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mom + mini (what we wore)

you know how you get an idea in your head and it seems simple enough, like there’s nothing to it but it never seems to come together like you imagined? well, welcome to this post! :) i’ve been wanting to do a “what i wore”, mom+ mini edition for awhile and even ordered giant balloons to make it fun, but never seemed to remember to take pictures consistently in the morning. luckily stacy came to the rescue and we did some quick outfit changes (pulling things from the dirty clothes, ha!) while she snapped pictures, but tilly lost interest after the third change so four days is all i have for ya. hopefully it’s enough to share some real life mom uniform inspiration.


before i begin i would like to say that i believe clothes in general are of little consequence. they serve a purpose and are fun and creative, but where, when and how much money is spent buying them isn’t important. i will say however that when i get out of my jammies and into a cute-ish outfit or workout clothes i feel more ready to carpe diem. you know? i can run to target (for the 3rd time), handle a 3 year olds public meltdown, host a spontaneous pizza dinner party, answer emails, etc. and then flirt with my husband at the end of the day. the funny thing is that i’m not sure if it’s the clothes or the fact that i spent a few extra minutes on myself that makes the difference, but i have a feeling it’s a combo of the two.

with that said, here is a peek into my week and outfits as a real, practical, un-fancy, work-from-home, mom of 5 and tilly’s personal style (which has recently mellowed out) and week of school, playdates and craft time.


SUNDAY – we went to church, watched football and played with friends in the neighborhood. i also started some valentine’s day designs that i’ll share soon (maybe tomorrow!).


MONDAY – school (P.E. day) for tilly, work for me and a rare (these days) trip to the gym. i’m a corssfitter (the non-intense kind) and very occasional runner.


WEDNESDAY – school for the kids, preschool carpool, work and laundry catch up for me and then we had friends over for dinner. somewhere in between there i eked out a short run. thank goodness for dry shampoo!


FRIDAY – always in love with friday! this particular friday was a pretty laid-back family movie night and takeout since saturday was going to be lots of sports and running around.

there you go! a few outfit ideas to seize the day in!

what have you been wearing lately?

 xo . rae

(pictures by stacy jacobsen)

PS – if you are interested in seeing the beginning of my front entry refresh, head to my friend emily’s site (sign up for her emails too because i know you’ll love her)!!! she is sharing some fun decor options and we want to know your thoughts!


a giveaway with stacy jacobsen and the gap.


fridays are good days for a giveaway, don’t you think!? the perfect way to kick-off a fun weekend. so, today i’m teaming up with my good friend (and mega babe) stacy jacobsen to giveaway one mini photo session and one $50 gap gift card to you and a friend (a $250 value, total).

enter to win on instagram by following @stacyjacobsen and @raeannkelly. then, on my instagram page look for the above image and tag a friend in the comments. contest closes Sunday, January 18th at 8am PST.
stacy’s mini sessions are also on special right now (BOGO 50% off) until sunday night. so if you want to skip straight to the goods, follow the link above to purchase and schedule. i have my eyes on the alki beach and summer nights minis… the nature minis look dreamy too… who am i kidding, they all look dreamy.

good luck and happy friday!

xo . rae

ps – i know this giveaway isn’t practical for those living outside of seattle, so i’ve been collecting fun items for a valentine’s themed giveaway next week. stay tuned!


outfit inspiration for thanksgiving.


 i’m usually pretty good at piecing together outfits for the kids to wear for holidays and special occasions but then  find myself scrambling at the last minute to put together an outfit for myself which leads to febreezing the heck out of something from the dry cleaning pile and wishing i had put a little extra thought and planning into it. this year is no different, so if (like me) your still not sure what to wear, head over to where i shared some thanksgiving outfit inspiration for different destinations. here are a few of my favorites above. we’re headed to the mountains so i’m loving the montana ensemble. thanksgiving in disney world sounds dreamy too.

xo . rae


wear: favorite convo tops

8 message-tops-for-mom-and-mini-

we’re suckers for a good convo tee around here. the designer in me enjoys the typography aspect but i also love that they add a little sass to what would otherwise be a plain top. here are a few cuties i spotted while poking around my favorite online shops this weekend…. something i’ve been doing a lot of to pass the time while i feed pop-tart. how i ever got through the nursing stage without an iPhone is beyond me! ha!

for MAMA | 1 2 3

for MINIS | 4 5 6 7 8

also stumbled upon these for girls, after the board was already made.

(SAY YES sweatshirt, on sale. the kids’ tops were both from j.crew factory but are sold out.)

do you guys have a favorite place to shop online?

