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My to-do list has been expanding rapidly lately and while I had a few more urgent items I should have taken care of the other night (like cleaning out the fridge and writing a shopping list), I found myself shopping for Easter outfits instead. (Sorry kids… we have no food but you’ll look adorable on Easter!)

Here’s a peek at some of the egg hunt ready and Easter Sunday cuteness that caught my eye…


MINI BOY (Egg Hunt) – let’s play tee from peek / navy v-neck from zara / yellow joggers from zara / blue nike’s from j.crew / (Easter Sunday) – chambray top from zara, red chinos from mini boden / tan birks from nordstrom /

BIG BOY (Egg Hunt) – green trim ringer tee from j.crew factory / denim jacket from peek / stan smith sneakers from j.crew / lightning bolt joggers from zara / (Easter Sunday) – check shirt from mini boden / linen shorts from j.crew / tan birks from j.crew /


MINI GIRL (Egg Hunt) – oh happy day hoodie from peek / teal jumpsuit from zara / gray converse from nordstrom / (Easter Sunday) – lemon rose dress from mapamundi kids / bunny ear headband from gap kids / yellow clogs from zara /

BIG GIRL (Egg Hunt) – mint swing top from wildly co. / floral twill pant from peek / pink converse from peek / denim jacket from zara / blue gingham dress from j.crew / giant bow headband from j.crew / yellow clogs from zara /

I also stumbled upon some perry dresses for myself on Boden (like these: 1/2/3) but will probably end up wearing something out of my closet. Not sure why but it’s always easier to buy holiday outfits for the kids…?

Happy hump day you guys! Now to go check a couple other things off my to-do list before the big kids get home from school.

XO, Rae




white-7579 white-7594-2 white-7687 white-7724 white-7728


MEsweater, jeans, sneakers (similar, similar, + these boots would look adorable too)

POPPYturtleneck, overalls, high-tops, hair bow


How I feel about mid-winter is exactly how Poppy’s face looks in this picture… I’m not impressed. For no real reason other than it’s just not my favorite time of year. It doesn’t help that we’ve been cooped up and recovering from a stomach bug followed by a flu virus for the last few weeks. On the bright side, I guess if we have to be sick this would be the best time of year to do it! Positive thoughts, right!? But either way it certainly doesn’t help with the winter blues situation.

There are however a few things I’ve found that have put a bit more pep in my step lately…

  1. Wearing brighter colors! My closet if full of neutrals which I love but apparently there is only so much I can take especially with the gray Seattle sky so I pulled my white jeans out of summer retirement and surprisingly don’t feel weird or out of place wearing them thanks to a few oversized sweaters in my closet.
  2. The days are getting longer (hallelujah!).
  3. Easter is in March instead of April this year which makes spring feel that much closer.
  4. Johan and I have decided to plan a long weekend away to someplace HOT and close-ish. If you have any suggestions or feel like taking care of our kids, please let me know!
  5. Staying warm and lighting things. Like candles and the fireplace. This is kind of a no-brainer but sometimes I forget how affective both of those things are. The fireplace has especially been an important part of our morning routine this winter.
  6. Planning outings and playdates ahead of time. This one is key for me because when it comes down to it, all I feel like doing this time of year is, well — nothing. Scheduling ahead means my feelings aren’t planning my day for me. Of course there is always room for an afternoon spent inside snuggling and baking cookies this time of year too!

How have you been coping with the mid-winter funk!? Or maybe you love this time of year!? Either way, spill the beans on why you love it or what you do to make it more fun.

XO, Rae



RAK mom + mini style january-6909

I stumbled upon Tilly’s sweatshirt while browsing Zara and wondered how I could possibly pass up such a cozy sweatshirt with the sweetest reminder. Especially since loving people with our words and actions has been a topic of conversation a lot with her lately – she can be soooo spunky! Doing all things with love seems simple enough, doesn’t it? But when I saw her running around in her new sweatshirt it occurred to me how huge that calling is. To LOVE ALL the time. Even when we don’t feel like it or the recipient of those “things” doesn’t really deserve it or it requires some sacrifice and humility.

“Do all things with love.”

Gosh I have some work to do in this area and a lot more patience to extend to Tilly while she does the same.

All that from a pint sized sweatshirt, LOL. Can’t help but laugh at myself!

RAK mom + mini style january-6871 RAK mom + mini style january-6892 RAK mom + mini style january-6902 RAK mom + mini style january-6911

RAK mom + mini style january-6865

TILLYsweatshirt from Zara, dress from Peek (similar), leggings from Old Navy, boots from Boden

MEsweater from Topshop, turtleneck from J. Crew, overalls from Madewell (on sale!), boots from gap (similar)

Are there any “things” you could do with a little more love?

