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There is a mile long Thanksgiving to-do list sitting next to my keyboard as I type this, but there is so much that happens between Turkey day and Chistmas, it’s hard not to jump ahead a little. One of my favorite upcoming traditions is our daily advent calendar (25% off at Land of Nod) and this year we’re stuffing it with trinkets, sweets, festive activities and simple service projects.

Looking forward to spreading love and cheer this advent season. Hope you’ll join us and download the printable below or pin for safe keeping!!!


Sign me up for this advent activity!!!! And Poppy’s adorable faces.

rae-ann-kelly-merry-and-bright-service-advent-2746 rae-ann-kelly-merry-and-bright-service-advent-2779

(PSARyan and Wren clips are a fave… perfect for stocking stuffers and holiday outfits!)

LOVE DOES, ADVENT ACTIVITES, PDF I made one sheet editable so you can fill in with your own ideas and traditions. Simply open in Adobe, click on the text box and type. The font I used is BEBAS (it’s free to download) or use a current favorite. Let me know if you have any questions!


Some activities are super simple while others are more involved and I’m sure we won’t complete them all, but I do hope it’s a fun addition to our advent calendar that sticks around for years to come. And that my kids will see that L O V E   D O E S. It shares and serves and gives, celebrates and encourages, and is incredibly resourceful and creative. And without it, all the gifts and glitter of the season don’t matter too much. It’s a good reminder for me too!

Now time to get back to my Thanksgiving checklist…Happy Monday!

XO, Rae 




rae ann kelly emoji lunchbox notes-8240

‘Tis the season for lunchbox packing! Not that my kid’s lunches look this cute everyday during the school year, but I do try and make them extra special for the  back to school season especially. I feel like it makes the transition easier for all of us. Then as the year goes on, anytime we get in a packed lunch or school rut, I’ll start adding special touches again. Chocolate covered or sprinkled anything and notes or stickers are always a hit.

Over the long weekend, while planning meals for the first week of school, I felt inspired to print some emoji and hashtag stickers to keep on hand. Download file and take a peek at what and how we’re packing for lunch this week, below.

rae ann kelly emoji lunchbox notes-8247


  • Almond butter and banana sandwich
  • Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Edamame
  • Greek yogurt and sprinkles
  • Answer to the joke: Because they would crack each other up :)

rae ann kelly emoji lunchbox notes-8244


  • Bagel with cream cheese and cucumbers
  • Salami bites
  • Almonds and M&M’s
  • Popcorn
  • Raspberries


rae ann kelly emoji lunchbox notes-8250rae ann kelly emoji lunchbox notes-8245


My kids start school tomorrow and I am dreading it. But if I had to pick a silver lining it would be that the kitchen won’t be in a constant state of eating, snacking, cooking and general mess. At least during school hours. So at the moment, packing lunches feel like a blessing. Ask me in a couple months though!

How do you feel about packing lunches?

XO, Rae




The kids had an extra long Memorial Day weekend (5 days off!) and even though a lot of it was spent at baseball games we were able to squeeze in a day trip to Bainbridge Island, WA in the Puget Sound. Before we left I put together a beach scavenger hunt to bring with us. My kids go crazy for activities like this but they already have so much fun at the beach that I wasn’t sure they would participate, but they did and they loved it!

I’ll share more about our trip tomorrow but you can click to download the scavenger hunt activity here:


beach day trips with kids -4249

On another note, how cute is Poppy’s little purse from Swankaroo!? Tilly brought her’s along for our adventure too and they were perfect for holding little snacks, activities and treasures from the beach.

Do you guys have a favorite beach activity? Sorta wish we would have brought a couple kites this trip…. next time!

XO, Rae



may day project-1978

This month we’re keeping our arrow project simple with a pretty act of kindness — May Day notes, with a dose of truth at the bottom and room to tape a bloom!

This might come as a shocker, but May Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with the kids. Mostly because there is no pressure to do anything and people are almost always surprised and happy for whatever we’ve thrown together. (Download and details below!)

may day project-1981 may day project-1984



  1. Download freebie, print on card stock and cute along dashed lines.
  2. Gather some fresh blooms from your yard, a neighbor’s, friend’s, the store, etc.
  3. Trim stems and tape to cards.
  4. Place on front doors, cars, mailbox, etc. or give to teachers, friends, neighbors, etc. as a random act of kindness.

may day project-1987

I often get caught up in feeling like the little things aren’t enough. Sharing a smile, encouraging word or single flower can’t possibly make a difference in someones heart or day but that would be a lie. Even Mother Teressa, who did BIG things and lived a BIG life, believed in the power of small things.

So this month we’ll be putting this principle into practice and learn to believe that God can do a lot with our little. Something that comes much more naturally to my kids!

XO, Rae

P.S. – Another May Day project we did when Poppy was in my belly and Tilly had the sweetest bob!



