halloween party

we just enjoyed our (most likely) last hot weekend of the year hear in the pacific northwest which means, ready or not, it’s time for all things fall and halloween-ish! i’m actually looking forward to the change in seasons (hello pumpkin spice lattes + wearing clothes in layers) and am excited to share some party inspiration and printables with you…





we have 3 birthdays at the end of october, including this cutie above, ozzie and myself (on halloween).  growing up i always had a halloween themed party (the non-scary kind) and loved it. tilly on the other hand is a little (actually a lot) more girlie than i was as a youngster so an orange and black color scheme doesn’t exactly cut it. this year however i have my fingers crossed that she’ll go for a costume party… we’ll see… still in negotiations!

hope this party inspiration and printables have you excited (or extra excited) for the fall season! what’s your favorite part? have any fun costume or party ideas!? ohhhhhh, i could chat with you all day about it! if only we had a fall tasting latte in our hands!

happy monday, friend!

xo . rae

//images by stacy jacobsen//

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