We’ve been doing a lot of waking up and smelling the routine lately. I guess that’s what happens once the school and sports grind starts, but and it had me feeling a little bit blah-ish this week. So yesterday Johan and I took a break from the ushe and made a quick trip to Pike Place Market with the littler ones in tow.

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The Great Gum Wall of Seattle… Totally gross and weird and cool. And very Seattle. :)


There is a lot to do at Pike Place that isn’t pictured (like eating chowder, riding on the wheel, walking through eclectic shops or along the waterfront, listening to street performers, etc.), but doesn’t it look fun?

Oh, and I somehow managed to leave the market without a bouquet of flowers #fail

Guess that means we need to go back soon. Hopefully with the rest of the crew!


I could walk city streets all the livelong day. Unless of course it’s freezing or pouring down rain which would eliminate half the year around here, but you get what I’m saying. Being out and about is so refreshing, energizing, freeing, and inspiring to me. I mean, do you see all the pretty colors!!!? Not to mention the restaurants we passed that had me planning a very ambitious menu plan on the drive home. So happy we snuck out of the house to explore the city a bit. Just the break in routine I needed!

What do you do to avoid getting in a rutt?

Happiest of weekends, friends!

XO, Rae

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