rd trimester. it’s going by so fast yet at the same time, august 1st feels like forever away!


the bump is in full force these days (although not quite big enough to rest my bowl of ice cream on!) as i’ve found myself having a harder time maneuvering in smaller spaces and actually apologizing to people for bumping into them with my belly. oops.

a  f e w   m o r e   t i d – b i t s :

baby – baby girl is the size of a head of cauliflower (about 2 pounds, 14 inches) and has had a few cases of hiccups lately. her movements are still sweet and enjoyable – the kind i’ll miss when she’s out on the other side.

names – penelope (poppy, nelly or penny for nicknames) has been in the lead for awhile now, but there are several other’s still in the running and we’re open to more ideas so if you have any to share, please do! tilly is set on elsa or anna and griffin has been suggesting baby olaf… can guess what soundtrack we sing around here on a daily basis?

hormones – make me do crazy things. one minute i’m excited, energetic and totally silly and the next i burst into tears. sorta like an emotional drunk without the alcohol. i remember feeling this way with tilly so maybe it’s a girl thing? regardless, it’s is a roller coaster i cant wait to get off. in the meantime i’ve found that a little extra sleep cures just about anything.

cravings – food (in general). any kind. i’m not picky. ice too and lots of it thanks to low iron levels.

uniform – most days you’ll find me in leggings a roomy top and denim vest, but i’ve also enjoyed throwing on dresses (easy and effortless) and bought a blazer a couple weeks ago at target that i’ve already worn a few times.

baby gear – no. 5 just received her first package of goodies (a couple rattles and bedding) from the land of nod.  we don’t have very many items on our wish-list, but i’ve been considering splurging on a video monitor and a mamaroo by 4moms – we have their pack-and-play and are totally smitten with it.

so much has changed in the world of baby gear over the 14 years i’ve been in the baby making business so if you have any recommendations i’m all ears and very appreciative!

happy monday friends!

xo . rae


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  1. drelli April 28, 2014 at #


  2. veerke April 29, 2014 at #

    penelope is just lovely! do you know the song penelope from pinback? to me the ideal soundtrack for a wonderful baby …

    • rae April 29, 2014 at #

      thanks for the tip v! i’ll have to check it out! Xx

  3. JulKaye April 29, 2014 at #

    My neice’s name is Penelope and they call her Polly. Great name!

  4. Jen July 15, 2014 at #

    Sorry if you’ve mentioned this somewhere and I missed it, but do you mind sharing where those cute booties are from? Thanks!

    • rae July 15, 2014 at #

      they are from madewell and i wear them almost everyday when the weather is cooler! xo

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