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I’ve heard, read and probably said a few times that throw pillows are an easy way to freshen up any room by adding pops of color or changing things up for different seasons, without breaking the bank. So decided to do some shopping for pillows to spruce things up for spring around our home.

After doing a little online shopping the whole “inexpensive” theory regarding pillows is disputable. There are some spend-y cushions out there! Another thing I discovered? While I usually like a healthy balance of mid-century/rustic meets boho with a side of Scandinavian home decor (is that a thing, ha!) I could not quit the boho trend for the warmer months! At least not when it came to pillows.



Although I do love these two spaces above. ((((swoon!))))

But regardless of price and style, there is a plethora of options out there to choose from so I thought I would help narrow the search and share a few of my favorites right now for spring and summer…. Get on my couch!


1. Black + white crisscross // 2. Kilim-woven // 3. Blue brushstrokes // 4. Poppy color block // 5. Embroidered eye pillow // 6. Black + white zig-zag pillow // 7. Prismatic stripes // 8. Textured woven // 9. Pom-pom pillow // 10. Embroidered lattice // 11. Mud cloth tribal // 12. Blue watercolor // 13. Vincent et Pablo

Not pictured are a few solid colored and textured pillows thrown in the mix. Ikea, West Elm and Target usually have lots to choose from at good prices. And I just stumbled upon these gems too.

Do you plan on sprucing up your couches, chairs and beds for the spring and summer months!? Does your style sometimes change with the seasons? 

While we are on the topic of pillows, stay-tuned because I’ll be back tomorrow with a simple envelope pillow to DIY.

XO, Rae

PS – Hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend! We mostly egg hunt hopped, spent time with friends and family, ate chocolate and heard the resurrection story at church which never gets old…. He loves and He lives so that we get to do the same! Everyday.




I don’t usually have much of an itch to update or decorate our bathrooms but after looking for places to display artwork from our maker + ink giveaway a couple weeks ago and having a hard time making this adorable art print look somewhat cute in the kid’s bathroom, I felt really inspired to make a few quick updates. I mean, we spend a lot of time in this space for it not to feel cheery and fresh, right!?

As with any decorating projects, we had a few challenges 1) kids of all ages use this room as well as sleepover friends and grandma and papa when they stay the night. 2) there isn’t a lot of natural light – just one small window in the toilet/shower area. 3) this wasn’t actually a planned project so there wasn’t much of a budget… since we’re renting any expensive updates (like tiling or flooring) is out of the question anyways.

With those things in mind I’m pretty smitten with the outcome and think we struck a good balance between little kid and adolescent. Take a peek at the before and after as well as sources below! (SIDE NOTE – it was really tricky taking pics in such a small space without good lighting but I hope you still get a good idea of what it looks like!)

kid's bathroom refresh-9728


One of the only DIY projects we did was add a frame around the standard mirror.  There are quite a few tutorials on Pinterest, but Johan did his own thing and built the frame around the mirror without taking it down using 1×2  pine trim.  Let me know if you are interested in a tutorial and I’ll get all of the details for you.

We also painted the walls and added knobs to the cabinets. Both of which are an easy upgrade to any room, and finished the look with a few new accessories and fresh towels.

It certainly won’t be gracing the pages of a magazine but it was simple, effective and makes being in the kid’s bathroom a little more fun for all of us.


Big dot shower curtain / White metal stool / Blue “things” organizer / Rise and shine print / Blue dot garland / White cloud garland / Chunky white bath mat / Anchor marquee light / Yellow hooks / White wall shelf / White towels


(Those little fingers and piggies are  e v e r y t h i n g )

Everyone agrees the shower curtain is the best addition. It’s cool enough for a teenager and whimsical enough for the minis.

Our bedtime routine got a whole lot easier the second this stool showed up. It’s the perfect height — Griffin can reach everything he needs and Poppy is able to play in the sink without being able to reach anything else (cotton balls, toothbrushes and faucet). 1 point parents. It comes in a few other colors too!

Are there any spaces in your home that could use a little update?

I’m hoping our dinning room will be next on our refresh list! Or maybe some new spring/summer touches in the family room! Always so hard to decide :)

Hope your Friday is off to a good start you guys!

XO, Rae




Baskets, in my opinion, fall into the same category  as shoes. There is no such thing as too many. Especially when running a household. So when I walked past this cute woven basket at target I thought, “I have some shoes that could use that basket.” And threw it in my cart. (Tell me you do the same thing!?) Griffin even reminded me, “That’s not what we came for, mOm.” He was so right and doing a good job of using my own words against me. I must say that to the kids every time we are at target! But the cute basket won and stayed in the cart.

As adorable as it looked in the hook-nook, once we were home, it got lost against the white wall full of backpacks and coats. A pop of color and playful whimsy was just what it needed to standout a bit and I know one really easy way to accomplish both. Pom-poms!

So yesterday I used 30 minutes of nap time to throw it together and thought it was worth sharing. Although it hardly needs a tutorial I know how nice it is to have a guide to take out the guesswork so included a supply list and how-to below!


You’ll Need –

  • a basket (like this one)
  • yarn
  • pom-pom makers or template (I used the big size from this set)
  • scissors
  • embroidery floss and needle (small zip-ties would work too!)

Here’s How –

  1. Make your pom-poms and decide where on the basket and in what order you would like them.
  2. Using a needle and embroidery floss, start from the inside of the basket and leaving enough of a tail, thread through to the outside of the basket and the middle yarn of the pom-pom (the one that holds all the pieces together) then back through the basket to the inside. Secure with a knot.
  3. Repeat with the remaining pom-poms. Then find a place and use for your spruced up basket!

 pom-pom basket-9237 pom-pom basket-9219pom-pom basket-9216

Makes a cute planter too. Thinking there may be more pom-pom embellished baskets in my future.

Happy Thursday you guys!

XO, Rae