7-message-tops-for-mom-and-minion another note, it’s time to celebrate because tilly jane is SIX!!!!

happy birthday sugar. you are pretty much the best thing since sliced bread and your boldness and endless energy is both inspiring and contagious. watching you grow up is one of my greatest joys. i love you mucho – (and then some) – and hope you have the best birthday yet! xo . mama


boy meets girl

since nursing makes it difficult to wear dresses lately, i’ve been swooning over skirts and sprung for this one a couple weeks ago. mostly because, plaid. i can’t get enough of  the classic preppy meets cool kid print lately — can you!?


top (similar) | skirt (on sale!) | booties (similar, similar)

i also love how skirts make it easy to mix feminine with masculine – just throw on a boyfriend or graphic tee or sneakers for a low-fuss vibe. so effortless and super comfy.

what do you think of the tomboy, mix-match trend and how do you pull it off? i would love some ideas!

xo . rae


wear: overalls

let’s talk fashion today, shall we!? after all  that’s what girlfriends do, yeah?!


overalls // sunnies // old top & necklace // sneakers

sept-2014-164so, the 90’s are back and they brought their overalls with them (berkenstocks too, but we’ll save that for another day!).  at first i had mixed feelings about this new trend, but after having poppy they started to sound like a really good idea so i splurge on a pair and have to tell you – i am totally obsessed. they do a beautiful job of hiding all the not so cute parts of postpartum (leaky boobs and a pooch, ahem) and definitely fit the requirements for us mamas – comfy, low-fuss and nothing pops out when i bend over. i also like to think they give off a fun, hip and carefree vibe…. and it’s possible that they could be dressed up for date night don’t you think? maybe with leopard heels?  it’s almost like they have super powers (ha!)!

so, what do you think? love, hate, have a pair?

xo . rae

//images by stacy jacobsen//


bus stop style (dad + mini)


as promised, a little bus stop style for the men in your life! honestly, i could pick out and dress boys all day everyday — it’s the girlie stuff that tends to trip me up a little! hope you like!

for DAD: hat, top (option), pants (option), shoes

for MINI: top (option), sweater, jeans, shoes, headphones (option), backpack

i finally got around to doing a little back to school shopping earlier this week but am only about half way done and still need to decide on backpacks! purchasing a new backpack for back to school is like a tradition around here… and since it’s something they carry everyday i also tend to splurge a little too. however, after talking to several moms who purchase new ones when the old ones are worn out, i’m starting to feel like a major sucker! what do you guys usually do about backpacks?

xo . rae

ps – love the state backpacks (pictured) because for every bag purchased, they give one away to a child in need in the US… they also put on motivational rallies and events that create change in communities. so cool. and so are their bags!


bus stop style (mom + mini)

bus-stop-style-mommy-+-mini2for MOM: hat, top (option), rings, denim, tote, shoe (option)

for MINI: hat, denim jacket (similar), top (option), backpack, track pants, sneakers (option)

just two weeks left before we send our kids back to school and even though there is an abundance of cute fall duds in the stores and online right now, i haven’t purchased a single item. not feeling quite ready to say goodbye to summer! or my kids’ cute faces!! hoping this outfit collage get’s me inspired to check a few things off my back-to-school shopping list today!

how about you!? are you ready for back to school?

xo . rae

(ps – i haven’t forgotten about the boys in your life. come back tomorrow for a daddy + mini bus stop style!)

gray-stripePPS – for more style inspiration, check out this fun video we did as part of a back-to-school series with!


xo . rae

creative direction: rae ann kelly
video production: mark titus, august island pictures
production asst: paul moore, jane kelly + stacy jacobsen



crushing on: sonnet james

sonnet-james-1 sonnet-james-2 sonnet-james-3

happy tuesday love! how’s it going?

i’m excited to share my latest crush, sonnet james. a company that puts function first, but design and style a close second – all in the name of making it easier for moms to be more playful with their kids while also feeling cute (amen!). if you haven’t heard of them then you are in for a real treat!

i purchased a couple of their dresses  (1 & 2) to wear durning my pregnancy (and hopefully well after) and sport each of them at least once a week. i’ve worn them for everything from date night to playdates and all the kids’ activities. oh, and i must mention how well they wash so there is no need to stress when little ones use you as a napkin!

also, how do you resist a company that uses statements like,

“young at heart, present in the moment, and more playful will the ones you love.”

in their marketing… sign me up ASAP!

well, i’ve gushed enough. time to take a peek for yourself…

xo . rae


let’s go to the beach.


some mini style inspiration because all i can think about with this warm weather is summer vacation with the kids and long days at the beach… #summerforever

BOY: swim goggles (j. crew factory), baseball hat (H&M) ^cute on a girl too!^, hoodie (j. crew factory), swim trunks (zara), flip-flops (tea collection)

GIRL: sunnies (crewcuts), chambray top (zara), swimsuit (H&M), coin purse (peek kids), sandals (zara) these are cute too (gap kids)

xo . rae


mother’s day gifts that support moms.

if you are still on the lookout for the perfect mother’s day gifts i have some ideas to share with you today! the best part about these shops is that they empower moms and women to rise above poverty and support their families. on top of that, they also create beautiful products.

if you’ve already checked gift giving off your to do list, these sites are still worth taking a look at. i’ve found myself getting lost in the stories behind each company and the artisans – so inspiring. you may even find a mother’s day treat for yourself and not feel guilty about it!!!


31bits web site // their blog has fun stuff too // 31bits on instagram // throw your own house partygifts-for-moms-by-moms-KK


krochet kids web site // meet the artisans // KK blog // KK on instagram


no. 41 web site // the blog // their story // donate // on instagram

if you know of any other great companies feel free to share a link in the comments below!

happy shopping & celebrating the lovely mamas in your life.

xo . rae