Happy, happy Friday!!!

We’ve been working on a bedroom refresh for the boys shared room the last couple weeks and it’s been a lot of fun seeing it come together… especially since the boys are so excited about it! While Johan worked on the painting part (watch his trick for getting a perfect paint line on stories under “home projects”) I made a list of all the things I thought a kids room should include. Sharing my list below and hoping you’ll let me know what you would add or take-away! Sources listed and linked when possible below too…


  1. pics of them as a baby, with their fam and/or doing something they love
  2. wall art that is encouraging or scripture/truth
  3. cozy blanket or quilt (even better if handmade… thank you gigi!)
  4. hooks
  5. bins (big and small) for alllll the thiiiiings
  6. cozy chair/pouf/bean bag
  7. their own art
  8. book bin or shelf
  9. treasure box (bonus if it locks… especially if sharing a room)
  10. reading light
  11. a clock
  12. hamper and garbage can (although, the boys room is next-door to the laundry room so I probably won’t include either of these)
  13. bluetooth speaker for music and audio books
  14. a fan (for summer and white noise)
  15. an essential oil diffusor

Long live bed jumping, foam fingers and bins of legos under the bed!!!

ROOM SOURCES | vintage flag found on etsy, red lock box from IKEA (old), duvet cover from IKEA (old), bed frame from IKEA (couldn’t find online), lion head from Target, navy strip bin from Target, Griffin’s tee and shorts from J.Crew (40% off rn!), cute sheets from crate & kids, rug from crate & kids, drum light shade from color cord company

What would you add or take-away from the list!?

Still need to hang artwork and pics, find a bean bag (if you have any recs!?) and clock and make a basketball hoop, and hang a rolling door to the closet, but should be able to share a full reveal next week.

XO, Rae


  1. Megan Grover June 15, 2018 at #

    Where is the ceiling lighting from?

  2. Katie June 15, 2018 at #

    Agree with your list! I’m about to transition my youngest’s into a big girl room (it’s still very nursery-ish) so these are good suggestions! Would love to hear your take on essential oils and specific ones you use for the kids rooms. Do they help them sleep, or any other specific purpose?

    • rae June 15, 2018 at #

      Hey Katie! As far as essential oils and sleep goes, I think it definitely helps and sets the tone/mood for sleep. But, for my kids and family, it isn’t a sleepy-time potion that magically makes them fall asleep and stay asleep. The kids also really love it. I’ll turn on the diffusor anytime of day really, for playtime, bedtime and especially if they have a cold/cough. There are 8 oils I use on the regular… will put together a longer post in the near future and get most of them (therapeutic grade or organic) on Amazon. XO PS – feel free to email me if you want info sooner — rae(at)

  3. Erin June 19, 2018 at #

    Where is the American Flag from? I’m looking for one just like that!

    • rae June 20, 2018 at #

      Hi Erin! Found it on Etsy… search “vintage flags” :)
      xo, Rae

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