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Sure it’s a slightly manufactured and forced day of love, but I’ve had a soft spot for Valentine’s Day for as looong as I can remember and look forward to designing a new collection of cards every year. They’re perfect for the little ones to give their playdate besties or the bigger ones to give their classroom friends and are easy to pair up with a sweet treat or small toy. Melts my heart every year to see how excited the kids get over assembling and give their Valentines. It’s seriously the sweetest thing to see them loving on others!

Oh and because V-day is just as much about celebrating friendship as it is your main squeeze,  I’ve teamed up with my real life galentine, Kendra from Hen & Co for a giveaway. Details are at the very bottom.

Llamas, pizza and narwhals, oh my… A unicorn is just about the only thing missing! These new designs and all of last years are available in the DESIGN SHOP now. The last day to order will be February 7th (only 9 days away, eek!) so don’t wait too long to order…plus it always feels good to check a few things off the to-do list!

Griffin and Tilly have already chosen the “hello valentine” in the top left along with the ice cream cone shooters and dinosaurs they are pictured with. I kinda like these ice cream cards (or the polka dots) with the shooters for Poppy too and Espen is still deciding between these googley eyed hearts, NY inspired ones (would be cute with chocolate covered pretzels!), and star wars. I guess choosing is sometimes the hardest part!

Can’t get over how adorable Poppy and Kendra’s daughter, Bellamy are with their heart day tops and cards!

A little BTS peek… wish we had a camera rolling in time-lapse to capture all the messy chaos of working with kids while also trying to keep it fun. Let’s just say I was sweating by the end of it. #momcardio

And confetti is always a good idea.

Now for some giveaway details, YAY!

We believe friends are the spice of life and want to hear what you love about yours over on Instagram. All the details will be posted HERE at 1pm today. Winners will receive an adorable tee or leo from Hen & Co and a set of 24 personalized valentines from my shop for you and a friend! I’ll send a second email later today when the giveaway is live so SIGN UP FOR EMAILS if you haven’t already!

This is my most favorite project of the entire year and I had the hardest time stopping at 6 new designs. That being said, if you have a valentine theme request let me know in the comments and I might be able to put something together for you!

Happy Monday you guys :)

xo, Rae







We enjoyed a very rare, quiet weekend around our house so I managed to fit in a little retail therapy and thought I would share some of the cute valentine’s day things I came across.

As far as Valentine’s cards, outfits, gifts and date nights go, what do you guys usually spring for? Do you have an heart day traditions?

Every year is a little different for us other than handing out valentines, stuffing our faces with sweets and maybe a new tee-shirt. Oh and Johan and I always celebrate Valentine’s Day on a random night the week before or after… Not sure any of those things qualify as traditions!?

Happy Monday loves!

XO, Rae



heart scavenger hunt-7865Happy, happy Friday you guys!!! Eventhough the line between workweek and weekend is mostly blurred once you have kids, I can’t help but be excited for a couple days of less structure and more fun.

Speaking of fun, last week Johan and I planned a surprise scavenger hunt for Espen, Tilly, Griffin and a couple friends after school. Ever since, it’s been trending at our house. As in it’s all the kids want to do. Plan, make and go on scavenger hunts. Deciding the end prize is serious business too. For the first round they had giant marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. After our forth hunt we opted for a game of hot and cold and the treat was a mint. They were thrilled and we were thoroughly entertained.

If you find yourself cooped up with stir-crazy kids I highly recommend throwing together a scavenger hunt or a game of hot and cold. More pics, details and “heart hunt” download below…

heart scavenger hunt-7763

 heart scavenger hunt-7773

//Remember when friends coming home on the bus with you was like the best!?//

heart scavenger hunt-7779  heart scavenger hunt-7789

heart scavenger hunt-7829

Scavenger hunts are pretty self explanatory but it’s nice to see a step-by-step so here’s how we did it — We picked 5 fun spots around the house to hide balloons and a final destination to hide the treats. We then wrote clues accordingly on paper, stuck them in balloons and blew them up. On the front door we stuck a note, balloon and pin for popping the balloons. That’s it!

Click here to download the “HEART HUNT” cards.

Cheers to a fun weekend!

XO, Rae

PS – A quick classroom valentines PSA. In order to allow for shipping time, printed classroom valentines will only be available in the shop for the next week! If you are having a hard time choosing a design, here are a few of the best sellers:

star wars // wild // wheelie // be mine // sporty // cool





Soooooo, Christmas was like yesterday and I feel like I’m still in recovery mode this week but classroom Valentines are one of my favorite things to do and plan with the kids so I couldn’t help but start designing a few. Here is a look at what I have so far but I could really use some more ideas! I’m thinking Star Wars Valentines are a must and maybe some photo cards?


Tilly and I agree that the blue goggly eye heart is our favorite but you can checkout all of the Valentines HERE. I also linked to the non-candy treats pictured in the listings to make it easy  and you can find the colorful bags in the shop as well. I’ll be designing some more over the next week so please let me know if you have any ideas or requests!

XO, Rae

P.S. – The top picture of Poppy was taken by Stacy for a Vday Mini promo… if you are in the area you should sign up and maybe I’ll see ya’ there! More info on her Facebook page.


a heart day craft + printable with the effortless chic


i’m over at the effortless chic today with these cute mini heart day (or any day really!) felt banners and printable cards. there are lots more pics and some quick and easy instructions so come say hi and check it out!

see you over there…

xo . rae

(photos by Melissa Valladares)

P.S. – if you already have your valentine’s figured out they would make a fun after school craft with the kids.


heart day freebies.

i’ve had heart day on the brain friends which means i’ve been busy whipping up classroom valentines and wanted to share them with you today! links to download are below. there are 10 different 2×3 inch notes that can also be hole punched and used as tags or printed on sticker paper and used to seal goodie bags.



head to the DESIGN SHOP on etsy if you would like me to personalize the back with your child’s name (lots of coordinating colors + fonts to choose from) or change the color or font used on a design. don’t forget to use code “BLOGLOVE20” for 20% off your purchase!


DOWNLOAD (cute + colorful) VALENTINE PDF

again, don’t forget to visit the DESIGN SHOP on etsy if you would like me to change or personalize your valentines!


these two are my favorites and the googly eyed valentine is a classic around here so i had to make a smaller version. looking forward to seeing which ones the kids pick and what goodies they’ll want to package up with them.

side note, oriental trading is my favorite place to order inexpensive knick-knacky party favor type toys that kids go gaga for. they have so many things to choose from for almost nothing (plus shipping). if you are going the novelty toy instead of candy route, here’s some fun ideas!

  • plastic dinosaurs or animals
  • glow in the dark sticks
  • pencils (they have customizable ones)
  • bouncy balls
  • sticky hands
  • stickers or tattoos
  • punch balloons
  • parachute guys
  • mini water colors
  • whistles or mini flutes
  • poppers
  • plastic army, firefighter, or cowboy guys
  • clown noses would be cute and unexpected!

like most holidays, valentines day has a way of sneaking up on me so it feels so fantastic to have at least part of the kids’  valentines checked off my to do list. now i just need to figure out what other crafts, decorations and treats we want to make to celebrate. gosh there’s a lot that goes into each holiday?!

what sorts of things do you have planned?

xo . rae

(pictures by stacy jacobsen)