mom + mini tied shirts-2417One of my go-to outfits is a simple t-shirt, jeans and tied shirt combo. I enjoy the effortless, I just threw this on vibe and while my 7 year old Tilly (who requested I fill her closet with flannel shirts so she could wear one with every outfit) and husband love it, I’ve heard from several mama friends that do too. But their compliment is often followed by a, “I could never wear that” kind of statement.

But I disagree and if you’ve been hesitant to tie a shirt or jacket around your waist but think it’s a cute look, here are a few things that might push you over the edge… It’s a fun, playful and low-fuss accessory, adds a little extra coverage over shorts or skirts and makes sitting down in white pants less intimidating.

Not sure if there is a “right way” to do it but I keep my shirt unbuttoned, fold the collar down and tie, keeping the front of my top tucked into my pants. The first couple times I wore one, it felt odd but that’s pretty standard anytime I try something new.

mom + mini tied shirts-2494 mom + mini tied shirts-2466 mom + mini tied shirts-2463mom + mini tied shirts-2441 mom + mini tied shirts-2435 mom + mini tied shirts-2386 mom + mini tied shirts-2366 mom + mini tied shirts-2380-2 mom + mini tied shirts-2401

(A random little note to Tilly Jane: I love every ounce of your big-hearted spirited self and I never want to take these moments of hand-holding, twirling and dressing a like for granted. Thanks for teaching me to lean into the seasons, challenges and especially God’s grace…. and for being on my squad :)


Do you guys like this trend? Have you tried it?

Happy, happy hump day!!! For some crazy reason that I can’t figure out, this week is feeling like a  m a r a t h o n  and I’m so, so happy to be one more day closer to the weekend!

XO, Rae

kids-bathroom-refresh-sourcesTILLY, 7yrs: tea collection top (on sale!) / peek flannel / target shorts / native jefferson shoes

ME: sub_urban squad tee / madewell boyfriend shorts (similar) / madewell flannel (option + on sale) / j.crew birks (similar) / j.crew factory sunnies (similar)




  1. Joanne May 4, 2016 at #

    Hello College Uniform. Circa 1993.

    • rae May 4, 2016 at #

      Right!? I was wondering if anyone would notice :) xo

  2. Tiffany G. May 4, 2016 at #

    I like this trend! Makes some of those “body conscious” knit dresses less revealing and more mom bod friendly=)

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