4th of july printable flags

so yesterday, when i should have been cleaning the kitchen, i decided to sit down and design some flags to take to the annual 4th of july celebration at my parents. definitely time well spent, but you should see my kitchen today (oh, my!).  i know it’s kind of last minute and all, but i thought it would be fun to share the flags as a printable. hopefully you have time to use them!


C L I C K   I M A G E   T O   D O W N L O A D

to assemble, download, print template on card stock, and cut along guides. then tape a dowel (cut into thirds) to the back of each flag using tape. finally, as an option, decorate the dowel using washi tape…

then it’s time to get festive and celebrate this fabulous country we live in… one nation under God.  it’s a beautiful place to live.

h o p e   y o u   a l l   h a v e   a  H A P P Y   4 t h   o f   J U L Y !!!

xo . rae

ps – here is another 4th of july tutorial to checkout!

(image by stacy jacobsen)

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  1. Gail July 2, 2016 at #

    Thanks so much. Appreciate it.

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