If you need me this week, I’ll be soaking up the last full week of summer vacay with my babes. We don’t have any major plans but will be trying to get back into a normal bedtime routine, stocking the pantry for lunch packing and after school snacking, enjoying the first of many Friday night football games, and hitting the road for one last weekend getaway before soccer games begin.

As much as I don’t want summer to end, I absolutely love back to school season — the clothes shopping, project making, food prepping, and to do list writing makes me happy. So thought I would roundup some of my favorite BTS posts from years past… scroll through for images and links!


Will be making more of these this year!


Yes please! You can download and personalize labels too so you know who’s is who’s when grabbing out of the freezer.


Can’t go wrong with emojis and kids or adding a little extra love to their lunch.


Doing this ^ makes everything about getting ready in the morning or packing for overnights easier.


Haven’t met a person that didn’t love these cookies. Make extra to bring to a play date, drop off at a friends front door (with coffee) or for an after school snacks!


A cute way to keep track of BTS to-do’s and also remind myself that there is a reason I’m feeling a little tired and scattered this time of year… between finishing summer strong and school prep, there is so much going on!

Happy Monday Friends!

How is back to school stuff going for you?

xo, Rae



Whether you’re sending kids back to school or just ready to transition from lazy summer mornings to more structured fall days (hello earlier bedtimes!), getting everyone back onto the same morning routine is key. With 5 kids that have very different morning tendencies I’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that make it easier to get out of the house on time(-ish).

1 | STOCK THE DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM WITH TOOTHBRUSHES + HAIR SUPPLIES — Unless we have a good 10 minute cushion before heading to school or the bus, sending my kids back upstairs to brush their teeth and style their hair (if they haven’t already) is a terrible decision, because the distraction struggle is real. They find a million other things to do like rough house, find that toy they haven’t seen for a couple weeks, or count the money in their piggy bank. It’s a serious talent and maybe it’s just my kids but storing tooth brushes and hair supplies downstairs keeps everyone moving in the right direction.

2 |ONE + DONE OUTFITS FOR MAMA — It takes me way too long to get ready once the kids get up and I try to use as much of the hour or two before they do so to get some work done so having cute dresses and jumpsuits to throw on is everything. Add a hat or sunnies and some lipstick and 15 minutes is all it takes to be ready for the day! Unless of course it’s a hair washing day :)

At least until the weather starts to freeze in which case I stay in my sweats or jammies as long as possible, and opt for driving the kids instead of walking, LOL.

3 | CONTINENTAL BREAKKIE TO SIT AND EAT OR TAKE + GO — this is key for Tilly who would prefer not to eat breakfast until 10am. She just isn’t hungry, but not eating before going to school is not an option for many reasons but especially because she goes from hungry to hangry in a few short minutes. To make it easy on all of us we’ll be setting up a continental breakfast for the first couple weeks so there will be lots of choices and easy options to grab and go or throw in their bags for snack time later. A few things on our continental breakfast menu: no-bake energy bites, cereal, yogurt, granola, bananas, apples, peanut butter, hardboiled eggs and muffins.

4 | INCENTIVES! — Who doesn’t love a good incentive!? At the top of my kids’ wish list is Starbucks, a special after school snack, family bike rides to school, or “parent pick-up” instead of taking the bus.

5 | CUE THE MUSIC, DANCING + LAUGHTER — There is nothing worse than sending the kids off to school when one or more of us is frustrated or upset. Luckily — joy, cool dance moves and laughter are contagious. It’s also not a bad way to start the day!

I absolutely loved and appreciated all the comments regarding my thoughts on homeschooling. You guys are the best and seriously know how to encourage a girl!!! Instead of rushing into things this year, Johan and I have decided to spend more time thinking about the logistics and looking into co-ops, programs, and other resources that are out there. In the meantime the kids will be going to their usual school (that we love!) down the street and I’ll be scheduling one day a week to volunteer… something I’m sure Poppy will look forward to just as much as me!

