It’s hard to know how I am going to feel by the time Friday rolls around. Sometimes I’m ready to party and other times I’m ready for bed. So there is always a chance that BBQ night this week will end up being something super easy like takeout, on a blanket in the yard followed by a quick run through the sprinklers. Ha! Totally sorta kidding :)

However, in the event that takeout isn’t practical, I think it’s always a good idea to have some easy backups in the pantry and freezer to fallback on. Do you have any favorites!? Spill the beans in the comments at the bottom (please).

Now for the menu this week:

If you are curious, HERE is a post about how we meal plan, deal with picky eaters, etc.

Happy planning/shopping/cooking/eating/kitchen cleaning! Sheesh… feeding a family is easily a full-time job!

XO, Rae


menu-plan-may-2Hope you guys had a snuggle filled Mother’s Day weekend with lots of handmade gifts, flowers and yummy food too! We spent most of our weekend at baseball games but also managed to sneak in a trip to the farmer’s market and a date night (watching baseball of course :). Woke up feeling tired but also very spoiled. Definitely a weekend for the books!

After any good holiday weekend I almost always find myself playing catch-up when Monday rolls around. So I spent a little time on Friday getting ahead and made a meal plan for this week and thought I would share.

Here is what we’ll be eating:

If you are curious, HERE is a post about how we meal plan, deal with picky eaters, etc.

Are there any summery recipes you’ve been looking forward to making/eating?

CHEERS to an amazing week ahead!!!

XO, Rae



(Our first pizza picnic of the season!)

A good meal plan and a full pantry or lack there of, can make or break our week so meal planning is a must (although I’m far from perfect about it) and I figured it was about time I shared with you and also documented for myself so they can be reused! Hoping this will end up being a regular Sunday post.

Here is what we ate last week:

  • monday, fish tacos (try this recipe with Halibut or this one with salmon )
  • tuesday, turkey lettuce cups
  • wednesday, bbq chicken, salad + fries
  • thursday, baked potato bar
  • friday, pizza (takeout or papa’s) + ice cream
  • breakfast, breakkie burritos + smoothies (we caved and got cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning too!)
  • lunch, turkey sandwich wraps, cracker stackers + leftovers
  • snack, popcorn, yogurt + fruit

Not mentioned are the cinnamon rolls we caved and bought for a quick (and sweet) pre-church breakfast!

If you are curious, HERE is a post about how we meal plan, deal with picky eaters, etc.

Hope the weekend has been oh, so good to you!

XO, Rae