Thanks so much for your sweet response (+ orders) to our classroom valentines! Next step is finding the perfect surprise to include with the cards, because we all know the treat part is equally as important to the mini valentines in our lives. So, with the kids’ help, i’ve rounded up a list of favorites below.

1. parachute guys | 2. monster finger puppets | 3.  dragonfly propellers, or a combo pack | 4. googley eyes (that are already sticky on the backside!) | 5. cherry pop rocks | 6. candy necklaces | 7. ice cream shooters | 8. heart balloons here or here | 9. bouncy balls | 10. fluffy slime or play doh | 11. lip + mustache whistles | 12. paddle ball game | 13. unicorn pops | 14. glow sticks | 15. cat ear headbands | 16. pullback race cars (these are cute too!) | 17. squishy toys (tilly’s fave!) | 18. fruit candy | 19. unicorn poop | 20. plastic dinosaurs | 21. heart stickers | 22. candy buttons | 23. plastic clackers

Love and wish I could buy all these cute treats just to have on hand! Sometimes it’s the little things that go a long way.

What do your kids like giving their friends and classmates on Valentine’s Day? Excited to see what my kids’ final picks are so I can order and check it off my to do list!

xo, Rae


  1. Michelle January 23, 2018 at #

    Such fun ideas!! It’s hard to choose just one. My girls are into squishy toys too!!!! We ended up making our own and my girls did a great job. It was so fun!

    • rae January 25, 2018 at #

      No way! I would never have thought about a DIY version. I’ll have to checkout pinterest :) Thanks for sharing Michelle! xo, Rae

  2. Devon January 23, 2018 at #

    These are fun trinkets, many of which I remember playing with as a child. As an adult, though, I can’t help but think of the fact that these will break or lose their appeal after a really short time, yet they are plastic and therefore will never biodegrade. For (maybe) two days of play, these trinkets will pollute the ocean/earth forever. Not to mention that they’re made in China, where the production process pollutes the environment, people are not paid a fair wage for long hours of work, and there’s the huge carbon footprint of shipping all the way across the world to the US. I don’t mean to be a downer, but just wanted to mention a downside to these type of toys that many don’t think about. Maybe consider some alternatives made of natural materials? There are Etsy shops that make little wooden hearts, or you can sew little colorful hearts out of felt scraps or upcycled fabric, make seed bombs, bath bombs, etc. Just a friendly suggestion. :)

    • rae January 25, 2018 at #

      I totally see where you are coming from, Devon! Thank you so much for speaking up and sharing!!! xo

  3. Johan January 27, 2018 at #

    Fun stuff Rae! Love watching all the inspiration that comes from your posts. Thanks for making life so much fun with kids. Definitely a huge fan of the propellers. Happy heart day to all of you out there…

  4. Christa February 8, 2019 at #

    Thanks for all the great ideas! We are going to work on ours this weekend! My daughter picked your llamas and my son picked out the space ones! We are excited.



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