I know we were just talking about St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, but today is all about Easter. A couple years ago the kids and I started booing our friends and neighbors for Halloween and have so much fun doing it that I figured an Easter version was a must. So next week instead of booing we’ll be egging!


After stocking up on Easter-y knick-knacks and treats to fill these egg crates we’ll pick a few front porches to leave them on and then ding-dong ditch (the kids’ favorite part). Hoping to get another one packaged and shipped to a special little someone too.

Click to download the, “YOU’VE BEEN EGGED” TAGS + CARD to make your own. Baskets or gift bags filled with stuffed eggs would be just as cute and maybe even hold more goodies.

you've been egged easter printable-0602

I always love seeing your projects on Instagram so be sure to take a pic and tag me if you go egging @raeannkelly!

XO, Rae

P.S. – Hoping to see all of my Seattle area friends at the U Village Land of Nod this Saturday! RSVP if you can to nonevents(at)landofnod(dot)com but feel free to come either way. More details below…. Can’t wait!





Happy Monday you guys! Thought I would kick off the week with a few of my favorite things — simple holiday ideas, yummy snacks and a freebie! I had so much fun putting together these Halloween bites and lunchbox notes I thought I would do the same for St. Patrick’s day. The lunch notes can double as tags for treat bags too. (Download and snack details, below.)


Click to download, LUNCHBOX NOTES PDF



  1. Green sandwich wrap: spinach tortilla, smashed avocado, deli meat and cilantro because they look a little like 4-leaf clovers.
  2. Rainbow puff pastries: a less sugary take on fruit pizza. Use puff pastry sheets from the freezer section at the store. Follow instructions on package. To make a rainbow shape, use a round cookie cuter and cut in half. While they bake, mix cream cheese with a little honey and vanilla. Spread on top of pastries and add fruit in rainbow colors.
  3. Lucky charm treats: Melt 6 tablespoons and 16 ounces of mini marshmallows over medium heat. Remove from heat and add about 12 cups of lucky charms. Stir together quickly and press into a well greased 9×13-inch baking dish. Let harden and serve!
  4. Rainbow cereal necklace. After the lucky charms splurge I decided to go with a less sugary, organic version of fruit loops. Not as colorful but still fun… just string onto twine.
  5. Tortellini and pesto. Easy, green and packable!
  6. Anything in green packaging like juice boxes and apple sauce pouches :)
  7. Kale chips. I like this recipe and use coconut oil instead of olive oil.
  8. These peanut butter sandwich crackers look a little like gold coins and are one of those thing we don’t usually purchase but the kids are always asking for.

I love how the smaller holidays add some fun and whimsy to our daily routine without the expectation to go all-out. How about you?

XO, Rae

PS – Johan and I just boarded a plane to Phoenix for some kid-free time in the sun. We are only staying for a few days but if you have any activity or restaurant suggestions, please share!



Last week was a doozy folks. Between being really sick, Christmas season starting and a car accident (and all that comes with it – thank God everyone is alright!) I’m playing catch up on everything but Christmas shopping. Most of which I did in bed on my laptop last week. Hooray for online shopping and itsums for keeping my sick brain organized. (More on that later)

All that shopping and impending wrapping had me thinking of pretty packages so I thought I would share some printable tags, fun ways to top and a few of my favorite resources for all of the above! All the wrapping goodness is below…


TAGS – I made some hand lettered monogrammed tags and patterned tags in bright colors or black and white to use alone or layer together. Click the links below to download and be sure to share with friends or pin for safe keeping!

christmas wrap + tags-2-3

christmas wrap + tags-2-6TOPPERS – A little bit of texture is always nice, even when wrapping packages. Lately we’ve been tying a pom-pom or these charms to gifts the kids take to Bday parties but for Christmas I thought it would be fun to wrap boxes with felt garland as a sort of ribbon and topper in one and then embellish with paper shapes the kids cutout.

  • GARLAND – a few from Land of Nod 1/2/3/4/5 (lots of options on etsy too!) or DIY by cutting shapes from felt and sewing together by hand or machine.
  • FESTIVE PAPER SHAPES – cutout cute winter shapes such as trees, mittens, gingerbread men, etc.. Googley eyes are always a good idea too :)
  • PAPER SNOWFLAKES – make cute toppers and keep little hands busy and creating for awhile!

WRAPPING – This year I’m wrapping all of our gifts in white. Assuming I don’t runout of course. With all the craziness of the season it’s nice to have something consistent that does with everything!

tag freebies-2

TWINE – I have several large spools of twine that i use for just about everything that can be purchased for next to nothing in several different colors at THIS coffee supply store. Find a friend or two to order with and split shipping and, or spools and get a little bit of everything!

