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shared rooms + little conversations.

overhearing a conversation between two children is quite possibly one of the sweetest (and often funniest) things in life. when those children also happen to be siblings it’s downright heart melting. it’s also one of the reasons i love for my kids to share rooms. of course there are benefits (and less arguments) when kids are in their own rooms too, which is why we seem to constantly be playing a game of musical beds. in fact, i think we’ve exhausted just about every match-up. first ozzie and espen shared. then tilly and espen (seen here 1/2). when we moved last summer it was ozzie, espen and griffin in one room but now (after an ambitious weekend) poppy and tilly are in a room, griffin and espen are in a room and ozzie is all by his lonesome (insert teenage fist pumps here).

i’m super excited to watch them in their new spaces. i’m also excited to decorate them and think i’ll start with the girls’ room. here’s some inspiration i’m la, la, loving right now.


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(SOURCES – one / two / three / four — to see more (including boy rooms!) head to my “little spaces” pinterest board)

lay baby lay is my new favorite place to find kid decor inspiration and my friend emily’s blog is always full of fantastic ideas.

how about you… do you have a favorite home dec site you like to visit or thoughts on shared spaces?

xo . rae


spring flings, fun new fabrics and freebies for your tech.

it’s been a ridiculous cold and flu season around here this winter. my family has spent the past couple weeks passing around a naaaasty stomach bug which has since been followed up by ugly coughs, a double ear infection and pink eye. yep. i’ve never done so much laundry.

to get myself out of the funk that is this flu and cold season (boo!), i’ve been working on some happy, fresh and colorful fabric designs (yay!) because spring cannot come fast enough. so far i’ve put together some simple patterns as well as more whimsical ones (think swans, llamas and bunnies). i plan on making baby leggings and headbands out of them as well as pillows and such for the kids’ rooms so most are more kid inspired than adult. however,  i picked a few i thought would make cute cellphone wallpapers to share with you- LINKS BELOW. i also threw in a couple poster designs i’ve been working on…

spring-fling-for-iPhone-5,-iPhone-5s,-iPod-touch-5th-gen---1136-x-640DOWNLOAD WALLPAPERS:

say yes (a revelation from here) // stripe // tribal-ish // bows // big dots // mantra

while i finish designing the rest of the fabrics, i have a favor to ask you…

SPILL IT :) … share any fabric design requests or sewing or no-sew tutorials you’d like to see (picnic blanket, napkins, a pouf…?) in the comments below. i love hearing your ideas!

i’ll let you know when the new fabrics are available in my spoonflower shop. in the meantime, here’s a few of my existing favorites (1 // 2 // 3).

talk soon.

xo . rae


heart day freebies.

i’ve had heart day on the brain friends which means i’ve been busy whipping up classroom valentines and wanted to share them with you today! links to download are below. there are 10 different 2×3 inch notes that can also be hole punched and used as tags or printed on sticker paper and used to seal goodie bags.



head to the DESIGN SHOP on etsy if you would like me to personalize the back with your child’s name (lots of coordinating colors + fonts to choose from) or change the color or font used on a design. don’t forget to use code “BLOGLOVE20” for 20% off your purchase!


DOWNLOAD (cute + colorful) VALENTINE PDF

again, don’t forget to visit the DESIGN SHOP on etsy if you would like me to change or personalize your valentines!


these two are my favorites and the googly eyed valentine is a classic around here so i had to make a smaller version. looking forward to seeing which ones the kids pick and what goodies they’ll want to package up with them.

side note, oriental trading is my favorite place to order inexpensive knick-knacky party favor type toys that kids go gaga for. they have so many things to choose from for almost nothing (plus shipping). if you are going the novelty toy instead of candy route, here’s some fun ideas!