For me it is defiantly bedtime! Once 8 o’clock rolls around happy mom clocks out and someone much less patient and loving checks in. It’s actually one of my goals for the year — to start enjoying bedtimes instead of dreading it everyday. Feel free to share bedtime tips below if you have any!

XO, Rae

PS – Pictures by my very awesome husband. One of the goals we made together for 2016 is to learn to take better and more pictures of our family… Wish us luck!



Happy 2016 you guys! After a couple weeks off I’m back and excited for a shiny new start. Before we jump in I want to do two things. One, say thank you for being here to share in life, design and all the other fun and messy stuff that goes with it. It really means so, so much to me.

Two, as we gear up for new content and creative endeavors I want to take a look back at some of the best things that have gone on not just over the last year, but the last 2+! …. Including a shoutout to heart day posts at the bottom :)


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best-of-RAK-wearsSTYLEDenim Skirt + Sweaters / Game Day Outfit / Moms Rule / Capsule Wardrobe / Bus Stop Style / Boy Meets Girl


KIDSAnimal Charms / Breakfast party / DIY Boy Haircut / Rain Maker Craft / Wind Pipe Craft / School Lunch Wish List Freebie


EATChicken Piccata / Mini Energy Bites / Peanut Butter Breakfast Cookies / Chicken Tortilla Soup / Apple Dippers / Zucchini Pancakes


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VALENTINESHand Warmers / Classroom Valentines / Mini Heart Day Felt Banners / Heart Day Playlist / Valentine Dominos

We’re ready for you 2016… I have a feeling your are going to be pretty sweeeeeet!

XO, Rae



Happy day after Thanksgiving friends! Thought I would give you a break from the Black Friday madness (my inbox was SO full this morning!) and share some Holiday style.

Every year Johan and I sit down and set a budget for Christmas. Every year we blow that budget. Not because we’re making it rain, buying lavish gifts for our kids (or ourselves for that matter) or being totally irresponsible but usually because we forget to include the more hidden holiday expenses. Like Christmas cards, a fancy date night, stocking stuffers or something cute for everyone to wear on Christmas. As I’m guessing many can relate, it adds up. In a hurry.


So this year I’m trying to take more of a proactive approach starting with our Christmas party outfits and decided to create an itsums board (more info on itsums below). While Christmas day is spent mostly in our P.J.’s and then whatever new sweater and joggers we unwrap, our Christmas Eve festivities are a little less effortless. Every year we get together with Johan’s big family and enjoy a traditional Scandinavian meal. It’s the highlight of our holiday season and the perfect excuse to wear something cute and festive.

There are just two requirements, 1.) outfits also have to be comfy enough for a long night of merrymaking, playing with cousins, wrestling uncles and eating a few courses of delicious food and 2.) versatile enough that everything will be worn over and over again.

It can be a little tricky, but here’s a peek at outfits options including links!


POPPY: bows, top, dress, socks, shoes

TILLY: dress, necklace, boots, socks — Tilly’s dress might be a bit casual but she’ll wear it all the time after and a couple of sparkly accessories does the trick for Christmas.


ESPEN: shirt, hat, jeans

GRIFFIN: joggers, shirt, bow tie, sweater — Sort of dying over this outfit. Griffin has unexpectedly taken a liking to neckwear and I figure my days of putting him in a sweater with a dog on it are numbered so… bring on the bow ties and puppies! A trendy pair of jogging trousers adds some cool kid vibes and balance to the outfit.

OZZIE: thermal, sweater, jeans – If you’re in need of layering pieces this winter, the thermals from peek kids are a staple in our home for the little and big kids.

SHOES: 1/2/3 (my boys will most likely be in their cleanest pair of sneakers but thought I would share other options that would work with any of the outfits)


MRS.: sweater, skirt, clutch, pumps

MR.: blazer, shirt, jeans, shoes

You can checkout my board and budget over on itsums HERE. If you see items that don’t have prices it’s because we have something similar in our closets or I wanted to include an option for something already on the board (like the 3 pairs of leopard shoes I added!). You might also notice that we are a bit over budget (ooopsies) so I’ll be checking Target to see if they have anything similar for less.

A slight adjustment to our budget might be a good idea too since it’s my shoes and Johan’s blazer that seem to be throwing things off and we have a few other dressy holiday events to attend and not a lot of options in our closet. Also, the thought of Johan in a velvet blazers makes my heart flutter and you just can’t put a price on that, LOL.

