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rae ann kelly emoji lunchbox notes-8240

‘Tis the season for lunchbox packing! Not that my kid’s lunches look this cute everyday during the school year, but I do try and make them extra special for the  back to school season especially. I feel like it makes the transition easier for all of us. Then as the year goes on, anytime we get in a packed lunch or school rut, I’ll start adding special touches again. Chocolate covered or sprinkled anything and notes or stickers are always a hit.

Over the long weekend, while planning meals for the first week of school, I felt inspired to print some emoji and hashtag stickers to keep on hand. Download file and take a peek at what and how we’re packing for lunch this week, below.

rae ann kelly emoji lunchbox notes-8247


  • Almond butter and banana sandwich
  • Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Edamame
  • Greek yogurt and sprinkles
  • Answer to the joke: Because they would crack each other up :)

rae ann kelly emoji lunchbox notes-8244


  • Bagel with cream cheese and cucumbers
  • Salami bites
  • Almonds and M&M’s
  • Popcorn
  • Raspberries


rae ann kelly emoji lunchbox notes-8250rae ann kelly emoji lunchbox notes-8245


My kids start school tomorrow and I am dreading it. But if I had to pick a silver lining it would be that the kitchen won’t be in a constant state of eating, snacking, cooking and general mess. At least during school hours. So at the moment, packing lunches feel like a blessing. Ask me in a couple months though!

How do you feel about packing lunches?

XO, Rae




The kids had an extra long Memorial Day weekend (5 days off!) and even though a lot of it was spent at baseball games we were able to squeeze in a day trip to Bainbridge Island, WA in the Puget Sound. Before we left I put together a beach scavenger hunt to bring with us. My kids go crazy for activities like this but they already have so much fun at the beach that I wasn’t sure they would participate, but they did and they loved it!

I’ll share more about our trip tomorrow but you can click to download the scavenger hunt activity here:


beach day trips with kids -4249

On another note, how cute is Poppy’s little purse from Swankaroo!? Tilly brought her’s along for our adventure too and they were perfect for holding little snacks, activities and treasures from the beach.

Do you guys have a favorite beach activity? Sorta wish we would have brought a couple kites this trip…. next time!

XO, Rae



hello-summer-tech-wallpapersNo school for the kiddos today so our long weekend has already begun (YAY!). Before I sign off I wanted to share these fun summer wallpapers. Use the links below to download…

Pin for safe keeping and don’t forget to enter the pin it to win it contest HERE, too!

Hope your memorial weekend is full of enjoying and celebrating our freedoms with family and friends. I’ll be hanging out on Instagram over the next few days, but will be back here on Tuesday with a fun post!

XO, Rae

P.S. – Words just never seem like enough, but to all the men, women and families who have and continue to serve, we are forever grateful for your bravery and sacrifice. Thank you.



may day project-1978

This month we’re keeping our arrow project simple with a pretty act of kindness — May Day notes, with a dose of truth at the bottom and room to tape a bloom!

This might come as a shocker, but May Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with the kids. Mostly because there is no pressure to do anything and people are almost always surprised and happy for whatever we’ve thrown together. (Download and details below!)

may day project-1981 may day project-1984



  1. Download freebie, print on card stock and cute along dashed lines.
  2. Gather some fresh blooms from your yard, a neighbor’s, friend’s, the store, etc.
  3. Trim stems and tape to cards.
  4. Place on front doors, cars, mailbox, etc. or give to teachers, friends, neighbors, etc. as a random act of kindness.

may day project-1987

I often get caught up in feeling like the little things aren’t enough. Sharing a smile, encouraging word or single flower can’t possibly make a difference in someones heart or day but that would be a lie. Even Mother Teressa, who did BIG things and lived a BIG life, believed in the power of small things.

So this month we’ll be putting this principle into practice and learn to believe that God can do a lot with our little. Something that comes much more naturally to my kids!

XO, Rae

P.S. – Another May Day project we did when Poppy was in my belly and Tilly had the sweetest bob!



With Mother’s Day approaching quickly on the calendar, I thought it would be fun to to play with flowers! Not only are they an easy way to bring the outdoors inside but they add life to a space or someones day. Since I know nothing about choosing, cutting or keeping plants alive I asked my stylish and adorably pregnant friend Teressa (the brains and beauty behind Teressa Johnson Studio) for backup. She obliged and brought over a selection of flowers from her yard while I DIY-ed some tin can vases to put them in.


And here is how they turned out! Pretty cute I think. The vases of blooms (and succulents) can be grouped together for a centerpiece and then broken up and given as party favors or made as gifts for mommy friends on their big day.

Here’s how to make the vases but be sure to keep scrolling! At the bottom of the post, you’ll find a few really good and simple tips from Teressa about how to make floral arrangements.



  1. Rinse and dry tin cans.
  2. For a dipped look, use painters tape to tape-off the part of can you don’t want painted.
  3. Use acrylic paint to cover the untaped side and let dry. Repeat until the can is covered.


