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We’ve been summering so hard lately it’s hard to keep the days straight! Johan has been promoted (yay, hubby!) and training overtime for his new position. The kids have baseball, swim and soccer and our calendar is full of summer fun and celebrations. As much as I love the business and being with all the kids, all the time (and I really do love it!), I can feel the fatigue starting to set in.

So last night I sat down and wrote a list of ways to avoid summer burnout and thought I would share it below.

swim lessons-6172


  1. Hire a babysitter or plan kid swaps with a friend and run an errand (or 5) all by my lonesome.
  2. Schedule workouts at least 2 days a week instead of hoping I can fit them in…
  3. Read my Bible, check my calendar and write down my to-dos in the morning. Something I do most days during the school year, but forget to do when our days are less structured and routine is out the window.
  4. Read with the kids during their quiet time.
  5. Go to bed by 10 on nights we are home that early :)
  6. Eat more salads… always feel better after a salad.
  7. Mani-pedis are always a good idea.
  8. Say “no” to something I’m not excited about.
  9. Plan a girls date (sans kids) and remember it doesn’t have to be at night.
  10. Remember what my goals are this summer — To spend quality time with the fam bam and friends, love on people and go on adventures. So far I think we’re doing a pretty good job and it’s encouraging to know!

Would love to know how you avoid burnout during the summer months or just in general. Add your suggestion in the comments!

Now for a few pics from Espen and Tilly’s swim lessons at the cutest backyard pool (there aren’t many of them in the PNW) and garden out in the country. There’s an outdoor fireplace to sit by on colder mornings, a picnic table to hangout at and blueberry bushes to pick from when the littles get restless….

swim lessons-6193swim lessons-6184swim lessons-6213swim lessons-6214swim lessons-6110

//So proud of my not so natural swimmers. They have been working hard, having fun and improving everyday!//

swim lessons-6117swim lessons-6159swim lessons-6140

//These two already fighting over technology (yay, me!)! Click here if you missed the roundup of our favorite kid apps + downloads.//

swim lessons-6137 swim lessons-6115

//Pokémon Go has sparked an new appreciation for Pokémon cards in our home (also yay, me! Ha!). I used to think those things were evil and still don’t love them, but have talked myself off the ledge of parental paranoia.//

swim lessons-6165 swim lessons-6219 swim lessons-6220//I could look down at a cute face and little arms wrapped around my legs forever. So grateful for this season of life.//

Happy whatever day it is, friends!

Don’t forget to share how you avoid summer or just mommy burnout in general, below. You know I need all the help I can get!

XO, Rae




There isn’t usaully a need to switch from cold to warm weather wardrobes around here in the pacific northwest until June-ish, but the sun has been out and showing off (with temps in the 80’s!) lately. Warm weather combined with the lack of clothes that still  fit my kids from last summer has me doing some online shopping. Which I love. Maybe a little too much!?

Here are some of my favorite finds for the girls. Everything linked is for older girls, but most have smaller versions for the babes and toddlers too.


ACCESSORIES / 1. hat / 2. hair clips / 3. purse / 4. sunnies

DRESSES + ROMPERS / 1. blue stripe dress / 2. banana shirt dress / 3. floral dress / 4. twirly play dress in charcoal / 5. red stripe skater dress / 6. wide leg overalls

OUTERWEAR / 1. poncho / 2. jean jacket (Tilly + Poppy have this jacket and it’s so soft!) / 3. yellow frilled sweatshirt cardi

SHORTS / 1. striped short / 2. cutoff jean shorts / 3. olive shorts

TOPS / 1. flower tank / 2. olive split back tee / 3. natural wonder tee / 4. tres cute sweatshirt / 5. patches tee / 6. floral print tank

SHOES / 1. slip-on sneaker / 2. converse / 3. brown sandal


Still need to hunt for some basic tanks, play shorts and of course flip-flops and beach gear, but it was fun to play around with different outfits. Tilly has all of a sudden decided that she doesn’t like skirts (with the exception of this one) or rompers but is thankfully still ok with dresses. Can’t beat the one-and-done outfits!

Are your kids picky about what they wear?

Happy (spring/summer) shopping!

XO, Rae