SMALL BAGS (perfect for stocking stuffers + treats!) – Whisker Graphics has lots of cute stuff but I recently discovered a beautiful assortment at Paper Mart for less money (glassine lined/patterned paper/treat bags). Some bags are listed per 2000 unit case in which case look for the “smaller quantity” tab. They also have washi tape if you are in the market!

Back to shopping, gifting and itsums – We are giving 4 gifts again this year (a need, a want and something to wear and something to read) and I’ve been using itsums to keep track of it all. Because of the 4 gifts my boards are pretty simple but you can click to check them out for GRIFFIN/TILLY/POPPY.

Hope you are enjoying the most wonderful time of year!

XO, Rae



july-2015-133Food is a big deal in our home and eating healthy is a priority but being practical is a necessity. While we are far from perfect eaters we have made crazy progress since our days of top ramen and boxed mac and cheese. Here’s how we try to eat clean without the pressure of being perfect about it. Our level of success always depends on the week, how busy our schedule is and all that good stuff. No matter what your food challenges are I hope you find something that’s helpful or encouraging, below.



  • FOOD GOALS – I think it’s important to start with a clear goal in mind and feeding a family is no exception. My goal is to make healthy food accessible to my family and teach my kids how to take care of their bodies. Yours might be similar or maybe you want to lower your food budget by eating out less or resolve a health issue with food or just look and feel better!
  • WRITE OUT A MEAL PLAN: kind of a no brainer, but also the most important part so I made a FREE PRINTABLE for you to download. I also love my friend Emily’s PaperWorks collection which includes a lot of meal planning resources.
  • PINTEREST: is my favorite resource for recipes.
  • PLAN 4 DINNERS PER WEEK: Between our work schedules, the kids’ activities and social get togethers, our schedule is busy and no matter how meticulous we might be about keeping a calendar, things change. For the sake of being flexible and avoiding food waste we assume that the other days we’ll eat takeout, with friends, have leftovers or make something super easy (like hippie bowls, burritos or rice and chicken).
  • PLAN OTHER MEALS & SNACKS TOO: We plan 2 options for breakfast, lunch and snacks too. This takes out the guess work and negotiations.
  • GROCERY SHOP 2x PER WEEK: At the beginning of the week we buy groceries for 3 dinners, other meals and pantry staples. Our second trip we buy the last dinner and whatever we’ve run out of.
  • DIVIDE & CONQUER: On a typical week, I do the meal planning and make a shopping list and Johan does the shopping. This arrangement was honestly so painful to adjust to. The first couple months he would get frustrated with certain items on my list that he couldn’t find or maybe an ingredient he thought was too expensive, etc. and I would be annoyed with items missing and other ones that weren’t on the list. Ha! It took some time but eventually we both relaxed a little and now it works out perfectly-ish!
  • BABY STEPS – Going cold turkey is not something that has worked for us, unless there is an end date (like a 30 day cleanse). Not only that but changing things suddenly and drastically makes for very grumpy kids. So if we feel like we need to be eating less sugar, processed foods or gluten we start by removing it from a particular meal or part of the day. I’ve found that it’s easiest to adjust breakfast and dinner since the middle of our day is the busiest.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE – when it comes to recipes. Every once in awhile I plan a meal that’s more elaborate but most of the time I make simple, whole food meals with ingredients that are easy to adjust based on whats in season or in my fridge.
  • HOMEMADE – is always best but sometimes function and convenience is more important. Just add some fresh fruits and veggies and call it good.
  • WHITE CHEDDAR – this is sort of a random tid-bit but did you know that cheddar cheese isn’t naturally orange?! They did a consumer study in the 50’s (or something) and found that more people bought cheddar when it was orange so they’ve been adding coloring ever since. Moral of the story? Do research when inspiration strikes and buy white cheddar :).
  • PICKY EATERS ARE OK – We have 2 really good eaters, 2 that are a little particular and another that wants nothing to do with anything that’s not processed. Sometimes I get (really) frustrated but I try to keep it in perspective. This is were having a goal comes in handy. Again, mine is to offer healthy foods and teach my kids how to take care of their bodies, not force them to like everything I make. So we give them the freedom to eat what is served or not but they don’t get options or dessert if they don’t eat. I also try to emphasize manners over pickiness. They may not be able to control their taste buds, but they can control their reaction to what food is served. Both are a work in progress.

Here is the printable MEAL PLANNER & SHOPPING LIST, PDF is you missed it above.

Thoughts, questions, frustrations or tips about eating healthy? Spill the beans in the comments!

XO, Rae


heart day freebies.

i’ve had heart day on the brain friends which means i’ve been busy whipping up classroom valentines and wanted to share them with you today! links to download are below. there are 10 different 2×3 inch notes that can also be hole punched and used as tags or printed on sticker paper and used to seal goodie bags.



head to the DESIGN SHOP on etsy if you would like me to personalize the back with your child’s name (lots of coordinating colors + fonts to choose from) or change the color or font used on a design. don’t forget to use code “BLOGLOVE20” for 20% off your purchase!