  1. Click to download the patterned paper and print on card stock.
  2. Rinse and dry tin cans. Measure the height and outside of the can and cut paper to size.
  3. Tape or decoupage the paper onto the can. If you choose tape, be careful not drip water on the paper or the pattern will smudge.

mother's day flowers-1791-4

Group the painted vases with the ones covered in fun patterns all together…

mother's day flowers-1803mother's day flowers-1835

… Or pick your favorite DIY (dipped or covered) vase and keep it simple.

mother's day flowers-1822

Clip “HEY MAMA” tags to the vases for a graphic touch or use as a gift tag.

mother's day flowers-1880


  1. Cut your stems at an angle so there is more surface to soak up water.
  2. If deciding on a color palette feels overwhelming, keep it simple by sticking to two colors. Greenery is considered a neutral.
  3. When blooms are sparse create an organic look by using only foliage.
  4. Use what you have or, what your neighbors have! Don’t be shy. If you spy something pretty in the neighbor’s yard, bring over a plate of cookies, compliment their blooms and ask to forage a few stems. It’s a great way to meet the people living around you and strike up a conversation.
  5. Last but not least, don’t take it too seriously — it’s not a science and should be fun and playful!

mother's day flowers-1919

So helpful, Teressa!

If you are local to the Seattle area I highly recommend checking out her latest brainchild, wild + gathered, recurring seasonal floral arrangements delivered right to your doorstep. And just like the arrangements from this post, the wild + gathered bouquets can be divided and shared with friends or spread out around the home or workplace.

Flowers make everything better. Yes?

XO, Rae




We are enjoying one last day of spring break over here but I wanted to share these cute, gender neutral baby milestone cards real quick. One of the things I wish I had been better about is taking monthly pictures of my kids when they were infants. The baby days are so fleeting!

So, if you are or know a mom or mama-to-be or have a baby shower to attend soon (what a fun and useful DIY baby gift!), then click the link below to download or pin and save for later.


The download comes with a backside with enough space to jot down all the firsts, faves and fun details of babies month, too.

baby milestone cards-1749 baby milestone cards-1736baby milestone cards-1424

(Thanks to baby Winnie and her mama for being my model for this post. We love you guys!)

Were/are you good about taking pictures or keeping track of milestones?

XO, Rae

PS – I posted our meal plan from last week if you are into that kind of thing and want to take a peek — head HERE.



I know we were just talking about St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, but today is all about Easter. A couple years ago the kids and I started booing our friends and neighbors for Halloween and have so much fun doing it that I figured an Easter version was a must. So next week instead of booing we’ll be egging!


After stocking up on Easter-y knick-knacks and treats to fill these egg crates we’ll pick a few front porches to leave them on and then ding-dong ditch (the kids’ favorite part). Hoping to get another one packaged and shipped to a special little someone too.

Click to download the, “YOU’VE BEEN EGGED” TAGS + CARD to make your own. Baskets or gift bags filled with stuffed eggs would be just as cute and maybe even hold more goodies.

you've been egged easter printable-0602

I always love seeing your projects on Instagram so be sure to take a pic and tag me if you go egging @raeannkelly!

XO, Rae

P.S. – Hoping to see all of my Seattle area friends at the U Village Land of Nod this Saturday! RSVP if you can to nonevents(at)landofnod(dot)com but feel free to come either way. More details below…. Can’t wait!





Happy Monday you guys! Thought I would kick off the week with a few of my favorite things — simple holiday ideas, yummy snacks and a freebie! I had so much fun putting together these Halloween bites and lunchbox notes I thought I would do the same for St. Patrick’s day. The lunch notes can double as tags for treat bags too. (Download and snack details, below.)


Click to download, LUNCHBOX NOTES PDF



  1. Green sandwich wrap: spinach tortilla, smashed avocado, deli meat and cilantro because they look a little like 4-leaf clovers.
  2. Rainbow puff pastries: a less sugary take on fruit pizza. Use puff pastry sheets from the freezer section at the store. Follow instructions on package. To make a rainbow shape, use a round cookie cuter and cut in half. While they bake, mix cream cheese with a little honey and vanilla. Spread on top of pastries and add fruit in rainbow colors.
  3. Lucky charm treats: Melt 6 tablespoons and 16 ounces of mini marshmallows over medium heat. Remove from heat and add about 12 cups of lucky charms. Stir together quickly and press into a well greased 9×13-inch baking dish. Let harden and serve!
  4. Rainbow cereal necklace. After the lucky charms splurge I decided to go with a less sugary, organic version of fruit loops. Not as colorful but still fun… just string onto twine.
  5. Tortellini and pesto. Easy, green and packable!
  6. Anything in green packaging like juice boxes and apple sauce pouches :)
  7. Kale chips. I like this recipe and use coconut oil instead of olive oil.
  8. These peanut butter sandwich crackers look a little like gold coins and are one of those thing we don’t usually purchase but the kids are always asking for.

