So far for our Arrow Projects we have collected and dropped off gently used clothes, delivered surprise blooms for May day, and put together care packages to keep in the car and handout to those in need. I’ve loved all of these activities but I’m extra excited about September’s because we are going to focus on developing a habit of generosity and kindness. Something that is so important for the kids but that I for sure have room to work on as well!

So, starting today I will be challenging the kids to find one person at school they can be generous to with their thoughts, words, time, or actions. Then when they get home from school or before bedtime, we will write down what we did on index cards and add them to an empty apothecary jar I set out on the counter. We’ll continue for the next 30 days or (assuming we’ll miss a few of those days) until the index cards run out.

5 x 7   H E A R T   A R T   P R I N T S

^^^Download the art prints to use as a reminder and encouragement.^^^

Can’t wait to see a jar full of acts of generosity and kindness and hope my kids learn that loving others in simple ways makes a big difference.

If you guys have been following along with the Arrow Projects or have any ideas, I would love to hear about it! Feel free to send an email (rae at raeannkelly dot com) or leave a comment below.

Happy Monday!

XO, Rae

P.S. – This project was inspired by my friends “30 Day” study which is amazing and I highly recommend checking it out, along with the rest of his blog content, ASAP!



  1. Hannah September 13, 2016 at #

    I love this idea! My hubby and I run a youth group and we do our best not to have the focus on how many turn up, but on who. That ‘reach one’ idea is what we hope our kids catch onto as well! Jesus died for everyone, but he also died for that One person in your class that doesn’t have a friend and you can be Jesus to them.
    Cute printable too! :)

    • rae September 17, 2016 at #

      So great Hannah… It’s easy to complicate things, but it is really so simple. Keep up the good and IMPORTANT work with your youth!!! xoxo

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