painted drinkware

we recently got rid of our hodgepodge collection of drinking glasses and mason jars, and replaced them with 2 sets of these cute handled jars by libbey. with a cupboard full of the same exact glass, i knew i would need to do some embellishing – painted numbers seemed like the perfect touch!


 here’s how to  D I Y !


drinking glasses, glass paint, paint brush, rubbing alcohol, silhouette/cricut and vinyl, OR clear contact paper, exacto knife and printed page of numbers in your favorite font

armommy-makes-blog-graphics-how-toif you have a silhouette or cricut cutting machine, create your number template.

if not, don’t worry! just print off numbers the size you want, lay the contact paper over the top, trace and cutout using an exacto knife.

with a rag or cotton ball, use the rubbing alcohol to clean the glasses where you want to paint.

peel the backing off of the contact paper or vinyl and stick on the glasses.

fill in the number stencils with paint and peel off the stencil before the paint dries… (the first few glasses we did i waited until the paint dried and when i pulled the stencil off, the paint came with it!)

to finish, follow the directions on the bottle of glass paint. (mine had me let the glasses dry for 4 days and then bake in the oven before using and washing.)

the fam bam has been loving our numbered glasses and i wish we had more so i could make some with polka-dots or other fun patterns… maybe i’ll have to save that for christmas gifts!

w h a t   w o u l d   y o u   p a i n t   o n   y o u r   d r i n k i n g   g l a s s e s ?

**UPDATE: as luck would have it, my friend emily posted a similar tutorial today and shared pictures of the process.  head here if you want to take a peek!**

xo . rae

(images by stacy jacobsen)

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