  • plastic dinosaurs or animals
  • glow in the dark sticks
  • pencils (they have customizable ones)
  • bouncy balls
  • sticky hands
  • stickers or tattoos
  • punch balloons
  • parachute guys
  • mini water colors
  • whistles or mini flutes
  • poppers
  • plastic army, firefighter, or cowboy guys
  • clown noses would be cute and unexpected!

like most holidays, valentines day has a way of sneaking up on me so it feels so fantastic to have at least part of the kids’  valentines checked off my to do list. now i just need to figure out what other crafts, decorations and treats we want to make to celebrate. gosh there’s a lot that goes into each holiday?!

what sorts of things do you have planned?

xo . rae

(pictures by stacy jacobsen)


winter wreath and crown (simple DIY and printable).

happy second to last friday before christmas, friends! even if your not stressing over a mile long holiday to-do list, chances are you don’t have a ton of extra time on your hands. so poppy and i have a couple easy peasy-10 minute-(maybe 15)-must make-DIY’s to share with you today.


i can’t get enough buffalo check or pom-pons this season so let’s get started!


GEOMETRIC WREATH: full disclosure, i’ve never taken a wreath making class or made a wreath before so i have no idea what i’m doing. however, the end product turned out super cute so i figure i’ll share how i did it and we can just fake it til’ we make it! for those of you who have mad wreath making game, please share tips in the comments!

you’ll need:

  • wire hanger
  • wire cutters
  • greenery (i gathered some from outside)
  • green floral wire
  • mini pom-poms
  • thread and needle
  • ribbon for hanging

here’s how:

  1. untwist the hanger and shape into a triangle (or whatever shape you want). twist closed and cut off excess.
  2. arrange greenery around wire, wrapping with floral wire as you go until it looks how you like.
  3. thread pom-poms to desired length and wrap around your wreath. use ribbon to hang!


BUFFALO CHECK CROWNS: i made these for tilly’s lumber jack and jill bday party but thought they’d be perfect around the holidays. gold crowns make a festive addition too… just use the printable as a template and trace onto glitter paper.

you’ll need:

  • skinny elastic (sold on spools in the sewing + notions section at a craft store)
  • white or colored card stock (poppy is wearing the crown printed on red paper)
  • stapler
  • tape
  • scissors
  • printable crown file

here’s how:

  1. download and print file onto white or colored card stock.
  2. cutout around pattern and tape to make a crown.
  3. cut elastic to desired length (about 9 to 12 inches) and staple ends to either side of crown.

new-fabrics-for-diyingbefore i go for the weekend i also wanted to share a few things i’ve added to my spoonflower shop… 1/2/3/4

the valentine hand warmers have been such a huge hit that i had to make a second, more wintery version. i also added some simple black and white patterns that are perfect for christmas (to make napkins, pillows, tea towels, etc.) but can also last all year long. before ordering, check spoonflower’s shipping deadlines if you need your goodies before christmas!

hope your weekend is full of baking, diy-ing, tradition making and christmas movie watching :)

let me know if you have any questions about the toots above…. i’ll be back on monday with a land of nod giveaway!

xoxo . rae

{images by stacy jacobsen}


notes to santa.

we haven’t celebrated turkey day yet, but already i feel like i’m behind for christmas! ha! how is that possible!? the only thing i have going for me is that we’ve written down our gift list and thanks to online shopping it should be pretty easy to check everything off. i anticipate however, that my children will still be telling me about a new item on their wish list about every 5 minutes from now until christmas eve. as fun and cute as it is to see them so excited it also gets annoying. in a hurry. the solution?  i made some notes so they can tell santa all about it, either in words or drawing, and set out a jar to collect them all until they are “sent” to the north pole.

fingers crossed, it works like a charm and if you want to give it a try there is a link below to download!


(CLICK to DOWNLOAD “note to santa”)

truth be told, we don’t focus too much on the man in the red suit during christmas, but he does make a really good scapegoat. we’re also getting santa pictures taken this year for the first time since espen (now 8) was a baby (can’t wait to share!). how much santa is involved in your christmas merry making?

happy thanksgiving week friends!

xo . rae


thanksgiving bingo and kids table setting.

in less than two weeks we’ll be kicking off the holiday season with turkey day. can you believe it!? i could not be more excited for the long weekend, extra downtime with family and yummy food. not to mention lots of time spent in the kitchen with the kids and my mama!

to keep things running (sort of) smoothly and the kids entertained at the table when it comes time to eat, i put together these activity cards and teepee place cards. links are below to download….