If you’ve missed my previous intros (1/2) to this brilliant online budgeting, planning and inspiration site you are in for a treat. Itsums can be used for everything from planning holidays, Birthday parties, vacations, and wardrobes, to home dec and remodeling projects. It’s super helpful for people (like me!) who are more go-with-tha-flow and probably addictive for the more detail oriented folk. I love that I can keep track of everything in one place and the budget aspect keeps my feet on the ground.

I plan on adding boards for Christmas gifts over the weekend too. Would love to see what you guys are summing so leave feel free to leave links to your boards below and  if you would like itsums to feature you on their site or social accounts, be sure to use #itsumsholiday so they can find your projects!

Cheers to making the holidays special without blowing the bank!





With all the new, existing and changing trends right now it’s hard to keep up or know what to add to an existing wardrobe. So I thought I would share a few of the fall pieces that are on heavy rotation from my closet these days.

Long Cardi – This sweater (similar 1/2) is a new fall addition and makes me want to do laundry just so I can wear it again, ha! Looks great layered over dresses, leggings or jeans so basically you can’t loose.

Felt Hat – I purchased this hat (similar 1/2) a few years ago at Target and wear it more and more each year. It’s been an easy way to cover up unwashed hair and all the postpartum fly-aways that don’t seem to want to grow out. Also, generally speaking I just really love hats and this one in particular. It’s like the cherry on top.

Booties – Another previous season purchase (still available in a darker color here) and the only pair of cold weather heels I own that don’t kill my feet and work with basically everything (including my flare jeans!).

//Also pictured – bag (similar) + dress (similar-ish)//


long-cardi-and-cozy-hat-6 long-cardi-and-cozy-hat-2 So there you have it! A few fall wardrobe pieces that won’t let you down, from my closet to yours.

What have you been wearing non-stop lately!?

XO . Rae




costumes-109We’ve been counting down to Halloween (and a couple October Birthdays) around here and according to our calculations there are only 22 days left!

Actually, 22 days seems like a long time which is probably why I’m always scrambling to put together costumes last minute. That and I can’t decide or I’m hoping a kid or two will change their mind (spiderman again!?). This year however everyone has a costume picked out and it’s either hanging in a closet or ordered and on it’s way. In the process of costume deciding I put together this fun Pinterest board and then couldn’t stop pinning!


If you are still in need of some inspiration and missed the link above, CLICK HERE to check it out and follow. The bubble bath kills me… there’s so much cuteness out there, huh!? What costumes have you been dreaming up?

Johan and Griffin are going to be skeletons, Poppy and I are going to be swans, Espen is going to be a Seahawks football player, Tilly a cheerleader and Ozzie has decided to be too cool to dress up :)


Last weekend a few of the kids and I rallied our closets, dug through the dress-up drawer, spent a few dollars at Target and threw together costumes (of sorts) for pictures at the patch. It was an entertaining way to spend our post soccer Saturday since the rest of the family had other things going on and I can’t get enough pictures of my little brood. Happy these guys obliged and had fun in the process!

costumes-107 costumes-106   costumes-119 costumes-116

Don’t forget to let me know what costumes you have planned! It’s one of those questions I’ve been asking everyone I bump into and I love hearing all the responses.

Happy weekend friends!

XO, Rae




I’m a chronic over thinker you guys but it’s usually the simplest quotes, thoughts and scriptures that make the biggest impact in my day to day life.  Like this one by everyones favorite pretty girl:

“Happy girls are the prettiest.” –Audrey Hepburn

Well said, Audrey. Don’t you agree!?

The topic of “pretty” comes up more and more as Tilly get’s older and as a mom of girls that swoons over clothes and painted nails I try to be really intentional about teaching them (and my boys too!!!) what real beauty is — from the inside out.

The quote above reminded me the other day that I can also be an example of what pretty looks like. Happy. Not because the house is tidy or our day is going smoothly or I lost the baby weight or my closet is full of cute clothes  – all of these things rarely if at all happen btw – but because I’m living for something more and loving being their mama.

Not sure how often I will or do succeed but hopefully enough for God to do the rest! :)


Now for some outfit details!

POPPY: sweater, shorts, moccs


MOM: skirt, sweater (similar), striped tee (similar), shoes (similar 1/2)

I think I wear some version of this outfit most days lately… Loving striped shirts for layering under oversized sweaters. An unexpected pop of stripe adds some interest without being crazy.


How do you deal with or feel about the topic of “pretty”? Let’s chat in the comments!