I love how the smaller holidays add some fun and whimsy to our daily routine without the expectation to go all-out. How about you?

XO, Rae

PS – Johan and I just boarded a plane to Phoenix for some kid-free time in the sun. We are only staying for a few days but if you have any activity or restaurant suggestions, please share!



paper-plate-bunny-mask-1Holidays in general have away of sneaking up on me, even when I know they’re coming! Easter this year is in March which seems extra sneaky. Even though we’ll be celebrating in less than a month, it feels a little early for bunnies, chicks and eggs.

To help get in the spirit, Tilly (7), Griffin (4) and I made these fun paper plate masks that double as a fun toy and activity. They’ve been well loved around here by all so we will definitely be making more… hopefully with friends!

Keep scrolling for instructions and a template to make your own.


You’ll Need:

  • paper plates
  • popsicle sticks (or straws)
  • bunny ear, whisker and eye template or card stock
  • glue, glue dots +/or tape
  • x-acto knife and cutting mat or small scissors
  • pom-poms (optional)

Here’s How:

  1. Prep a work surface. Set out kid friendly glue options. We used glue dots for the nose and ears and glue sticks for the whiskers.
  2. Download template, print and cut out ears, circle and rectangles (or make your own out of colorful card stock). Cut rectangles into strips for whiskers.
  3. Cut plate in half and lay right side up. Use the circle template to trace eyes on the plate and then cutout.
  4. With plates right side down, let kids add whiskers, nose and ears.
  5. Once glue has dried, tape popsicle stick to the backside.

Have you started getting ready for Easter yet?!

XO, Rae




We’ve been in full-blown Valentine’s day mode for the last couple weeks and it’s been so much fan that I’ll be sad to see it go. One of our favorite activities has been these heart shaped glasses inspired by miss Tilly Jane. She is always searching for crafts and projects to do, especially when paint is involved!

These glasses took a little bit of prep work with the printing and cutting but once the templates and paints were set up and ready they were simple to paint and put together and would be a great activity for younger kids or classrooms parties.

Keep scrolling for the template download, supplies and instructions…


(Poppy’s top from my fave etsy shop!)



You’ll Need:

  • scissors/x-acto knife
  • paint and paint brushes +/or other decorating supplies (pom-poms, glitter glue, washi tape, etc.)
  • card stock and printer
  • thin cardboard (optional) like poster board for more sturdy glasses
  • glue or tape
  • cellophane wrap in different colors (optional for lenses)

Here’s How:

  1. There are a couple different ways to do this. Either print template on card stock, cutout and get ready to decorate OR print template, trace onto poster board, cutout and then prepare to decorate.
  2. Decorate using paint or other craft supplies. Let dry.
  3. Fold the tabs on either side of the heart frames and attach the temples (or arms of the glasses) using glue or tape. If making for a smaller child you might want to trim the temples so they fit better. If you have cellophane, cut to size and glue to the inside of the hearts to make lenses.

vday-2016-104Aren’t they cute?

Do you have any favorite Valentine projects, snacks or activities?

XO, Rae

PS – If you are still in need of classroom Valentines and don’t mind printables, we are still taking orders for print ready PDF files in the Design Shop for the next few days!




heart scavenger hunt-7865Happy, happy Friday you guys!!! Eventhough the line between workweek and weekend is mostly blurred once you have kids, I can’t help but be excited for a couple days of less structure and more fun.

Speaking of fun, last week Johan and I planned a surprise scavenger hunt for Espen, Tilly, Griffin and a couple friends after school. Ever since, it’s been trending at our house. As in it’s all the kids want to do. Plan, make and go on scavenger hunts. Deciding the end prize is serious business too. For the first round they had giant marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. After our forth hunt we opted for a game of hot and cold and the treat was a mint. They were thrilled and we were thoroughly entertained.

If you find yourself cooped up with stir-crazy kids I highly recommend throwing together a scavenger hunt or a game of hot and cold. More pics, details and “heart hunt” download below…

heart scavenger hunt-7763

 heart scavenger hunt-7773

//Remember when friends coming home on the bus with you was like the best!?//

heart scavenger hunt-7779  heart scavenger hunt-7789

heart scavenger hunt-7829

Scavenger hunts are pretty self explanatory but it’s nice to see a step-by-step so here’s how we did it — We picked 5 fun spots around the house to hide balloons and a final destination to hide the treats. We then wrote clues accordingly on paper, stuck them in balloons and blew them up. On the front door we stuck a note, balloon and pin for popping the balloons. That’s it!

Click here to download the “HEART HUNT” cards.

Cheers to a fun weekend!

XO, Rae

PS – A quick classroom valentines PSA. In order to allow for shipping time, printed classroom valentines will only be available in the shop for the next week! If you are having a hard time choosing a design, here are a few of the best sellers:

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