  • TEEPEE PLACE CARDS – add a few small thanksgiving themes figurines or animals for extra fun!
  • BINGO CARDS – up the ante and bring a few small prizes for the winners!
  • THANKFUL NOTE CARDS – write something your thankful for next to each letter!

these are some of my favorite printables to date — i hope you enjoy and find a way to use them (snap a pic and tag me on instagram if you do – @raeannkelly)!


xo . rae

(images by stacy jacobsen)


backyard halloween bash


i know it’s a little late to start planning a halloween party, but this backyard bash styled by my new friend jen was too cute to pass up. plus it’s full of fun halloween food ideas like those glass apple juice jars, tomato soup, ghostly grilled cheese

TEC-Halloween-14  TEC-Halloween-41

… oreo owls and dipped marshmallows.


jen also used our blackboard perfection party set sold on minted which was fun to see! you can checkout more of the party on her blog (HERE).

off to get everyone’s costumes organized and finished and write up a plan and shopping list for the big day. holidays are crazy around here with all these kidlets — not to mention the birthdays we have this week (oz & tilly)… i’m going to need a girl’s night asap!

what’s left on your halloween to-do list!? any festive food on the menu!?

xo . rae


easy pennant pillow DIY

during the last couple months of my pregnancy with poppy we were super busy staging, packing and trying to rent out our old home. setting up a nursery had to wait so instead of painting and putting together furniture i started collect little decorative things to make piecing together the nursery a cinch when the time came.

during that time i also designed a few special things, including that hooray pillow in her crib. i love how it turned out and think it adds the perfect little happy touch to poppy’s space. i also love that it is a cut and sew project which is the best kind because you get to skip all the pattern printing, cutting, tracing, and pinning usually involved in sewing projects. you also get to skip the fabric foraging step which can be fun but is also very time consuming. at least for me – i have commitment issues.

bottom line — once the fabric showed up at my door step it only took 20 minutes to put together! if your interested, here’s how to DIY —

make-hooray-pennant-pillow 2


  • this cut and sew fabric from spoonflower (you just need a fat-quarter. i like using the linen cotton canvas) OR two swatches of fabric and fabric paint so you can stencil on whatever saying you like.
  • polyfill stuffing
  • sewing machine or needle
  • thread
  • fabric scissors.


  1. using fabric scissors, cut out the pennant pieces.
  2. stack pennants right sides together and sew together using a straight stitch 1/4 inch from the edge, leaving a 3-inch opening on the short end. trim the extra fabric from the points of the pennant.
  3. turn your pennant right side out. stuff with polyfill and fold the open edges in. close your pillow by sewing a top stitch all the way around the pillow, backstitching at the beginning and end and then your done!

easy-peasy, right? if you have any questions about the sewing terms, etc, let me know!

xo . rae

ps – here are a couple more cut and sew projects to try // here + here.


the DESIGN shop.

super bummed that i’ve been so MIA this week as i’ve been loving this blogging gig and have lots of fun things planned. however i’ve been tied up for a good and exciting reason…. :)


yep! i’ve opened an etsy shop and now that all the fine print has been worked out and written it’s time to fill it with products and i would REALLY, REALLY like your help!

if you have any ideas for items you would like to see in the shop, please share in the comments!

already listed is the “HOORAY” flag poster (as seen here and here) if you’ve had your eye on it.

can’t wait to hear your ideas and add more goodies to the shop!

xo . rae

P.S. – i would love to give all my blog friends 20% off with coupon code BLOGLOVE20


digital invites and iphone wallpapers for HALLOWEEN

happy monday friends! to start the week off right, i have some cute (with a touch of spooky) halloween designs to share with you! 3 digital invites that make planning a halloween party or casual get together super easy + extra fun. just save the files and then attach to your email or text message. i also designed a few wallpapers to get your phone in the halloween spirit!

//click links below to download//

free-digital-invites-and-wallpapers-iphoneDIGITAL INVITES


do you have a favorite!?

xo . rae


#hellofall (free banner downloads)

free-fall-banner-downloadsyou guys… i love fall and especially october so i wanted to add to the merriment and share these fun and simple banners with you! just download below, print on card stock, cut along lines with scissors (but use an exact-o knife for the middle parts if you want), hole punch and connect with brads.

here’s to a month full of pumpkins, cozy sweaters and jumping in leaves!

yay for october!

xo . rae

ps – here is another banner you might fancy.