Happy Monday :)

XO, Rae

(Photos by Stacy Jacobsen)



soccer-mom-4My favorite part about fall in addition to the return of pumpkins, plaid, football, and comfort food is soccer season and watching my kids play. This year is especially fun because both Espen and Tilly are playing! Our entire morning and early afternoon was spent on soccer fields (and taking a few pics) last Saturday. As a former competitive player it was the perfect way to spend the day!


MAMA OUTFIT: midi dress (similar 1 2 3 4), chambray (similar), sneakers, sunnies (similar)

I always feel a little stumped when it comes to getting dressed for a day of watching soccer, running around and wrangling the kids. I want to be cute but not overdressed and comfortable but not frumpy. I guess it’s kinda silly to put so much thought into it, but I like clothes and getting dressed so I think about it :)

Some gamedays I’m in my workout clothes and others jeans but last Saturday I wore this cute and sporty jersey knit midi dress with fall-ish stripes, a chunky sweater (not pictured), layer of chambray and sneakers — Always sneaker, or boots when it’s rainy — and it felt just right.

Regardless of cute or sporty, being able to play in what I wear is a must. There is always a little free time to fill or bored siblings to play with. And honestly, I know I said that I love watching the kids play, and I do, but I also have a hard time just sitting and watching and end up multitasking between watching, playing with the other kids and chatting with other parents. I guess part of that is unavoidable with a one-year-old but my goal is to be better about just watching.


POPPY OUTFIT: pants, shoes, sweatshirt

TILLY OUTFIT: top, shorts (Marshall’s), socks (Target), shoes (cousin hand-me-downs)


soccer-mom-17soccer-mom-16Also, hard pants on Poppy! I like my babies being comfy and cozy and didn’t think she (ahem, I) was ready for jeans, but these are still nice and soft.


What are your favorite game day digs!? Also, are you more of multi-tasker during games or do you give your undivided attention?

XO, Rae

(images by Stacy Jacobsen)


P.S. – Just to end on a funny note. We had a real america’s funniest home videos moment during these pics when Tilly hit Poppy with the ball perfectly in the forehead. I didn’t even know she could kick like that! Anyways, Poppy didn’t cry until she saw my face. Not my finest mom moment but I could not stop laughing when I saw this photo.




I feel funny writing this post because I’m usually the one asking for makeup advice but I recently learned a few tricks from my girl Stacy that are so good yet easy enough for the makeup challenged (that’s me) and I just couldn’t keep them to myself. No skills, smokey or cat eyes required, just the basics applied purposefully so you won’t be wondering all day if you did it right.

fresh-face-makeup-toot-2Side note, don’t you just love hairbands as accessories? And the hair flipping! I read somewhere once that movement in front of the camera is a good thing so I guess it’s my movement of choice, HA!

Now back to the tutorial.

You’ll Need:

  • your usual base (tinted moisturizer, foundation, etc.), eyeliner, mascara and lash curler
  • bronzer
  • blush in a bright pink
  • highlighter or concealer 2 shades lighter than your skin
  • translucent powder or setting spray
  • angled eyebrow pencil
  • makeup sponge and blush brush
  • matte lip color and pencil in a natural shade

Here’s how:

  1. Start with your usual base (I had a tinted moisturizer on) and cover up any blemishes or dark circles.
  2. Add bronzer to your hairline, jawline and under your cheekbones and blend with a brush.
  3. Apply a highlighter or concealer a couple shades lighter than your skin tone to the top of your cheekbones, inside corner of eyes and bridge of nose. Blend with a sponge or your fingers.
  4. Brush on a little blush in a bright color to the apples of your cheeks. Blend again if needed and then set with a translucent powder or spray.
  5. Using an angled eyebrow pencil, fill in your brows. Mine have been sadly neglected this summer so ignore their shapelessness! Add eyeliner to your lash line and underneath top lashes if your feeling brave (I don’t line my bottom lashes), curl lashes and apply mascara.
  6. Finish up with a matte lip and liner in a natural or nude shade and voila!

I hope that seems as simple as promised!? Sorry for the lack of links to exact products but I usually just let the makeup girls at MAC or Sephora know what I’m looking for and go with what they suggest as long as the price is reasonable.

Have a happy Monday and let me know if I left something out or if you have any questions.

XO, Rae

(photos by Stacy Jacobsen)



itsums-3Hey guys, dropping you a little note on a Saturday to remind you to sign up for the $75 Target gift card sponsored by Itsums! All the details and links can be found in THIS POST. Giveaway ends tomorrow morning.

Plus I made a fall wardrobe wish-list board for myself because moms need back to school clothes too! It’s still in need of editing (a thousand dollars worth!). Click here to check it out.

Hope the weekend is being good to ya!

XO, Rae