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My kids are loud and messy and opinionated and I can’t take them anywhere without something ridiculous happening but they are also so fun and silly and taking them out and about is one of my favorite things to do! When our older kids were little though there was one exception. Eating out. It was takeout and drive-thrus for us thank you very much. Since those days I’ve changed my thinking and approach and it’s made eating in restaurants way more enjoyable — not to be confused with easy — without having to pack up a bag of activities.

Granted my kids and their age gaps are likely different than your’s, but hopefully you’ll find these tips helpful or encouraging anyways!

  1. EXPECT KIDS TO ACT THEIR AGE: I used to have this weird expectation that my kids could pull it together for an hour or so while we ate in public. Turns out there’s only one thing I should expect from them… to be themselves and act their age. So now, during any given eating out experience I expect there to be a spill or two, that someone will decide to take off their shoes, while another thinks its fun to climb under the table and everyone is bound to be starving and act like they’re near death. The good news is that it’s rare for all of these things to happen at one sitting so I usually walk away feeling like they did awesome, ha!
  2. KEEP MY GOAL(s) IN MIND: My hope is that my kids will do their best to be a good guest and considerate of others and especially their server. All of which are learned behaviors and one of the reasons I want to take them out. I also really just enjoy sitting for most of a meal and then not having to clean up afterwards! Usually makes the moments of chaos totally worth it.
  3. DECIDE ON A DINNER WORKFLOW: Having an idea of what and when we’re ordering (are we letting kids get sodas, ordering a basket of fries or other app first, etc.), and how you want to occupy the kids while they wait, before walking in the restaurant is a big help. Something that has worked for us when we have all of the kids is to order drinks, the kid’s meals, side salads for the grownups, and usually a basket of fries or hummus plate right away. While we wait for the food we chat with the kids – go through our highs and lows from the day, etc. Once their food arrives Johan and I order. We continue chatting and micromanaging until the kids are finished and then we let them share tech (usually our phones) while we eat and attempt a conversation. It’s not perfect or peaceful but it works :)
  4. HAPPY HOURS ARE MY BEST FRIEND: kind of a given but going before or after the breakfast, lunch or dinner rush makes a huge difference!
  5. STAY POSITIVE: and if needed switch things up a bit. Taking a kid or two for a bathroom break or to the car to grab something or telling a funny joke (the spoon on the nose trip works every time!) or anything that distracts them from annoying their sibling or throwing a fit is worth a try!

(Received lots of questions about my sweater so shared outfit details with links at the bottom of the post :)

A few pics from our lunch date with Griffin + Poppy yesterday.

There were surprisingly no spills and I don’t think any complaints about being starving to death. Griffin however, did accidentally mistake his thumb as part of his cheese and let out a very loud yelp followed by major tears and Poppy spent a good chunk of time dropping things under the table so she could climb down and pick them up.

But in the end they earned ice cream.

Not really but it seemed like the perfect way to end our outing!

It’s my favorite when Johan can join us for an afternoon adventure in the middle of the week. One of the perks of being married to a firefighter. Lucky kids. Lucky me.

Happy, happy weekend you guys!

Oh, and loved reading all of the comments on my dining room post… thanks for playing along!

XO, Rae

ME | pink + orange stripe sweater, jeans

GRIFFIN | blue gray thermal (for the babes), red coat, shoes

POPPY | sweatshirt (+ for big girls), boots



We’ve been soaking up the last bits of Christmas vacay and while I’m feeling ready to start taking down all the decor, I’m far from ready for the kids to go back to school. Ask me in a couple more weeks though, when their shiny new board games (pie face anyone!), legos and baby dolls lose their newness. In the meantime, excitement is high, kids are entertained, and with the exception of a few outings, we’ve mostly been staying in our jammies until noon.

One of our outings was a day trip to play in the snow and sled at Hyak in Cle Elum. The weather was perfect, the snow was falling and Poppy wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of it. Poor girl cried off and on until I strapped her into the ergo.

Now, I’m not one to complain about getting extra kid snuggles but couldn’t help but come down with a serious case of FOMO while everyone else went screaming down the hill. If Poppy had wanted to snuggle with Johan I would have felt just as left out so I guess there’s no perfect solution. Luckily I was able to start a small snowball fight before we left which made up for it!

Love these four and missed Ozzie while he stayed behind for a basketball game (another reason for FOMO). As a mom I hate that the schools schedule sports during vacation time, but as a former athlete, I totally understand.

