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I so appreciate all the fun travel games and ideas floating around pinterest but the times I’ve flown or taken road trips with the kids I’ve found that an activity or book is nice, but a tablet is king (and way more simple). So are snacks, but that is another blog post. For all of your traveling with kids needs, here’s a roundup of all our favorite apps at the moment…


  1. ENDLESS NUMBERS, READER + ALPHABET: Don’t let the age range deter you because Tilly (7 yrs) still enjoys these. Education, entertaining and totally cute which is not an easy combo to pull-off!
  2. YOUTUBE KIDS: Simple to use and has endless options. My kids love to explore and learn while picking out short episodes, videos and playlists they love!
  3. MIXIMAL: Silly sounds, adorable animation and endless combinations all while mixing animals and syllables… I might enjoy this app even more than my kids!
  4. MINION RUSH: Oh the power of the minions! This game has zero educational value, but if your little one is old enough to swipe back and forth (eating up coins) then they will most likely get sucked right in. Our older 4 kids (4 years and up) would play it non-stop if we let them.
  5. SAGO MINI SUPERHERO: Super cute and entertaining app that we recently downloaded. Griffin (almost 5) loves it. Not sure how long it will keep his attention but it would be a perfect app to download as a surprise before a trip!
  6. RUBY’S STUDIO: Engages kids in a fun and clever way on important topics such as safety, friendship, siblings and feelings. I’ve worked with Ruby’s Studio for the last several years so I might be biased but my kids are truly obsessed. Download full episodes or shorter segments from the episodes (Elise and Louise is a fave).
  7. TOCA ROBOT LAB, TAILOR FAIRY TALES, + BAND: We love the toca app series, but these are the current faves.
  8. HEADS UP: More like a game (think charades or headbands) than an app and great for older (reading level) kids and adults too. Easily a new fave. Tilly (7) and her friends played for at least an hour on our front porch yesterday. I might have snuck in and joined them for a few minutes too.
  9. THINK ROLLS: Different levels for different age groups makes this app a crowd pleaser and easy for siblings to share and take turns.
  10. GO NOODLE: This is not an app or download and it might not be that effective for a trip but it is a genius web site with all kinds of videos that get kids thinking, moving and being silly so it’s worth mentioning and you should totally go check it out!

What kid friendly apps and downloads are you loving and using right now?

XO, Rae

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