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fall felt & banner

Fall is in the air…..  actually, not really.  It’s been in the 80’s around Seattle (80’s!).  While I appreciate the extra sun before the rain, I can hardly wait for the seasons to change.  Cozy sweaters, pumpkin patches, comfort food, apple orchards, hot cocoa, and the list goes on.

felt-fall-banner-rae ann kelly-1

Even thought it may be a few weeks before I can indulge in my list of favorites, it seems like the perfect time to get my home ready and festive for fall.  And by my home I mean the chalkboard wall in our kitchen (that I really hope you aren’t getting sick of seeing, ha!) and maybe a few pillows.  At least until the pumpkins are ready to pick.

About a year ago I hung a felt ball garland in the window of our family room and felt in love.  As it turned out, most everyone that walks through our door falls in love as well.  So, when it came time to look for inspiration for a fall banner & garland, I didn’t have to look too far.  (love when that happens)

A few days after deciding on the project, I “bumped” into Ruth of Felt Foxes on etsy and she totally hooked a sista up with some of her bright + whimsical felt balls. Good news is, she sent enough for me to share with you!  You can visit her shop (HERE), and find deatails about the giveaway at the bottom of the post.  It’s been so lovely working with her!

Now for the short  and sweet (30 to 45 minutes) garland & banner tutorial:

To make the garland you’ll want a generous amount of felt balls (I used about 12 per strand), twine or embroidery floss, a needle, scissors, and pliers or something to help pull the needle through the felt. (unless you have freakishly strong fingers)

1.) thread the needle (i had to feed the twine through one strand at a time).

2.) push the threaded needle through the ball and pull through using the pliers.

3.) repeat until you are happy with your garland!

To make the banner you’ll want 10 old book pages, twine, scissors, hole punch, & our happy fall template.

1.) open the template and place your book pages upside down in the printer.  The letters are mirror image so you’ll want to make sure an print on the side of the pages that you don’t want to be seen.  Then hit print.

2.) cut out the letters and hole punch twice at the top of each letter (the “H” will need 4 punches).  Thread the twine through.

To finish up, hang the garland and banner and arrange letters and felt balls until you are happy with them!

So charming and simple, right!?

To make your own you can head to Felt Foxes and add Ruth’s beautiful felt balls to your cart, OR leave a comment below, letting us know where you would like to hang your garland and win 100 felt balls, a bundle of twine and 10 pages from my book pictured in the middle of the post.

I WILL PICK A the WINNER is: Kelsey Arnett!  ON FRIDAY (9/21).

Excited to hear what you think!!!

xo . rae

P.S. – did you know that it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day!?  I plan on watching Goonies to celebrate.

It’s also my dad’s bday….  (Arrrgg ye daddey, happy birthday! … Now go walk the plank!! ha!)


word bubble photo prop. (oldie but goodie)

titlewe’re concluding {for now} our mustache bash tutorials with this charming chalkboard prop that provides a fun way to share a message in a photo.

use them in photo booths at parties, first day of school or christmas card pictures.  your family or party guests can write messages to newlyweds, graduates & new parents or write their grade & teacher’s name, age in months {for 1st year pictures}, expressions of appreciation or love and oodles of other notes!

to make one, you’ll need:

foam board, chalkboard paint & paint brush or spray paint, exacto knife or other sharp blade, cutting mat or other appropriate work surface, pencil, dowel, packaging tape & chalk.

1} draw your word bubble or other shape on the foam board with a pencil.  2} carefully cut out your shape with an exacto knife or the like over a cutting mat.  3} paint your shape with the chalkboard paint – according to the directions.  4} do a couple more coats.  5} let dry.  6} tape your dowels to the back of your painted shape.  7} go to town writing fun messages!

i’m not so sure these pictures are the best examples of the word bubbles.  my munchkins were less then thrilled about being involved in the photo sesh….  mucho tired and grumpy after an unsuccessful nap time.  they look more like they are picketing for better child labor laws…  he!  can’t help but chuckle when i think about what they might say when they are enough to realize how randomly involved they are in our little company.

tomorrow we have an adorable dessert idea for any summer or spring celebration {the summer soiree party collection included} and just in time for easter.  we’ll also post food friday.

see you soon!

xo . rae