Tilly Jane on the hot pink sled and the first to head down the hill!

You’ve probably heard before that motherhood can be lonely, but for me it’s more like FOMO. And it comes up a lot during the holidays. So if you are like me, and have been feeling left out because your nursing a baby or can’t have a glass of wine like the other adults, or have other kid centered priorities like snuggles or early bedtimes, you are not alone. And in my 16 years of parenting trust me when I say that the season will one day change and will most likely be treasured and missed.

Cheers to not having to miss out all alone!!!

Hope you enjoy the last few days of 2016!

XO, Rae





Happy Friday + second day of fall you guys!

Johan and I started the season off yesterday by taking the little kids to Lattin’s Country Farm and Cider Mill  and then discussed our bucket list with all the kids later in the evening.

I am a bucket list enthusiast, but by the end of the season we are scrambling to check things of. Since fall is a notoriously busy time of year for us (and we have a surprise vacay planned already!!!) we decided to keep our list simple and asked everyone to pick a thing or two to add.

Love how similar everyone’s ideas were and think we might have started a new tradition!


  • Me – Have all Halloween costumes ordered and made ASAP (instead of finishing the day or two before), family trip to Leavenworth, + s’mores.
  • Johan – Go to Apple Cup, Leavenworth, + plan an overnight date. (I’m a lucky girl!)
  • Ozzie – Bonfire with friends.
  • Espen – Host a Halloween themed sleepover.
  • Tilly – Host a sleepover + family movie night(s).
  • Griffin – Be a skelakin (skeleton) for Halloween, eat ice cream, + do a fire.
  • Poppy – No, good, + tick-a-teat! (her responses to all of our prompts)


^^^ I want Poppy’s shoes and acid wash jeggings (from Target). And everything else in her closet. ^^^

rae-ann-kelly-fall-bucket-list-8913rae-ann-kelly-fall-bucket-list-9058rae-ann-kelly-fall-bucket-list-8931rae-ann-kelly-fall-bucket-list-8949 rae-ann-kelly-fall-bucket-list-9024

^^^ Don’t mind me, walking through a row of sunflowers with my basket and toddler. So very #husbandsofinstagram but I love it anyway! Also, love that basket and can’t wait to fill it with apples later today. Also, also, have been pondering my overuse of the word love and might need to find an alternative! ^^^


^^^ Caught in the inst-snap action. Speaking of — how are you guys liking Instagram stories? I mostly ditched Snapchat when the update happen and have enjoyed having one less app to use, but it’s just not the same! Missing that snap life! ^^^

What’s on your bucket list this fall?

XO, Rae



rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8090

This past Friday, before my interview on KING5, Johan and I took the three younger kids (Tilly 7, Griffey 5, + Poppy 2) to Fox Hollow Farm in an effort to distract my brain from being nervous and it ended up being the best idea! (Thanks for all the support and kind words you guys! It was so much fun! Use the link above to watch the segment.)

One thing that was rattling around my head during our outing was whether or not I would enjoy living on a (mini) farm. Even though I consider myself more of a city or beach girl, hanging out with the kids on the farm, watching them chase animals and roam the property had me wondering if I would love it. Or if I just love the idea of it. Probably the latter, but OMG this place is just so dreamy. I didn’t want to leave.

Here are a few pics from our day.

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8005

Looking for chickens to catch! After many of attempts. . . .

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8009

. . . . .

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8095

. . . She found someone else who had caught one and asked for a turn holding it. Love her!

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-7995rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-7924

The landscaping was incredible without being fussy but I can’t imagine what it would take to design so much land let alone maintain it! Wish I could sit down with the owners (who live on the property) and ask them all the how, why, and who questions. We can barely get our tiny backyard looking put together!

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-7954

As if the animals, landscape, creek, pony rides,  and mini playhouses (not pictured) were not enough they had a fleet of power wheels waiting to ride around their giant driveway loop.

Also, kids in sunnies? Yas please!

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8014rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8039

They have the best dad that makes them laugh like it’s his job. Watching them together makes me feel like the luckiest girl!

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8048rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8075rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-7935

A tired Pop-Tart.

rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8052rae ann kelly family fox hollow farm-8056

We didn’t want to leave but ended our visit with cold popsicles and lots of hand sanitizer. Still wondering if I could be a mini farm kinda girl.

So now I’m curious… If you could live anywhere would it be by the beach, in the city, on a farm, in the mountains or a combination of two?

XO, Rae