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Pretty certain September couldn’t have gone any quicker… Can you guys believe it’s October 2nd!? I’ve been feeling under the weather the last few days so haven’t kicked the month off like I’d hoped — even asked the kids to watch Hocus Pocus with me yesterday but they opted for Cars instead — Anyways, a good to do list always makes me feel better.

After chatting with the kids, here’s what made our October list:

ONE | try a new pumpkin recipe. We’ve been making our go-to pumpkin dishes, in the form of pancakes and bread, non-stop since fall started but I think it’s time we try a new one. Maybe pumpkin cheese cake? If you have any suggestions please share!

TWO | make a list of fall + Halloween movies to choose from on movie nights. It can be challenging to get everyone to agree on a move, but having a theme or list to help narrow things down always helps! Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, and Hotel Transylvania will probably make the list for the whole fam bam and You’ve Got Mail, Gremlins, Stepmom, The Blind Side + Dan in Real Life are all good ones for nights it’s just Johan and I or the older kids. What’s your favorite fall or Halloween movie?

THREE | visit the pumpkin patch. Probably the easiest thing to check off our list!

FOUR | help the kids make Halloween-ish goodie bags for their friends. A must for just about every holiday and Tilly’s favorite thing to do on an almost daily basis.

FIVE | plan a fall bike ride + picnic. The weather (i.e. rain) might make this one a challenge, but it never hurts to try!

SIX | go boo-ing. One of our traditions. Shared a printable and more info HERE if you want to add it to your October lineup!?

SEVEN | make our front porch pretty (+) spooky. Never got around to doing much with our front porch over the summer but want to make sure it’s ready to welcome fall guests and trick-or-treaters.  I’ve been on the lookout for outdoor lanterns to group with pumpkins and mums if anyone has a source to share?

EIGHT | dance to Monster Mash. Would be fun to put together a Halloween playlist too!

NINE | go apple picking! Can’t beat homemade apple sauce warmed up and sprinkled with cinnamon.

TEN | donate new or gently used blankets, coats and boots. The amount of need in our community, country and world right now has been overwhelming to say the least but it’s always good to remember that every little bit helps. If you are wondering how to get in touch with the right charity try asking friends, neighbors and local churches for ideas!

BONUS | plan a road trip or weekend getaway. Between sports and Birthdays our calendar is looking very full on the weekends so didn’t want to set us up for failure, but also love getting away in the fall and didn’t want to leave it completely off our list. We’ll see if we can actually pull it off! :)

I know some of these are no-brainers, but hope they are helpful in someway. Would love to hear what’s on your list this month!?

Now I’m off to take a dose of DayQuil and make a grocery run!

xo, Rae










Happy Friday + second day of fall you guys!

Johan and I started the season off yesterday by taking the little kids to Lattin’s Country Farm and Cider Mill  and then discussed our bucket list with all the kids later in the evening.

I am a bucket list enthusiast, but by the end of the season we are scrambling to check things of. Since fall is a notoriously busy time of year for us (and we have a surprise vacay planned already!!!) we decided to keep our list simple and asked everyone to pick a thing or two to add.

Love how similar everyone’s ideas were and think we might have started a new tradition!


  • Me – Have all Halloween costumes ordered and made ASAP (instead of finishing the day or two before), family trip to Leavenworth, + s’mores.
  • Johan – Go to Apple Cup, Leavenworth, + plan an overnight date. (I’m a lucky girl!)
  • Ozzie – Bonfire with friends.
  • Espen – Host a Halloween themed sleepover.
  • Tilly – Host a sleepover + family movie night(s).
  • Griffin – Be a skelakin (skeleton) for Halloween, eat ice cream, + do a fire.
  • Poppy – No, good, + tick-a-teat! (her responses to all of our prompts)


^^^ I want Poppy’s shoes and acid wash jeggings (from Target). And everything else in her closet. ^^^

rae-ann-kelly-fall-bucket-list-8913rae-ann-kelly-fall-bucket-list-9058rae-ann-kelly-fall-bucket-list-8931rae-ann-kelly-fall-bucket-list-8949 rae-ann-kelly-fall-bucket-list-9024

^^^ Don’t mind me, walking through a row of sunflowers with my basket and toddler. So very #husbandsofinstagram but I love it anyway! Also, love that basket and can’t wait to fill it with apples later today. Also, also, have been pondering my overuse of the word love and might need to find an alternative! ^^^


^^^ Caught in the inst-snap action. Speaking of — how are you guys liking Instagram stories? I mostly ditched Snapchat when the update happen and have enjoyed having one less app to use, but it’s just not the same! Missing that snap life! ^^^

What’s on your bucket list this fall?

XO, Rae