Now back to morning routine hacks. Please share any tips you might have in the comments!

xo, Rae









For my own kids and family, when it comes to the topic of traditional vs. alternative schooling I’ve always leaned towards the side of public school. But as I walked through target the other day and casually grabbed the new school supply list a spontaneous thought crossed my mind…

Maybe we should homeschool?

Aside from not being ready to say goodbye to my kids’ cute faces (Poppy not included) for 7-ish hours a day, something about this summer has made me incredibly aware of how little quality-time we spend together during the school year and how much closer and in sync I feel with them during summer break. I’m more tuned into their heart, desires, needs and hangups than I could ever be during the crazy train that we all board between the hours of 3:30 and bedtime during the school year.

So here’s the conundrum. After hours of thinking, praying and making a pros and cons list a mile long, there doesn’t seem to be a “best” or “perfect” choice. Maybe it’s just not time or maybe God has something else in mind…  like a part-time co-op school program where the kids go to school from 8 to 12pm or 3 days a week from 8 to 2? That would honestly solve all of my problems and probably zero for anyone else’s (LOL) but it sounds pretty amazing!

I know this is a bit deep for a Monday, but do you guys struggle with picking the best kinda schooling for your kids?

And how do you make big decisions when there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer?!!!!

Always love hearing your input so please dish in the comments :)

xo, Rae

ESPEN | top sold-out from j.crew (but this ones cute!), shorts from gap, glasses are nike

POPPY | hoodie and glasses from target, shorts from childhoods, scooter from amazon




I’m really good at avoiding all things back to school and in theory, I guess it makes sense. I mean, who wants to think about going back to school when there’s still summer to soak up!? The only problem is that once the last week or two of summer rolls around we’re too busy scrambling to buy school supplies, picking out backpacks, running around to appointments, and crossing our fingers that all the first day of school outfits arrive on time, to actually enjoy it.

This year, with 40 something days left of summer, I’m doing my best to spread out the back to school preparations. A box of stylish clothes from Rockets of Awesome  should be arriving in the mail next week, I grabbed school supply sheets from Target last week, and today I plan on booking everyone a haircut. Last night I went a little crazy on Pinterest and pinned a ton of hairstyle inspirations (HERE) for the little and big kids and thought I would share along with a reminder to schedule haircut appointments… if you haven’t already :)

Here’s what I’m hoping my kids pick…!

ESPEN | His hair isn’t quite this long, but it does have that beachy look to it that I love! Definitely a good candidate for long boy hair which I can’t seem to get enough of lately.

TILLY | Last week Tilly was in a hurry to get a bob, but since our usual hairstylist was booked, I took her to someone new and while her freshly cut locks look really cute it’s not quite what she wanted. Wondering if she might like this version of a bob?

GRIFFIN | We usually do an undercut on him (checkout the DIY here!) but his hair has a mind of it’s own and that mind really likes to lay flat on his forehead. LOL. Thinking this cut would look cute and be easy to keep styled!

POPPY | she has a natural layer of bangs that have been growing out lately and I miss them! So thought we’d try and give her official bangs that are a bit thicker. Hoping they won’t be too hard to maintain… anyone have experience with their kids!?

OZZIE | Don’t want to leave out our oldest, but searched high and low for a good inspo pic for him and all I found was little kids or grown men with facial hair and that smoldering look. Neither really seemed appropriate. Luckily he has the most amazing curls and a trim is usually all he needs!

You can find all of the pics and more on my BACK TO SCHOOL Pinterest board. There’s never a shortage of fun ideas and inspiration (hashtag always pinning) so you should also follow me while your over there! ;)

Despite my aversion to starting the back to school prep, I actually love EVERYTHING about it (new clothes, school supplies and hair? Sign me up!) except sending the kids back to school.UGH. Regardless, it does feel good to get started on the checklist… What’s left on your back to school checklist?

xo, Rae

P.S. — A few posts that might make all the prep work easier and/or more fun: BTS checklist, DIY backpack charms, teacher gift, + emoji lunch box stickers

P.P.S. — The last 4 images are from old Zara lookbooks.