DOWNLOAD (cute + colorful) VALENTINE PDF

again, don’t forget to visit the DESIGN SHOP on etsy if you would like me to change or personalize your valentines!


these two are my favorites and the googly eyed valentine is a classic around here so i had to make a smaller version. looking forward to seeing which ones the kids pick and what goodies they’ll want to package up with them.

side note, oriental trading is my favorite place to order inexpensive knick-knacky party favor type toys that kids go gaga for. they have so many things to choose from for almost nothing (plus shipping). if you are going the novelty toy instead of candy route, here’s some fun ideas!

  • plastic dinosaurs or animals
  • glow in the dark sticks
  • pencils (they have customizable ones)
  • bouncy balls
  • sticky hands
  • stickers or tattoos
  • punch balloons
  • parachute guys
  • mini water colors
  • whistles or mini flutes
  • poppers
  • plastic army, firefighter, or cowboy guys
  • clown noses would be cute and unexpected!

like most holidays, valentines day has a way of sneaking up on me so it feels so fantastic to have at least part of the kids’  valentines checked off my to do list. now i just need to figure out what other crafts, decorations and treats we want to make to celebrate. gosh there’s a lot that goes into each holiday?!

what sorts of things do you have planned?

xo . rae

(pictures by stacy jacobsen)


winter wreath and crown (simple DIY and printable).

happy second to last friday before christmas, friends! even if your not stressing over a mile long holiday to-do list, chances are you don’t have a ton of extra time on your hands. so poppy and i have a couple easy peasy-10 minute-(maybe 15)-must make-DIY’s to share with you today.


i can’t get enough buffalo check or pom-pons this season so let’s get started!


GEOMETRIC WREATH: full disclosure, i’ve never taken a wreath making class or made a wreath before so i have no idea what i’m doing. however, the end product turned out super cute so i figure i’ll share how i did it and we can just fake it til’ we make it! for those of you who have mad wreath making game, please share tips in the comments!

you’ll need:

  • wire hanger
  • wire cutters
  • greenery (i gathered some from outside)
  • green floral wire
  • mini pom-poms
  • thread and needle
  • ribbon for hanging

here’s how:

  1. untwist the hanger and shape into a triangle (or whatever shape you want). twist closed and cut off excess.
  2. arrange greenery around wire, wrapping with floral wire as you go until it looks how you like.
  3. thread pom-poms to desired length and wrap around your wreath. use ribbon to hang!


BUFFALO CHECK CROWNS: i made these for tilly’s lumber jack and jill bday party but thought they’d be perfect around the holidays. gold crowns make a festive addition too… just use the printable as a template and trace onto glitter paper.

you’ll need:

  • skinny elastic (sold on spools in the sewing + notions section at a craft store)
  • white or colored card stock (poppy is wearing the crown printed on red paper)
  • stapler
  • tape
  • scissors
  • printable crown file

here’s how:

  1. download and print file onto white or colored card stock.
  2. cutout around pattern and tape to make a crown.
  3. cut elastic to desired length (about 9 to 12 inches) and staple ends to either side of crown.

new-fabrics-for-diyingbefore i go for the weekend i also wanted to share a few things i’ve added to my spoonflower shop… 1/2/3/4

the valentine hand warmers have been such a huge hit that i had to make a second, more wintery version. i also added some simple black and white patterns that are perfect for christmas (to make napkins, pillows, tea towels, etc.) but can also last all year long. before ordering, check spoonflower’s shipping deadlines if you need your goodies before christmas!

hope your weekend is full of baking, diy-ing, tradition making and christmas movie watching :)

let me know if you have any questions about the toots above…. i’ll be back on monday with a land of nod giveaway!

xoxo . rae

{images by stacy jacobsen}


notes to santa.

we haven’t celebrated turkey day yet, but already i feel like i’m behind for christmas! ha! how is that possible!? the only thing i have going for me is that we’ve written down our gift list and thanks to online shopping it should be pretty easy to check everything off. i anticipate however, that my children will still be telling me about a new item on their wish list about every 5 minutes from now until christmas eve. as fun and cute as it is to see them so excited it also gets annoying. in a hurry. the solution?  i made some notes so they can tell santa all about it, either in words or drawing, and set out a jar to collect them all until they are “sent” to the north pole.

fingers crossed, it works like a charm and if you want to give it a try there is a link below to download!


(CLICK to DOWNLOAD “note to santa”)

truth be told, we don’t focus too much on the man in the red suit during christmas, but he does make a really good scapegoat. we’re also getting santa pictures taken this year for the first time since espen (now 8) was a baby (can’t wait to share!). how much santa is involved in your christmas merry making?

happy thanksgiving week friends!

xo . rae